Limited Seats During Live Mikey & Diva Dan Show

The Mikey & Diva Dan Show has been maxing out on the number of people allowed to watch at one time. There is a limit of 50 who may be part of the broadcast.
Livestream is our carrier for our channel. We use it free, to boost up show to hold up to 1000 people at one time, we have to pay $350.00 / month. We are recording our show separately with a different camera and moving it over to YouTube after the show.
We have tried other carriers but the stability of the signal isn’t there or the way to gain access to us is complicated for average non-computer oriented people.
Many viewers have been coming to the show about 1/2 hour early and just chatting, making friends, and stuff before we go live. We always do a sound / video check about 10 minutes before the show and those people give us feedback.
Unfortunately, we can see on our end when there are more than 50 in chat and waiting to get in… If someone leaves, it opens space for 1 person to enter. If the connection with you is lost, it moves someone else into your spot and may be difficult for you to come back into the show.
BUT HEY… that’s what we get for it being free!
We have the power to knock anyone out of the show. I would ask that if you know you can’t watch or doing something else during our show, that you leave to allow another person who wants to be part of the show to join us.
🙂 Michael


Coming Up – Mikey & Diva Dan Show

We are opening up the phone lines and will be making 3 Phone Calls to Viewers… One at 9:15pm, 9:30pm, 9:45pm. We want to talk to you! You will have Maximum 5 Minutes To Talk To Us!

Would you like to be part of our show? The Night Of The Broadcast, we will put our Email Address Out There… Email Us THE NIGHT of the broadcast at We want to make sure you are part of the Lucky Viewers that Are with us Live on our chat.

April 5th, 2010 at 9 pm – We will start the calling out to viewers.

APril 12th, 2010 9 pm – Calls & Winner Will Be Selected For The Eye Lash Yarn Giveaway, New Contest Announced!

April 19th, 2010 9 pm – Calls & Life Topics

April 26th, 2010 8 PM – Medium Psychic Heather Anne Burton joins Us Live. She is our first real live guest on our show! Show is starting at 8pm due to Heather Anne’s Schedule.

If you have any show ideas… email me at my personal email at


Psychic Medium Heather Anne Burton Joins Mikey & Diva Dan Live

On April 26, 2010 at 8pm we will have our first guest on the MIKEY & DIVA DAN SHOW on Livestream.

Mikey met Heather in the Spring of 2009 and “oh what a blast she is”. Their paths crossed again in the Spring of 2010 and this time Heather had wonderful news… and so did Mikey!
Heather was discovered on a local radio station where it was one of the highest rated shows of our region during the summer while “big wig producers” were on vacationing listening to her show. From this moment… life has been a dream with doorways of opportunities. It is possible that when you meet Heather on our show, you will see her again and hear her voice on national radio stations across North America!
Mikey has never had a reading with Heather nor anything spiritual; however, there is something really unique about Heather… her personality is fun yet serious and she doesn’t come across as a psychic that you see giving out secrets on a whim. She really puts in perspective what she is able to see, how she sees it, and if you are asking a question that she considers to be tapping into another human being that is too personal… she respects the boundaries of what she knows.
You will meet her live on our show and possibly be the most interesting hour on our Show To Date. Remember, only 50 people can join us LIVE at one time… so set your calander and be in the show early before broadcast to hold her seat. We will record it for You Tube As well!
She is funny as can be… fascinating to listen to, and really a personality you will be drawn to!
Join Us Live! April 26, 2010 on Livestream!

Computer Has Arrived…

I am about one week away from FLYING online with my new computer system.

I had a computer technician working with me for the last 2 months on designing a brand new computer for MIKEYSSMAIL.
The hardware required to run the videos, and software in a standard machine that you can buy at the stores isn’t sufficient. Not enough memory, not enough storage space, and not fast enough to edit videos. I really never paid attention to this fact but the reality is that I killed my computer (which has been repaired with new hardware) died as a result of exhaustion of trying to edit and handle the videos.
Technology with Periferalls has changed IE CAMERAS, & VIDEOS has changed really fast. I wasn’t paying attention to the speeds and system requirements when I bought it… it’s not the new camera’s fault, it’s just the current technology had outdated technology from merely over 2 years ago with my last system.
All my components arrived in their own boxes. My new computer system cost me just over $1800.00, I paid cash for it but it was months of saving in order to make it happen. I knew I was in trouble in the Fall 2009 as evidence of editing issues were becoming apparent. Videos were being uploaded that were pixilating into huge boxes making it hard. I was so frustrated.
Not only does my new computer up my quality of videos, but it now brings MIKEYSSMAIL to life and MIKEYSSTUDIO. I should have filmed how bad the editing was to manage but literally a simple video of 3 minutes would taken nearly 2 – 3 hours to edit due to all the burping of the old machine.
A raffle was held to give away a baby blue afghan for a donation. $260.00 was raised. Also, general donations from January of $400.00 was raised. = $660.00. Trust me, without this support, having my computer assembled this quickly wouldn’t have been possible. I sincerely appreciate the donations that came in to help me. You have no idea how much easier this made it for me and removed some stress.
So I hope to be using my Powerful Computer Software and Camera by the end of the week! 🙂 The new computer is a DUAL monitor both being 22″ Wide Screens.

