Volunteers Helping To Answer Mail

Volunteering For Mikeyssmail

Last Summer, I created “A Board Of Directors” who were charged with power to be able to see all communications and stuff inside Mikeyssmail. It was a terrific idea and it’s amazing how people who are passionate about Crochet really can make an even further difference.

In the fall of 2009, there was a problem discovered in Facebook Fan Page… It seemed when I gave someone moderator status, it changes their name to my own and uses my picture. So people could think it would be me if I was responding. As much I appreciated the help, I would prefer a moderator not loose their identity. The big names who constantly contribute would dissappear and appear under my name. You wouldn’t know that “Clare” from Australia was still with us because she appears to be me. So I demoted everyone back to regular status.
However, we still kept the YOU TUBE Mikeyssmail to have moderators. All the moderators could see the incoming comments and mail. With specific directions, mail was shifted in subfolders where someone who is trying to relay a story to me for personal reasons or wanted a person response. My moderators would slide the mail into a folder where I had to respond personally. Pattern requests and ect could be handled by the moderators without a problem.
So it was working great until it suddenly collapsed without me knowing about it. Actually a couple months went by and it was just me answering emails again. I just figured everyone had lives… none of the moderators said nothing about it… however, I think in retrospect, they probably thought I removed them off the receiving list.
You Tube did a fundamental change where the email you have when you create the account is the email it has to go to. I had it set up to go to another email where all of us could see it. I figured if 2 months went by and no one said anything… just let it be.
With the help of Clare from Australia, we were able to get the ball back up and rolling yesterday. All those who had access to it before can see it again. We had to do some computer lingo and batta boom batta bing, we had it all set up!
The moderator’s role is to assist in the responding and helping of emails. However, we don’t respond to everything. IE, we won’t put into someone’s YOU TUBE box “Thanks for subscribing”! I think that is redundant and unneccessary. Mikeyssmail builds by double digits each day for subscribership, it would be a great deal of work to do that.
The Facebook Fan Page site has changed the face of MIKEYSSMAIL, allowing everyone to post their pictures, videos, and comments. It’s countless how many times another viewer has assisted another. It has cut down the email greatly as a result of having this going. The way to quickly get my attention is to post stuff there.
So as I know right now, Clare from Australia is again answering EMAIL and requests along with me. If you have time or would like to participate, let me know… we can get you set up to see… I won’t just accept anyone for this role. I want positive energenic people who have been with me for a while. Someone who inspires and really enjoys helping others. It’s reasonable that you won’t answer emails every day and/or may need a break from time to time. Let me know… I don’t want any moderator on board that is trying to push a side business or trying to sell my viewers anything.
🙂 Michael

Mikeyssmail & Teresa – Why We Are Duplicating Each Other

Mikeyssmail Facebook Fan Page

I have finally figured out why Teresa and I are duplicating each other. I realized it’s not a miracle we are thinking the same thing at the same time. I was getting upset by it because we don’t need to duplicate each other. There are millions of patterns and a gazillion ideas.

I was asked by a few viewers yesterday and today about doing something through a private email and again yesterday on the Open Wall of Mikeyssmail. It turns out, the viewer posted the same request on both of our Facebooks. Viewers know Teresa and I are busy and will double up on a request. They are double posting stuff on both sites, in YOUTUBE, EMAIL or FACEBOOK FAN PAGE WALL. I responded and so did Teresa with the exact same thing today.
I had the video already done and I just gave them the link to the video. However, Teresa has also done the same thing on the same day. It’s not a fluke, it’s because we are both trying to keep up with our fan mail at the same time. Simple requests are quick to film and we are filling in a niche.
I get the impatient nature of a viewer who is in the middle of the project that wants a fast answer.  I understand because one of us may not have time to respond, however, when we do both have time, it appears we are copying each other then other viewers are writing me telling me to stop copying her and I am getting viewers telling me she is copying me.
As far as I see it now, it’s not Teresa or I’s fault of duplication. We are merely responding to the same questions that are being posted on each site.
I owe Teresa an apology for being upset as I couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Today, I just seen evidence to why this is happening and it makes complete sense without being her or I at fault. She is not to blame, she is merely doing responding to viewers with what they are asking for, the same viewers who have asked me the same question at the same time. We both want the same thing… we want people to learn and grow.
How do we stop this? I’m not sure. We need to be different as having two identical channels don’t work.
We are going to have duplication as fundamental stitches are the same. It’s when we are launching the same tutorials and demonstrations at the same time is when it looks like there’s a war going on when there’s not. We are occassionally going to have the same pattern being demonstrated as open source patterns allow that to be possible.

