Plugged In & Hooked

I’m the generation that is plugged in.

I am unable to make decisions or do anything without checking my email or Facebook first.

I let computer programs judge what I will do next.

When I look outside, I view it through a high definition monitor.

My friends are untouchable because they are electrons on my screen.

When I don’t know something, I go right to google!

I am home a lot… planted in front of a monitor watching otherse have lives on You Tube.

When I am not at home, I am looking for photographic, video and blogging opportunities so when I do go  home… I have filled the addictive need to keep my computer system updated to what’s happening in my life for the world to see.

Cyber friends rely on me to be online as much as they are. If I am gone 1 day, I get emails asking where I have been.

My mind is busy consuming information that I may never use. I watch thousands of people farming online and asking for help to build something that is purely electronic.

My eyes hurt outside because of the constant usage of a monitor and dark lighting in my office.

The information I believe about my outside world comes from the internet.

The internet is my truth people and can easily steer me to believing something has happened when it could be fiction that was stagged, blogged, and written about for me to believe it happened.

Generations before me have fought for freedom and I believe I am more free these days than I have ever been.

I’m free alright… plugged in to the internet, addicted, and consumed by the vast amount of information that could or could not be real.

Microsoft, Google and Facebook have me right where they want me. Reliant, Persuaded, and Hooked on programs that I believe to be a “need”.



What Does Facebook Mean To You?

I’m a huge user of Facebook… someone even told me today it’s actually called “Crackbook” as the addictive nature of Facebook. I’m not sure I am addicted but I see it’s value.

I had a friend contact me this morning telling me that I will need to be deleted as a friend if I don’t get the video under control. This friend has said this before and I disengaged the You Tube Link that is automatically uploading to my Facebook Page when a video has been uploaded. Originally, in the beginning, when ever I did anything on You Tube… it was sending those updates to Facebook. “I Rated A Video” I liked a Video” “I favourited A Video”! I can see that be annoying and so I realized pretty quickly to disengage those updates from broadcasting on You Tube and on Facebook.

I stopped You Tube for nearly 6 months, but then I started looking at my friendship list and realizing that the majority of my friendships formed are from Mikeyssmail who are fans. So I started You Tube back up. I’ve not been uploading videos heavily for a long time. Until recently where I formed a new found relationship with AllFreeCrochet. With a contract in place to produce videos… I am producing videos on a frequent level. I usually Film on Wed or Thursday for AllFreeCrochet making 2 Days a heavy upload day for You Tube.

This friend was great and still is a friend… but I did suggest this moring he should delete me. I can’t see it getting any better. Here’s the truth… my love for crochet and crafting projects don’t fancy him at all. Just like his Nascar doesn’t fancy me… but that’s who he is. The truth is as well… there are so many “friends” whose updates appear on my home page that are playing applications that within 1 hour, 300+ Updates Are Being Made. I miss a lot of what is happening with people as a result of it.

I look at Facebook as a networking tool. Not a friendship application. I see it as a way for “LIKE MINDED” people to find each other and run with it. I counted off my Facebook tonight. Of the 130 people who are friends with me. I only know 6 of them. I had 160 friends last year but got upset about an issue and I deleted EVERYONE and restarted my list over. I felt a huge purging had to happen. I was hearing too much of what my former partner was up to… so I deleted key people who were voicing information from what he was saying to me.

So while Facebook is used to maintain friendships… for me… it’s a networking opportunity to have creative individuals who are outspoken to share ideas and enthusiasm for Crochet and Looming Projects like I do. If anyone has looked at my Personal Profile, I’ve not updated anything… they are just merely the uploading updates from You Tube.

It’s been suggested to have a Fake Facebook Profile that only friends have access to me through that way. With so many profiles with all the video companies, profiles on networking building crafting sites, 5 email addresses, and accounts all over the place to maintain Mikeyssmail. I find I don’t have time to stay on top of everything. Considering I am not using Facebook as a friendship builder on my own personal Facebook… I certainly use MIKEYSSMAIL on Facebook immensley to pass along ideas and create.

I think viewers who are hard core who want to be a personal profile friend, I think they get dissappointed as there is nothing really there to gawk at. I figured MIKEYSSMAIL FAN PAGE says it all!

