Plugged In & Hooked

I’m the generation that is plugged in.

I am unable to make decisions or do anything without checking my email or Facebook first.

I let computer programs judge what I will do next.

When I look outside, I view it through a high definition monitor.

My friends are untouchable because they are electrons on my screen.

When I don’t know something, I go right to google!

I am home a lot… planted in front of a monitor watching otherse have lives on You Tube.

When I am not at home, I am looking for photographic, video and blogging opportunities so when I do go  home… I have filled the addictive need to keep my computer system updated to what’s happening in my life for the world to see.

Cyber friends rely on me to be online as much as they are. If I am gone 1 day, I get emails asking where I have been.

My mind is busy consuming information that I may never use. I watch thousands of people farming online and asking for help to build something that is purely electronic.

My eyes hurt outside because of the constant usage of a monitor and dark lighting in my office.

The information I believe about my outside world comes from the internet.

The internet is my truth people and can easily steer me to believing something has happened when it could be fiction that was stagged, blogged, and written about for me to believe it happened.

Generations before me have fought for freedom and I believe I am more free these days than I have ever been.

I’m free alright… plugged in to the internet, addicted, and consumed by the vast amount of information that could or could not be real.

Microsoft, Google and Facebook have me right where they want me. Reliant, Persuaded, and Hooked on programs that I believe to be a “need”.



What Happened To Ugly Betty – Pure Disappointment



Diva Dan and I have no TV Service, IE Cable or Satellite. It’s a personal choice due to the cost of having this service with rarely having the desire to watch TV. So we are out of the entertainment loop. We do have a TV and a DVD Player where we watch Movies and TV Series. Ugly Betty is one of them.

LOVED Season 1… FELL IN LOVE WITH SEASON 2… THEN SEASON 3 came and the love I had for the show started to dwindle. I loved how they let her move out of her family home and go on… but the show has been getting predictable. You want Betty to succeed and yet falls backwards due to family obligation instead of really putting her best foot forward. I was devastated when she closed her apartment door for the last time.

I started to see the commonality in the plot line. She screws up royally and yet keeps her job. Is that realistic? Sending photos to the Paparazzi with no repercussion because she fixed it seems highly unlikely.

I thought the wardrobe dept was putting BETTY FURTHER BACK outfit wise in Season 3. I was disappointed that they made her look more clown like than someone struggling to put together fashion. I think they could have tried better to have a killer shirt but the pants not matching. That’s more realistic than the entire outfit, including socks with heels being worn.

Amanda by far lost her edge in Season 3 with her quick witted personality. The writers really tamed her down for too many episodes. She was the comic relief of the show in my opinion. Marc being the 2nd.

I love Whilemena but when does so much blackmail become predictable? I loved how they gave her personality outside of the scheming. Eventually we get sick of all the scheming.

We’ve just learned that Ugly Betty Season 4 is the final. yes… several months after he national media has told everyone so. Knowing it’s ending… gives us a new perspective.

I’ve now watched 3 episodes of Season 4 and I am not going to buy the final season. Marc who is usually over the top is “over acting” the part as far as I am concerned. He’s acting like a school girl and yet he was supposed to be considered as an editor candidate. I think the writers or whomever is asking him to act the way he is jeopardizing Marc’s creditability. You can’t even take him seriously even when you are suppose to.

I’m not sure what happened to the writers of this show. I think some of the plot lines are too unrealistic. We could relate to Betty in Season 1 and 2… but then they started steering away from the personality that was built for Betty. People change and grow up… but they appeared to make her step backward instead of progressing forward.

Having just watched BLUE ON BLUE last night… Her acting and the whole scene scenario of the restaurant of Hilda interfering I think is unrealistic. I kept saying to Diva Dan… this is a scene right out of Brady Bunch! I think the scene was fine… but I think they over embellished the feelings and emotions to a degree it was not believable.

I’m saddened by the end of Ugly Betty but I think it couldn’t have continued based on the writing that was set out.