Diva Dan and Mikey Show Featuring Heather Anne Burton – Medium Psychic

Last night’s show we featured Heather Anne Burton, Medium Psychic on the Diva Dan and Mikey Show. What an interesting hour it was.
I will admit, I have received some email feedback that has been negative but more positive email than anything. But I would like to reflect on the night and some inner thoughts here.
Firstly, I am impressed by Heather Anne more than anything. It must be difficult to be granted a gift or to have connection like she says. The learning curve she must have went through where there are no books written for a young child to figure out what is going on must be a journey.
You definitely need an open mind talking to her. Off camera, she is just as amazing. This woman knows her history and is really fascinating to chat with. She doesn’t dismiss God or claim that she knows better than God. I found that to be fascinating. I assumed, that someone like her doesn’t have any association with God. An assumption that is clearly wrong.
Diva Dan is spiritual minded but not in the traditional sense of what organized religion preaches us to be. Many people thought Diva Dan was bored during the conversation, but that was completely the opposite. Daniel was looking at the monitor below the camera to watch for Conversation that could be used with the broadcast. I thought he did a remarkable job of bringing the viewers more into the conversation. It’s probably something I would have never done.
I knew that bringing Heather Anne onto the show would be a thinker for many people. Bring your drinks and open mind. As you could tell in a few parts, I wasn’t buying into some of it and asking questions. BEFORE YOU JUMP ON ME FOR THAT… I’ve never known anyone like her so I found it fabulous to finally ask her some burning questions.
Diva Dan noticed Heather Anne was looking past him or behind him as she spoke. Diva Dan is convinced she was seeing things pertaining to him that was never given out.
So if you never believed a word you heard last night… DID YOU NOTICE HALF WAY THROUGH THE SHOW how many people reached out to ONIX and LAURIE. So if you think Heather Anne was being fake, how could you deny what happened on the show? If anything, her presence got two people to reach out and the rest of us to embrace these people that needed re-affirmation. If anything I was overwhelmed by how these two people were covered in love during admissions to what is happening in their lives. THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT FOR MIKEYSSMAIL… FOR PEOPLE TO REACH BEYOND THEIR OWN LIVES AND TOUCH ANOTHER… WORDS ARE CHEAP BUT PRICELESS WHEN USED PROPERLY.
I’ve never had anyone I care about die, so I don’t have a reason to look into the spiritual world for someone who was here with me in the present. However, I believe I have a spirit guide helping me. However, you can’t expect, you need to ask and when the time is right for you, it will manifest itself if you are meant to have it.
I will admit I struggle with organized religion. In the majority of Religions, there is no place for me. My lifestyle makes those religions exclusive. Some will name certain denominations as being accepting; however, that doesn’t mean that the people follow that to a tee. Remembering that someone recently didn’t want their picture taken by my camera as they wanted no association with my lifestyle or it being recorded anywhere… YES, from a denomination that is accepting.
I find many organized religions are preaching how I can change to meet their expectations. I just wonder if anyone has thought, maybe my presence here is to challenge them in their beliefs… I know people in person who would find it a personal triumph if I switched back to straight lifestyle. I see it as a notch on their religious pole if I did that. However, instead of spending so much time and effort trying to get me to switch, what about their own belief system… are they following it or cherry picking. I find it best to stay away from people who are trying to get me to stop being me… instead embrace the difference and adapt…  even if adapting means ignoring me if they are unable to cope.
What I find interesting is that one email targetted me this morning as being immoral and how dare I question God and bring Heather Anne Burton on my show. They went on to tell me that GOD IS GOD and that I need to repent, change, and beg forgiveness… as it stands right now, I am going to hell in a hand basket.
It must be nice to be so sure that the view of this person is the only way of life. I guess the rest of the world and the mult-cultural diversity of this planet is wrong in their belief systems.
Myself, I don’t know the answers… but I am open minded enough to question it but not dimish others for their own beliefs. Organized religion is dying off and I think many people are like me… unsure and having more questions than answers. It’s easier to stay away than belong and follow something you are just not sure in. Many people might call that faith in believing… but I would prefer to stay away and see people as human beings and not the title of their faith system.  
If that makes me anti-religious than sobeit, but you will never find me posting a sign telling others to do something with their lives. That’s not my place… my place is to make my life meaningful and enrich other people with creativity instead. Life is too short to be someone your not.

Clearing The Air – Teresa Verses Mikey

Being Different

I’ve been hearing and receiving comments about me facing off with Teresa from You Tube. I would like to set the record straight on several things here.

When I created this venture, it wasn’t her that made me decide to start doing filming. I was bored and wanted to express my own creativity. I had seen some videos there were very poorly done and I thought I could do better. They were not hers that I had seen. The women’s camera angle was bad and she had no personality.

I learned pretty quickly through some feedback that I have no hope in hell of competing with Teresa and not to try. I had to Google Teresa to find out who this woman was. Again, the purpose in the beginning was to express creativity. Through continuous trial and errors, my viewership picked up due to one video that really grabbed international attention. This then turned into a mission and a really fabulous way to reach out to people through creativity. Mikeyssmail as you know it today, was created.