Just some thoughts… what’s your purpose of Facebook and what is important to  you on Faceobok?


Hanging Up The Phone On Bell Canada

Frustrated With Bell Canada Services

I was a customer of 17 years with Bell Canada. I joined Bell in the early 1990’s coming right from my Parents house to my first apartment. There wasn’t much choice back there as Bell was a Monopoly of Canada. Excited to have my first number. Upon joining Bell, you needed a considerable deposit as I had no credit rating or history. People were great on the phone. However, it took me to call back and remind them my probationary period was over to get my refunded deposit back. It was part of the rules.

I moved several times throughout my life disconnecting and connecting. Getting dinged a moving fee. At one point, I cancelled my phone all together. Reconnecting a year later with Bell to set up a brand new account again. I was able to prove I had been with Bell before to avoid the deposit process.

I came to realize that having Bell Sympatico and my home phone was the best option. I’ve not subscribed to Television for years as I don’t use it enough to justify the costs of it. I’m happy with Bell, as long as I don’t have to deal with customer service. Pay my bill on time, and open the many ads that are sent to me… only to recycle them.

Over the years, the customer service has been depleting. Language barriers are now a problem. Excessive long waits for someone to help you.

I entered a relationship where the person had TV, Cell Phone, and Internet Services… I became a joint responsible holder for this account as time progressed and the seriousness of my relationship took shape. Being travelers with our jobs. We both had cell phones. It wasn’t unusual for our bill to be $600 – $800 in any given month. The cost of convenience paid a heavy price. My Bell Canada bill nearly hit levels of my actual mortgage payment to my home.

Life happens and I lost my travelling job. The free cell phone I received came with a price. A CONTRACT! The contract could be bought out, but it’s cheaper to let the phone go through it’s set up cycle. I decided to put my phone away on the cheapest plan and tuck it into my sock drawer. Keeping up with the payments with Bell was harder and harder. Trying to reduce cellular for my partner who was travelling. Cutting off the TV wasn’t an option to the kids in the house. I felt trapped within the Bell Canada System.

I made a huge mistake in BUNDLING my Cell Phone, TV, and Internet together. The money you save, appears to be great… but bundling comes with a contract fee. Again a contract that is unbreakable unless you want to buy yourself out. Again waiting it out is cheaper!

My relationship hit the skids. My partner and I had made arrangements to transfer everything to my name. Including his brand new cell phone that was put on a contract a week before the break up. My name was on everything, relieving him of the obligation. This move turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I could have ever done.

There was confusion with Bell Canada on who owned the cell phones. I was receiving several bills, but all of it was mine. I thought I had been paying all my bills, but when I transferred everything to my name, it created a new account number. So here I think I am ahead of the game when in fact I was behind not realizing the two different bills weren’t the same. I figured one was different as changes were made. This wasn’t explained to me.

It became obvious that stuff needed to be cancelled as my partner took off. I didn’t need a TV connection anymore and I needed basic phone. Upon calling in, I needed to provide 30 days notice for each. Paying for another 30 days of something I didn’t need. How was I suppose to know my relationship collapsed so quickly.

I was unable to close my connection with Bell Canada due to the cell phone that was just put on a contract a week before break up. I was legally on the hook for 3 years over this phone. I could buy myself out… problem was… it wasn’t my phone, it was my partners. The guy had taken off to Alberta Canada. Phone records would indicate this but this is my responsibility.

The answer was simple and up until this point… I had been working fine with the Bell Canada Rules and Regulations. I had to simply switch the responsibility of the phone to my partners. It was done in Feb 2009. A request was made. My partner called in and assumed responsibility… so we thought… it didn’t actually happen… and when I got my bill a month later… the hole in the system which we fell into was apparent.

When calling into Bell Canada, the waiting period is obsessive… There’s a delay and there’s a day off work you need to schedule for it. On the phone for nearly 45 minutes going from a computer answering to waiting for the first representative. Only to get a rep that isn’t fluent in English. I like to give anyone a fighting chance and Bell Canada deems the person qualified… Upon trying to get answers… you are continually transferred from rep to rep… It’s not unusual to get 6 reps in the time you have been on the phone and no further ahead then when you call in.  Bell Canada claims my partner never called in… but how was it possible that the address changed from me to his when I had no idea where he was living In Alberta Ontario. A question that was never solved.