Mikeyssmail Available DVD – American Baby Flag Hats

This is Mikey’s First Ever DVD. Series 1. American Baby Flat Hats, Loom Knitting with one tutorial exception to Crochet.

Mikey walks the viewers through this 118 Minute Tutorial DVD with teaching 3 separate hat designs which represent the American Flag. Mike goes further with teaching how to make a cute pom-pon and a mini super star for the hats.

This DVD is $15.00 USD. That includes sales tax and shipping to Canada and USA Residents. Get off the computer and put this on your TV and sit comfortably on your favourite chair and learn along with Mikey.

This is available to ship immediately and you can purchase this safely through Pay Pal through My website.

Toodles All,


New DVD Launch – Viewers Tutorial Request

On June 8th, 2010…  Mikey is ready to launch VIEWERS TUTORIAL REQUESTS…

What’s on this DVD TUTORIAL???? You tell me?

This is the new cover of what viewers are requesting from Me. I am giving away 5 Tutorials that equal no greater than 120 Minutes on this DVD. You can decide which tutorials you want on DVD and Mikey will custom build this DVD to match your request.

Available for only $15.00 USD. This includes Sales Tax and Shipping to Canada or the USA.

Not all tutorials are available to be on DVD. So email me first at with your request and I will get back to you as soon as possible to verify what is available.

So check out my YouTube and pick up to 5 Tutorials that you want!

🙂 Michael

New DVD Launch – June 8th, 2010 – Super Star Crochet

Just a heads up that this coming Tuesday, June 8th 2010 marks the official launch date of Mikey’s 2nd DVD.

Crochet Super Stars focuses on 5 Tutorials. This DVD has 138 Minutes of Instructional Tutorials. It focuses on the following:

  1. 5 Point Super Stars – Mikey has used this for Doilies, Baby Blankets and Table Top Coverings. This pattern is fabulous as you can stop at the size star you want. Once you get beyond the basic centre and get started, the size is endless.
  2. 6 Point Super Stars – Similar to the 5 point. This starts off slightly different again giving 6 points to the star. Mikey has done baby blankets with this one as well.
  3. 10 Point Super Stars – Great for Table Tops and nice Chevron looking edges the bigger the star gets.
  4. Trinity Stitch – Used in Baby Blankets, and Much More… Simple yet great visually.
  5. Cluster Stitch – I love this one a lot. Most work always has stitched opposite to each other… I love how the clusters climbing directly over the other.

Mikey has these in stock and is ready for shipping on June 8th, 2010. Come to Mikey’s website to place your order securely through Pay Pal.

Price is $15.00 USD,  sales taxes and shipping included. This price is valid for USA and Canadian Residents Only. Other countries will need to be quoted.


What Does Facebook Mean To You?

I’m a huge user of Facebook… someone even told me today it’s actually called “Crackbook” as the addictive nature of Facebook. I’m not sure I am addicted but I see it’s value.

I had a friend contact me this morning telling me that I will need to be deleted as a friend if I don’t get the video under control. This friend has said this before and I disengaged the You Tube Link that is automatically uploading to my Facebook Page when a video has been uploaded. Originally, in the beginning, when ever I did anything on You Tube… it was sending those updates to Facebook. “I Rated A Video” I liked a Video” “I favourited A Video”! I can see that be annoying and so I realized pretty quickly to disengage those updates from broadcasting on You Tube and on Facebook.

I stopped You Tube for nearly 6 months, but then I started looking at my friendship list and realizing that the majority of my friendships formed are from Mikeyssmail who are fans. So I started You Tube back up. I’ve not been uploading videos heavily for a long time. Until recently where I formed a new found relationship with AllFreeCrochet. With a contract in place to produce videos… I am producing videos on a frequent level. I usually Film on Wed or Thursday for AllFreeCrochet making 2 Days a heavy upload day for You Tube.