Interviewing A New Trucker & Test Drive

Today, I had the wonderful experience for the first time ever to conduct an interview of a new truck driver for my regular job. It also involved a driving test.

My boss asked me if I would conduct an interview of a new truck driver yesterday. I was like “WHAT… Are You Serious!”. It’s never been asked of me nor have I been trained to do so. Boss said to use my intuitive nature and just go through items from a set list but also use my instincts to determine if there is a good fit with this guy.
Firstly, I was more excited than nervous to be honest. I have a great job already, so it’s up to this person to prove themselves. Answering honestly and using similar questions to gage the integrity by seeing if the answers are consistant.
Society is tough, especially right now at the economy has bottomed out. Many people will do what it takes to get a job, but walking the talk is another story. It was my privledge to interview a newbie driver today. I felt like the “King Of The Castle”. WHY?
My last partner would testify how difficult it was for me to learn to drive truck. I remember being in tears in a few times during my learning experience. My first real try took place on a dirt road in Arizona… I had never driven standard ever in my life. I just couldn’t get my clutching right, and continually stalling. I thought I was done! Here I am educated and get my truck to even roll down the road. I was horified.
So today… I felt like a coach helping this driver make the right decisions. I always envied people who could stand behind my truck and know I have my wheels turned in the wrong direction to back in. Patiently they would signal to turn the other way. Today… instinctively I did just that and voila… the driver was successful.
It felt good to know something that I have been trained in and to guide another person along. I know I don’t look like a trucker but there’s no denying this “biatch” knows what she’s doing (aka me).

Coming Ahead – 2 Contests Winners Revealed

Coming Up This Monday Night on our live broadcast.

Starting at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time… we will be back LIVE on our Livestream Network.

The burger express, sponsored by Diva Dan’s Kitchen Show will have a winner! We will draw live on Camera using a website to randomly select a number. The first entries for this draw will start at 1 the last will be the final number of the draw. So far over 300 entries have been submitted for this prize.
Also… we will be drawing a name out of glitter top hat to reveal the winner of the Baby Blue Super Star Afghan. Entry for this contest is $5.00 or 3 for $10.00. The money for this is going directly to the purchase of the new computer system that it takes to run Mikeyssmail.
Technology is constantly changing, including the software and cameras… unfortunately, Michael’s current system is now outtdated and cannot Render large videos with the new technology he has. A complete computer system is being custom built for Mikeys specifically targeting video editing and photography software. Total cost of the new system is $1200 for the CPU, $200 for the monitor, and $350.00 for updated software to run the system. Mikeyssmail is completely free to all users but it takes a lot to keep the general public happy, even though it’s a free thing they have access to.
DVD’s will be shortly to follow once the new system is built and going. Viewers will be able to order tutorials on CD.
So lots happening ahead!

Taxed Twice???? For Computer Disposal?

I recently bought a computer monitor for my new system. To my dismay, I was charged $12.00 for disposal of this product that I am buying brand new???? I’ve never heard of that… Apparently it’s a surcharge now being applied.


Electronics can no longer go to the dump. I support that… whatever they can recycle, all the power to companies doing it… but dropping off a computer at an assigned depot costs money… sometimes up to 1/4 of the original value of the product…

So NOW WHAT??? I’m being charged a surcharge for disposal on a item when I am buying it brand new… and then again at the DEPOT when I go to trash it? I am being double surcharged for the same action…

Is anyone paying attention to this???


Ways To Stop Telemarketers & Unsolicited Mail

Getting rid of unwanted mail and telemarketers on the phone is pretty easy. Let me give you some tips:


  • You can tell now when a computer has dialed your number. There’s a clicking sound as the computer tries to connect you to a live operator… HANG UP Immediately!
  • If you missed that clicking and someone is cold calling you… simply say “Will you hold, I have another call on the line!” They are paid commission, holding for you isn’t going to make them any money.
  • Computer systems are dialing numbers to see when calls are answered at your house. If they aren’t answered during day, but getting a busy signal at night. Chances are the computer is figuring out when it’s best to get a hold of you. Leave unanswered “UNIDENTIFIED CALLERS or NOT LISTED” as per the call display on the hook doesn’t help the computers figure out when is the best time to know you are around.
  • Nothing is ever free without a catch! Be weary of that! Winning a vacation that you didn’t know you entered is pretty obvious telemarketing.