A second request was made to transfer…

A month passes again to find another bill… now I am in severe arrears as I was expecting my partner to be paying for it.  Failed to transfer again!

A Third request was made and depending who you speak with… the answers change every time. I was told after 3 months that the TV and Internet were cancelled that the new charges were for my TV SERVICE I am getting… or wait… the next rep says the BILL IS NOT MINE… or wait the next rep says You’ve never requested this… WHAT IS GOING ON????? Are they not reading the same screen?

Finally after the 4th Request… it was done….

On the fifth month I got another bill… and I cancelled my cell phone which had a contract finally end. I was so frustrated with Bell. Again the obsessive holding time and getting reps… I started crying on the phone with Bell Canada with a guy who spoke English. He wanted to help me but was bound by the rules of Bell Canada. Again… he was just as confused as notes are in place but he could see gaps and letting me know things… I told him I don’t know how to communicate with Bell because the language barriers are a problem.

My account was being forwarded to Collections now.

I finally resorted to BELL CANADA CORPORATE! I got a great guy on the phone. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough notes in the system for him to clearly see my point. I didn’t have the badge numbers of the critical people along the way. I wish I would have kept a folder on them. You need to start a notepad when dealing with Bell… I’ve come to realize that unless the operator makes notes, you are screwed.

The kicker of it for me was a simple line the CORPORATE QUOTED ME WAS THIS …It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they get a rep that speaks english or communicates with you on a level you understand!

I explained to corporate that due to my time being trying to fix this up… I’ve been on hold for several hours and started timing it… One phone call I lasted 1 hour and 40 minutes dealing with this… the majority of time being on hold between reps or waiting for my first one. I waited 45 minutes one phone call for the first rep, only to tell me I had the wrong dept.

At the end… I became so frustrated with Bell Canada. I have realized that the company has ballooned to an enormous company where the people they hire are in foreign countries to save costs. The savings are probably outweighing the frustration and the people quitting from Bell Canada.

I resent more than anything lately is all the calls coming in from Bell Canada wanting to give me a cell phone for a contract exchange… or how about Internet services and ect… I am with Wightman where a person answers the phone. I can speak to a support agent or customer agent within a couple or so minutes of calling in. Even if I signed up for internet services with Bell… why would I want to go through the enormous scheduling system of being connected, and all the service fees associated with them that are in the fine print.

I should tell you… remember that Cell Phone that was tucked away… I asked the rep to put me on the cheapest plan… which they did… A 19.99 cheapy plan turns nearly into $35.00 each month. A cost of $840.00 over a two year period that my phone was tucked away. When I went to go cancel… I was told I wasn’t on the cheapest plan. I could have had a $9.99 EMERGENCY PLAN which would have only cost me $360.00 which would have saved me nearly $500.00 in the two year period.

In a 5 year period, I spent nearly $24,000 on BELL CANADA… not including the 12 years of services before that…

Bell Canada… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…I know you probably secretly own services and other stuff which you are probably getting my money in others ways… YOU SHOULD KNOW… I am through with Bell Canada. Over my dead body will I ever subscribe to your services… and it would turn out each time I relay my story… I am not alone!

Eventually Bell Canada, your time will come and your entire operation will collapse when enough people say the sub-standard customer services, contracts, and more are no longer acceptable. I will be a happy man when I see that happen… it’s just a matter of time.