This friend was great and still is a friend… but I did suggest this moring he should delete me. I can’t see it getting any better. Here’s the truth… my love for crochet and crafting projects don’t fancy him at all. Just like his Nascar doesn’t fancy me… but that’s who he is. The truth is as well… there are so many “friends” whose updates appear on my home page that are playing applications that within 1 hour, 300+ Updates Are Being Made. I miss a lot of what is happening with people as a result of it.

I look at Facebook as a networking tool. Not a friendship application. I see it as a way for “LIKE MINDED” people to find each other and run with it. I counted off my Facebook tonight. Of the 130 people who are friends with me. I only know 6 of them. I had 160 friends last year but got upset about an issue and I deleted EVERYONE and restarted my list over. I felt a huge purging had to happen. I was hearing too much of what my former partner was up to… so I deleted key people who were voicing information from what he was saying to me.

So while Facebook is used to maintain friendships… for me… it’s a networking opportunity to have creative individuals who are outspoken to share ideas and enthusiasm for Crochet and Looming Projects like I do. If anyone has looked at my Personal Profile, I’ve not updated anything… they are just merely the uploading updates from You Tube.

It’s been suggested to have a Fake Facebook Profile that only friends have access to me through that way. With so many profiles with all the video companies, profiles on networking building crafting sites, 5 email addresses, and accounts all over the place to maintain Mikeyssmail. I find I don’t have time to stay on top of everything. Considering I am not using Facebook as a friendship builder on my own personal Facebook… I certainly use MIKEYSSMAIL on Facebook immensley to pass along ideas and create.

I think viewers who are hard core who want to be a personal profile friend, I think they get dissappointed as there is nothing really there to gawk at. I figured MIKEYSSMAIL FAN PAGE says it all!

Just some thoughts… what’s your purpose of Facebook and what is important to  you on Faceobok?


Diva Dan Is At A Doorway Of New Opportunity & Career Path

Diva Dan Returns

I am so excited to announce that Diva Dan’s Kitchen Show will be returning back to MIKEYSSMAIL and Diva Dan’s Private You Tube Channel in about 3 Weeks. Diva Dan’s Kitchen Show will be appearing through other media such as filming and magazines.

Daniel is working a temp job right now for a garden centre in our area. Pulling very long days. Due to it’s seasonal nature… it’s expected for him to be laid off or reduced in hours. So Daniel is preparing for the future.

Daniel is undergoing preliminary test filming and trials with his own creation of Diva Dan’s Kitchen Show. Daniel was discovered through Mikeyssmail. His first few shows have demonstrated knowledge, now it’s just honing his presentation skills and personality.  

This is the second opportunity to come for Daniel as we were slated to appear on Reality Television due to Daniel’s Kitchen Show 2 months ago. We turned down that opportunity due to filming location and time restraints.

Now it is up to me to learn how to edit better. Film better angles and a lot more speed. Daniel needs to work on his online personality in giving more of himself. Daniel tends to be quiet and more serious when filming by himself. We need to up his personality.

This opportunity is “Freak’n Huge”. I am more excited for him. Daniel is on the gateway of being known world wide for his cooking and kitchen knowledge. Those who know Daniel, know that Daniel’s true passion is gardening and cooking. Daniel is able to combine his gardening and knowledge of growing his own fruits and vegetables… apply it to the kitchen… then transfer for world wide via Media.

More to come in the weeks ahead!

Daniel is calm and collective… I am jumping up and down with excitment for him.

Win Mikey’s First Ever DVD – Baby American Flag Hats Tutorials

Mikey is Giving An Autographed Copy To 2 winners! This contest is OPEN TO ALL BLOGGERS ONLY. This idea has come from a viewer and we are going to give it a try. This contest is open world wide and shipping will be paid by Mikey.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Click The Link to get a copy of the DVD COVER. Save the cover to your computer so you can upload it to your blog.
  2. Go To Your Blog and Write in Your Own Blog Why You Would Like This DVD from me. Tell us what you would do with your DVD.
  3. Insert the picture of the DVD Cover with your blog.
  4. Once Completed… send Mikey a personal email giving him the link where your blog entry can be found. Send emails to
  5. The blog is void if the DVD Picture is not included

Mikey is going to post the LINK TO  YOUR BLOG on his website for other viewers to go read your blog entry. Viewers will decide whose blog entry is the best. So be creative, have fun, and don’t write a novel.