  • Unsolicited mail comes to us daily. You can send a strong message back to whomever it is that is sending you their garbage! Cutting your name and personal information off the stuff… simply put it back in their self addressed stamped enveloped to the company. Why should you recycle it, when they can do it themselves. This way… they have spent POSTAGE TO MAIL YOU THEIR GARBAGE… and you have made them SPEND MORE POSTAGE by getting it back! This doubles their marketing costs… enough people do it… they will evetually stop!

Something to think about!


Mikeyssmail Deleting Crochet & Trucking Videos

Its common knowledge that on You Tube, if you video doesn’t get to 300, you might as well delete it. This past weekend I had opportunity to go through my videos… more so looking for the poorly viewed videos and giving myself a reason for it. I was analysing a few things:

  1. Name of Video Sucks?
  2. Name of Video is too specific for the searches?
  3. The video quality is poor?
  4. The video is too slow or too fast?
  5. There’s no interest in the tutorial being taught?
  6. The colour of the project being taught is boring?

More So… Mikeyssmail was started with my students from New York. You remember, it was my way of communicating with them about the trucking world… then the sponsorship ended as I came off the road. Many trucking vids were online still. So I had to make a decision.


  1. Though I work right in the trucking industry as an administrator, and I love my job and are fascinated with it… being what I am causes my view counts to be low. The video counts in the high trucking vids I have are usually laced with hate and racist comments made toward me…. So why bother to keep it up there?
  2. I had to think about my viewership and who are the fine people who follow along and are up to date with my projects… Do they care about me in the trucking industry or are they more in tune with my creative side?
  3. I describe Mikeyssmail to strangers as a creative outlet. You can learn something, share something, and be proud of something you accomplished… Are there videos in my library that are not echoing that sentiment… such as talking about life issues and at times controversial topics?
  4. Based on the trucking vids and general life… what am I trying to accomplish?

It all comes down to the DELETE BUTTON… What stays and what goes…

  • There were a few videos with high counts where the information I presented were clearly wrong… I’ve learned plenty along this journey and tips that 2 years ago I had no idea about. DELETE
  • There were some tutorials were there is no interest… DELETE
  • In trying to simplify and put myself on a diet… I am trying the concept of bringing the many video tutorials together into ONE MASSIVE video to follow along… it saves the viewer jumping to find the next video. So you may notice 20 – 30 videos of a tutorial gone but have been replaced by a jumbo video showing the same thing.

In the end… over 200 videos were deleted from my library on You Tube… I came up with a decision… MIKEYSSMAIL IS ABOUT CREATIVITY! Keep the channel creative based to always learn something…

  • Whether it be a How To Tutorial on Cooking, Renovation, or Crochet.
  • Whether it be Diva Dan and I kayaking through the woods and really finding inspiration in the every day things…
  • Many videos of Diva Dan and I got deleted that were everyday normal things but just him and I goofing off. Some of the very funny ones stayed online.

So… there you have it… I’m taking a break from Crochet tonight… It’s my FRIDAY today and I want to just veg!


Crochet BLOCK

It’s probably happened to you… You have seen this RED WALL before… it’s the CROCHET BLOCK… when you hit a point where you don’t know if you want to crochet anymore, what to crochet, and want to just throw in the towel but then feel someone upset and guilty by this feeling.

Let’s be totally honest here… you can’t crochet ALL THE TIME… you will get sick of it because you eventually run out of ideas on where to put things, who to give it too and the “WOW” factor tends to deplete down.
I get this every few months and you can very much tell when this happens to me… the crochet tutorials take gaps between uploading them to YOUTUBE. I don’t need another afghan in my house… so creating projects to inspire others is not always “FUN”. However, just cause I am in a LULL, doesn’t mean the majority of my viewers are.
When this happens, I redirect my creativity to something else… trust me… if I didn’t have crochet, I would have a very clean desk at home… I get so freak’n excited about crochet that I jump from one idea to the next…. sometimes the ideas are so big, I loose sleep on how to push it further into something even more “WOW”. I get the shakes, I get giggly, and all that… I am sure my enthusiasm jumps to the viewers…
BUT THEN… at times that last maybe a month or two…I settle down… take a break or a breather from it. I have to… I feel consumed in the world of Crochet at times to the point where everything else is blocked out… I feel unbalanced.
So if you are having a block… don’t stress about it… take that break… when something comes along or something that perks your interest… you will return… it’s part of your creativity.
REMEMBER THOUGH… Crochet is about creativity… redirect your creativity to something different… BUT DON’T EVER STOP being creative, because that’s when life becomes boring.

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