Diva Dan and Mikey Show Featuring Heather Anne Burton – Medium Psychic

Last night’s show we featured Heather Anne Burton, Medium Psychic on the Diva Dan and Mikey Show. What an interesting hour it was.
I will admit, I have received some email feedback that has been negative but more positive email than anything. But I would like to reflect on the night and some inner thoughts here.
Firstly, I am impressed by Heather Anne more than anything. It must be difficult to be granted a gift or to have connection like she says. The learning curve she must have went through where there are no books written for a young child to figure out what is going on must be a journey.
You definitely need an open mind talking to her. Off camera, she is just as amazing. This woman knows her history and is really fascinating to chat with. She doesn’t dismiss God or claim that she knows better than God. I found that to be fascinating. I assumed, that someone like her doesn’t have any association with God. An assumption that is clearly wrong.
Diva Dan is spiritual minded but not in the traditional sense of what organized religion preaches us to be. Many people thought Diva Dan was bored during the conversation, but that was completely the opposite. Daniel was looking at the monitor below the camera to watch for Conversation that could be used with the broadcast. I thought he did a remarkable job of bringing the viewers more into the conversation. It’s probably something I would have never done.
I knew that bringing Heather Anne onto the show would be a thinker for many people. Bring your drinks and open mind. As you could tell in a few parts, I wasn’t buying into some of it and asking questions. BEFORE YOU JUMP ON ME FOR THAT… I’ve never known anyone like her so I found it fabulous to finally ask her some burning questions.
Diva Dan noticed Heather Anne was looking past him or behind him as she spoke. Diva Dan is convinced she was seeing things pertaining to him that was never given out.
So if you never believed a word you heard last night… DID YOU NOTICE HALF WAY THROUGH THE SHOW how many people reached out to ONIX and LAURIE. So if you think Heather Anne was being fake, how could you deny what happened on the show? If anything, her presence got two people to reach out and the rest of us to embrace these people that needed re-affirmation. If anything I was overwhelmed by how these two people were covered in love during admissions to what is happening in their lives. THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT FOR MIKEYSSMAIL… FOR PEOPLE TO REACH BEYOND THEIR OWN LIVES AND TOUCH ANOTHER… WORDS ARE CHEAP BUT PRICELESS WHEN USED PROPERLY.
I’ve never had anyone I care about die, so I don’t have a reason to look into the spiritual world for someone who was here with me in the present. However, I believe I have a spirit guide helping me. However, you can’t expect, you need to ask and when the time is right for you, it will manifest itself if you are meant to have it.
I will admit I struggle with organized religion. In the majority of Religions, there is no place for me. My lifestyle makes those religions exclusive. Some will name certain denominations as being accepting; however, that doesn’t mean that the people follow that to a tee. Remembering that someone recently didn’t want their picture taken by my camera as they wanted no association with my lifestyle or it being recorded anywhere… YES, from a denomination that is accepting.
I find many organized religions are preaching how I can change to meet their expectations. I just wonder if anyone has thought, maybe my presence here is to challenge them in their beliefs… I know people in person who would find it a personal triumph if I switched back to straight lifestyle. I see it as a notch on their religious pole if I did that. However, instead of spending so much time and effort trying to get me to switch, what about their own belief system… are they following it or cherry picking. I find it best to stay away from people who are trying to get me to stop being me… instead embrace the difference and adapt…  even if adapting means ignoring me if they are unable to cope.
What I find interesting is that one email targetted me this morning as being immoral and how dare I question God and bring Heather Anne Burton on my show. They went on to tell me that GOD IS GOD and that I need to repent, change, and beg forgiveness… as it stands right now, I am going to hell in a hand basket.
It must be nice to be so sure that the view of this person is the only way of life. I guess the rest of the world and the mult-cultural diversity of this planet is wrong in their belief systems.
Myself, I don’t know the answers… but I am open minded enough to question it but not dimish others for their own beliefs. Organized religion is dying off and I think many people are like me… unsure and having more questions than answers. It’s easier to stay away than belong and follow something you are just not sure in. Many people might call that faith in believing… but I would prefer to stay away and see people as human beings and not the title of their faith system.  
If that makes me anti-religious than sobeit, but you will never find me posting a sign telling others to do something with their lives. That’s not my place… my place is to make my life meaningful and enrich other people with creativity instead. Life is too short to be someone your not.

Clearing The Air – Teresa Verses Mikey

Being Different

I’ve been hearing and receiving comments about me facing off with Teresa from You Tube. I would like to set the record straight on several things here.

When I created this venture, it wasn’t her that made me decide to start doing filming. I was bored and wanted to express my own creativity. I had seen some videos there were very poorly done and I thought I could do better. They were not hers that I had seen. The women’s camera angle was bad and she had no personality.