This is an opportunity for you to generate reader traffic to your online blog. So even if you don’t win the DVD, you are showing other viewers your own blog space.

This contest closes in Less than 2 Weeks, on June 21, 2010. The Winners will be announced on The Diva Dan and Mikey Show on Monday’s Live To Air Broadcast.

Get Blogging and Michael will keep updating the website with your links when you start submitting them. The picture of the DVD is on the same page as the contest entry for the Free Yarn, so you can enter that at the same time.

Good Luck!

Mikeyssmail Now Available At iTunes

It’s taken several days and a ton of research on how to Use iTunes… well really not to use it… but how to upload and create podcasting for the Mikeyssmail Network.

Mikeyssmail On iTunes

It’s been a long time coming for me to link with iTunes. I’m sorry to say that’s it’s not an easy process when you are some a iTune Virgin like me. is my iTunes Feed if you would like to subscribe. It’s not yet listed in the iTunes Store but I am sure they are working on it when they have an opportunity.

This is my plan… a few tutorials will be posted week by week… but then removed after a week or so. This allows Mikeyssmail iTunes people to be able to download my tutorials and take them with them wherever they go.

More complex tutorials “MAY” be uploaded once I figure this out and charge a very small fee for them such at the tutorials that are 20+ Minute or higher. Many of these tutorials have been requested on DVD format. This will save people from having to wait for a DVD in the mail and just instantly download it directly from iTunes.

I am not sure I am with the right carrier on the podcasting… I am trying a free service to test it out with very limited web space. In time I will get this sorted out.

BTW… not to be mean but I am not going to share how I figured it out to do it… I’ve spent so many failed attempts and research to get this far… sorry to be mean… but I think if I had to the do the ground work… so can someone else. 🙂


You Could Always Diet… The Sales Guy Doesn’t Even Know He’s In Danger!

Diva Dan and I have been looking for shirts / vests for the Creativ Festival. We are being very specific to either a LOUD SHIRT or a SUPER FLAMBOYANT VEST… but we think it’s easier to find loud shirts than the vest.

I love Le Chateau for styling. For my worldly friends… it’s a place where fashion runs straight into your face. Styling that is incredible and fits WELL as long as you look like the manequin. I’ve gained weight… that’s no secret… you can see that through the videos…

This is no Le Chateau’s fault that I have gained weight… but many of their designs don’t sit right on a body if you have extra poundage. I really liked a couple things and willing to drop $80.00 on one shirt alone… problem is that it doesn’t fit.

I am pretty blunt with the sales people… “I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES” but I am fat so they don’t fit me as well as they should. The appeal for me is their tailored shirts… the ones that hug the body on the way down to the pants! Unfortunately… for me… If I wore that out in public… I would be in straight denial!

So I was directed to regular fit and that’s cool… but the colours aren’t as fabulous… All of a sudden I feel like I have lost out on the wonderful colour pallette. Then the sales person hit me!


  • I am happy with who I am… FINALLY AFTER YEARS of suffering from Body Dismorphic Disorder. Daniel has allowed me to feel good to be me… even if I am Chunky or mis-shaped!
  • I need to loose weight cause I know I am gaining… but I want to do it for me… NOT FOR A SHIRT!
  • I could start a diet right this very moment… but if I don’t believe it whole heartedly… the diet will be finished in a day or so!
  • I have to want a diet.

So meanwhile, while the sales rep can be pretty blunt… I’m not loosing weight for a shirt… I have to want to loose weight for me! Until I want that whole heartedly… I won’t be successful…

OH Yeah… GOTTA GO… I have to run to Tim Hortons for a sugar dosed tea and a donut! LMAO


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