I learned pretty quickly through some feedback that I have no hope in hell of competing with Teresa and not to try. I had to Google Teresa to find out who this woman was. Again, the purpose in the beginning was to express creativity. Through continuous trial and errors, my viewership picked up due to one video that really grabbed international attention. This then turned into a mission and a really fabulous way to reach out to people through creativity. Mikeyssmail as you know it today, was created.

With crochet, there are limitless ideas on creativity but many of the stitches are fundamentally the same. The internet has changed society especially in the world of crafts. Before the internet, you needed a friend to tell you about an idea they seen. With the invention of blogging and webspace. Many people create and share their ideas for free. People like me see ideas and have people constantly emailing ideas for me to film. They see me as a marketing tool for themselves. They know if I film their pattern, they will get the recognition and the appropriate links in the videos to visit their blog. I win with great tutorial ideas, but they win as well for traffic and awareness of their creativity.

With the invention of the internet, people are paying attention to filming dates. If Teresa has filmed something where I am doing a similar tutorial on after she has, some people are associating it with her having the copyrights to the pattern. VICE VERSA, if she films the same thing after me, it appears she has copyrighted from me.

A great example of this is the Catherine Wheel Stitch. Neither her or I invented this stitch. This is a fundamental stitch of crochet. The maker of it is unknown and has been around since we have known crochet. This makes it an open source non copyright issue.

Many people request patterns. If I place how to do the CATHERINE WHEEL STITCH IN WRITTEN FORMAT. It is open source and in my own words on how to do it. Just because I have placed it on my website, doesn’t make it mine. It’s merely a courtesy posting for those who prefer to read it and sit quietly with it instead of front of a monitor.

For the record, I rarely go onto her channel. WHY? It’s not cause I hate her or anything on that level. CREATIVITY IS ROBBED WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE ELSE DO SOMETHING… YOUR MIND CLOSES TO OTHER POSSIBILITIES!

We are going to overlap on certain tutorials. Another great example is I had posted the BABY CHUCK TAYLORS Tutorial and Teresa came out with a similar tutorial after I had done it. The pattern was OPEN SOURCE, she has that right just like I had the right to film it in the first place. On a business level, it makes complete sense for her to do that.

Teresa sets the bar for me on the level of expectation it takes to teach people. The majority of my followers also follow Teresa. There’s nothing wrong with that and is to be expected. Another person that viewers follow is Beth. Another superb person to learn something new with.

Teresa and I have two very different ideas on teaching people. I find her videos are pretty thorough when describing materials and hooks before the project. She gets to the point and doesn’t leave the camera on longer than needed. She also uses correct terminology where I tend to create nicknames or memory hooks. I go beyond just showing my hands and exposing my real life for the world to see. I tend to teach and crochet slower. I’ve tried speeding up but I tend to do one outtake after another as my brain doesn’t work that fast.

In life, there will always be a Teresa Verses Mikey. You see it in everything. Whether it’s a competing grocery store in town or a major talk show scrambling for ratings. Nothing is ever identical 100% but you will expect to see ROYALE TOILET TISSUE on both shelves of a grocery store, though one store’s layout and service will be much different.

As Beth puts it, we are colleagues to some degree. We have similar missions and ideas, but we come at it from different angles and personalities.

Last week, I released 4 video tutorials where I am being flooded with emails about copyrighting Teresa on the fundamental stitching patterns I am doing. One person told me I have incorrectly labelled one of the videos as Teresa’s video is showing the same pattern but under a different stitching pattern. Which leads me to wonder… if I was truly copyrighting, don’t you think I would have called it the same name to come up in the search engines?

The other truth that needs to be realized here as well. THE WORLD DOESN’T need another TERESA nor another MIKEY… It would be so easy for me to stick to her channel and follow along releasing my own versions of her tutorials each time she releases one. OMG, my life would be so much easier! But that’s not the way I operate. I am not Teresa and nor intend to be her. I know for a fact she receives hate mail like I do over the most mundane comments.

You will never see a newly released video of mine directly uploaded within a very small time frame of days or months after Teresa releasing her videos of the similar thing. I don’t watch her channel for reasons I have already explained.

So here’s my quote,

I am not copying Teresa. We are not fighting or at odds with each other. The last time I talked to Teresa was in January 2010 giving her a heads up that I was changing my direction a bit. The time before that was in March 2009 when she was giving me some encouragement on dealing with negative comments.

Thank you for your understanding,


Mikeyssmail At the Creativfestival Volunteers Needed

If you are planning on being in Toronto for the CreativFestival in October 22 – 24th, 2010. If you are wanting to be a volunteer at the Mikeyssmail Display Area, there are some perks!

I am looking for 4 Volunteers to run the display throughout the show. The volunteers don’t have to be there all weekend. You can take a half day shift. With volunteering, I can get you into the show for Free but you need to commit to the volunteering for me to get you in.
I am hoping that whatever shift you decided to take, there’s a volunteer waiting to take over when your shift is done.
I have comitment from one Volunteer right now for the entire show. I have a second volunteer lined up but I am not sure her schedule.
We will give you time to walk the creativ festival show.
Remember the show isn’t about browsing… it’s about leading, participating, learning, and really inspire. Approx 40,000 will show up!
I am hoping that my volunteers will take an upper lead at the booth and inspire viewers. I am teaching behind the scenes for several hours throughout the show… I am hoping that my volunteers (with my set up schedule) will be wanting to run their own workshops. I would like 1 workshop going every 1 Hour for 1/2 Hour Segments during the entire show.
This is a wonderful opportunity for you to inspire others with your skills. Teaching, leading, and really hit home on how much creativity rules.
It is the goal of mine to ensure there is enough sponsorship to cover meals, and snacks during the entire show for my volunteers.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer… and have skills in looming or crochet… please talk to me… If you are available for 1/2 day, full day, or entire show… you let me know! This Creativfestival is world renown… so it’s up to us to create and manifest inspiration!
🙂 Are You With Me?

Mikey Goes Back To School In Fall 2010

You are reading right! Mikey Goes Back To School this Coming Fall 2010. Not as a student, but as a teacher / Instructor.

It’s true… Mikey is having opportunities land one after another. This opportunity came due to someone suggesting a method to reach out in a leadership way as a Crochet Teacher.
Mikey is looking at having two classes per week for 8 week periods.
Tuesdays, Crochet Basics – Beginners
Will teach you EVERYTHING to get yourself started, but the end of the course, you will know how to make afghans, baby hats, and so much more!
Wednesdays, Crochet Super Stars – Intermediates
You know how to crochet, so lets step up a notch and take you beyond the simplistic Double Crochet Patterns and teach shapes, complex pattern designs, and then baby sweaters!
The student will bring their own crochet hook and yarn materials to class. This way they can work with material they feel comfortable with. Suggestions would be a size J or K Crochet Hook, and a 4 Ply Worsted Yarn.
Tuition for the class is $80.00. ($5.00 per hour). Tuition pays for class preparations with patterns and etc, Location Weekly Rental Fee, and My Time. The classes will be from 7 pm – 9 pm. We will work together as a group, share stories, and learn ideas that will last anyone a lifetime. Class size is limited… Place will be determined in August 2010.
Advertising will be released in the summer of 2010 for these two classes coming up. So no matter what your skill, come on out and join Mikey.
🙂 Michael

Something To Think About – Risky Behavior

I recently received an email from a “stranger” who is local to my location telling me I am hot and to give him a call. Now usually, those kind of emails arrive but they arrive through “hook up” websites. What was surprising is that this person contacted me through Facebook.

Now being in a small town like I am… the chances of knowing another person is fairly high… or knowing something through another is pretty common too.
I seen 4 photographs and noticed we have NO COMMON FRIENDS… so I am thinking… WHY would this person email me out of the blue like this and provide a home number for me to call him? That’s pretty risky!
So it got me thinking as I was looking over the profile… Married, has kids, looks like a nice life he has… pics of him and his wife and a million of his kids…
What I think is interesting is the fact that Facebook is not a place to hook up like this… the details we have on ourselves is pretty specific. You can locate all of our friends and be pretty sneaky!
More interesting, is Diva Dan had a friend that knew this person when he went to go look at it… So Daniel could see the entire profile…
It’s not uncommon for a married guy to be prowling on the gay side of life… and usually on the dating sites, they provide pretty vague information. Probably will state they are married and having kids but you have no idea who the wife or children are.
If I were a person to be interested in this type of behavior to knowingly go after a married guy like this… isn’t it pretty risky to be contacting someone out of the blue like this… What if I actually knew the guy’s wife?
BUT EVEN MORE DISTURBINGLY and this prompted my Blog Today!
How can someone be with him intimately knowing that you have seen all the photographs of his wife and family posted for the world to see? You are getting a visual of the complete family of his and knowing if he is caught, especially with you, that everything in those photographs will be ripped apart through this risky behavior! More than likely the guy knew about this behavior before he was married or even had kids but is trying to live within society’s expectations.
In cases like this where you know the long term mess will eventually unfold itself, why not be honest and face the homosexuality desires before creating a family and a life where you are trying to live to what everyone else wants you to be! It’s harder to go this route, than it is to just simply come out and declare yourself as being different from the world.
Not everyone will ever be cool but then you don’t destroy children’s lives and cause extended grief with children growing up years dealing with something that should have been dealt with in the very beginning.
Very unfortunate… If you think I am being too harsh… I WAS MARRIED and TRIED TO LIVE A LIE and ended up wasting 11 years of my life trying to be something I wasn’t. Not to forget dragging a great women through hardship of facing off that she was married to a guy that has come out of the closet at the end!

Another Crochet Video Partnership Achieved

This morning, after 4 months of negotiations and uploading on behalf of the video provider, Mikeyssmail was recognized by another major video firm for the tutorial videos.

Now before you get excited, this doesn’t mean that Mikey gets the financial kick backs from this relationship. It just means higher publicity and world wide acknowledgement. The video holder, with my written permission, transferred 900 videos to it’s own network. I monitor this network daily, as I do all networks that carry my videos. It’s one of the first things I do each morning is to check all the ratings to see where I am number wise.
With certain partnerships, I have to keep them confidential so I don’t inflate any advertising revenue or false revenue clicking within the networks. Mikeyssmail also advertises himself. Though who use him to get them customers, Mikey is also looking after himself to ensure people are aware he’s around.
So I am excited to see within a week’s time where I fair on the numbers game to see how much of an impact this will be. I am expecting positive results as this video network seems to always pop up before You Tube information on the searches.

Meet Mikey & Diva Dan In Person – At The Creativ Festival 2010

This is your opportunity to meet Diva Dan and I in person at the Creativ Festival at the Metro Convention Centre this coming October. October 21, 22, 23, & 24 / 2010

Mikey is teaching up to 20 courses with unlimited personal demonstrations during the show. Some of the courses are part of the show’s seminars which are set up through the show.

Mikey is teaching CROCHET SUPER STARS, GRANNY SQUARE BOOT CAMP, ROUND LOOMS, RECTANGULAR LOOMS and many more. The show is currently setting up the sponsors and times for this massive event.

This is attended by 40,000 + People. Advertised around the world. Any one who sponsors me in upwards of $500 or more will get their company logo in the 80,000 publications and internet advertising on Mikeyssmail, You Tube, and Creativ Festival’s Web Spaces.

We are going into the show as “Celebrities” which means newspaper and television interviews are a strong possibility.

Included in this show will be two weekend long challenges! Build the LARGEST LOOM KNITTED BLANKET… and MAKE THE BIGGEST NEVER ENDING GRANNY SQUARE.

Diva Dan and I will be appearing on the FASHION / ARTS Stage 3 times doing our regular MONDAY NIGHT BROADCAST once per day!

Included in this… our booth has been upgraded to a demonstration area to itself… Tables and Activities will be lined up throughout the weekend to learn many different things involving Crochet and Looming.

Mikey and Diva Dan are going to need volunteers who want to come and represent us at the show. We can have up to 4 at one time. Volunteers don’t have to commit to a full weekend as we can run the Volunteers in shifts and pass your free pass to another person to use.

We will also be broadcasting LIVE to the internet during the entire show from our booth! So you can snoop what’s happening and catch the free seminars Mikey is running right out of his booth!

Also… want to see the PINK PURPLE AND SILVER CHRISTMAS in person! Our entire christmas theme is coming with us to the show! Take pictures with us, our tree or whatever!

This is going to be awesome!


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