With crochet, there are limitless ideas on creativity but many of the stitches are fundamentally the same. The internet has changed society especially in the world of crafts. Before the internet, you needed a friend to tell you about an idea they seen. With the invention of blogging and webspace. Many people create and share their ideas for free. People like me see ideas and have people constantly emailing ideas for me to film. They see me as a marketing tool for themselves. They know if I film their pattern, they will get the recognition and the appropriate links in the videos to visit their blog. I win with great tutorial ideas, but they win as well for traffic and awareness of their creativity.

With the invention of the internet, people are paying attention to filming dates. If Teresa has filmed something where I am doing a similar tutorial on after she has, some people are associating it with her having the copyrights to the pattern. VICE VERSA, if she films the same thing after me, it appears she has copyrighted from me.

A great example of this is the Catherine Wheel Stitch. Neither her or I invented this stitch. This is a fundamental stitch of crochet. The maker of it is unknown and has been around since we have known crochet. This makes it an open source non copyright issue.

Many people request patterns. If I place how to do the CATHERINE WHEEL STITCH IN WRITTEN FORMAT. It is open source and in my own words on how to do it. Just because I have placed it on my website, doesn’t make it mine. It’s merely a courtesy posting for those who prefer to read it and sit quietly with it instead of front of a monitor.

For the record, I rarely go onto her channel. WHY? It’s not cause I hate her or anything on that level. CREATIVITY IS ROBBED WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE ELSE DO SOMETHING… YOUR MIND CLOSES TO OTHER POSSIBILITIES!

We are going to overlap on certain tutorials. Another great example is I had posted the BABY CHUCK TAYLORS Tutorial and Teresa came out with a similar tutorial after I had done it. The pattern was OPEN SOURCE, she has that right just like I had the right to film it in the first place. On a business level, it makes complete sense for her to do that.

Teresa sets the bar for me on the level of expectation it takes to teach people. The majority of my followers also follow Teresa. There’s nothing wrong with that and is to be expected. Another person that viewers follow is Beth. Another superb person to learn something new with.

Teresa and I have two very different ideas on teaching people. I find her videos are pretty thorough when describing materials and hooks before the project. She gets to the point and doesn’t leave the camera on longer than needed. She also uses correct terminology where I tend to create nicknames or memory hooks. I go beyond just showing my hands and exposing my real life for the world to see. I tend to teach and crochet slower. I’ve tried speeding up but I tend to do one outtake after another as my brain doesn’t work that fast.

In life, there will always be a Teresa Verses Mikey. You see it in everything. Whether it’s a competing grocery store in town or a major talk show scrambling for ratings. Nothing is ever identical 100% but you will expect to see ROYALE TOILET TISSUE on both shelves of a grocery store, though one store’s layout and service will be much different.

As Beth puts it, we are colleagues to some degree. We have similar missions and ideas, but we come at it from different angles and personalities.

Last week, I released 4 video tutorials where I am being flooded with emails about copyrighting Teresa on the fundamental stitching patterns I am doing. One person told me I have incorrectly labelled one of the videos as Teresa’s video is showing the same pattern but under a different stitching pattern. Which leads me to wonder… if I was truly copyrighting, don’t you think I would have called it the same name to come up in the search engines?

The other truth that needs to be realized here as well. THE WORLD DOESN’T need another TERESA nor another MIKEY… It would be so easy for me to stick to her channel and follow along releasing my own versions of her tutorials each time she releases one. OMG, my life would be so much easier! But that’s not the way I operate. I am not Teresa and nor intend to be her. I know for a fact she receives hate mail like I do over the most mundane comments.

You will never see a newly released video of mine directly uploaded within a very small time frame of days or months after Teresa releasing her videos of the similar thing. I don’t watch her channel for reasons I have already explained.

So here’s my quote,

I am not copying Teresa. We are not fighting or at odds with each other. The last time I talked to Teresa was in January 2010 giving her a heads up that I was changing my direction a bit. The time before that was in March 2009 when she was giving me some encouragement on dealing with negative comments.

Thank you for your understanding,


Criticism and Creativity

What's The Message Critics Are Trying To Say?

Diva Dan and I have been talking lately about Criticism in having to deal with it. As a professional musician, it’s not uncommon for him to have his supporters and haters. Some people recent him for his abilities or willingness to explore beyond the norm of music and performance presentations, while others are just cozy in the traditional play what’s been played and don’t expand from it.

I recently had someone criticize me for my colour choices, yarn selections, ideas, patterns and more. Someone, to me, that should have been supportive and encouraging. I felt as if they urinated all over my work and ideas.

In society, we criticize others constantly. Some of it constructive but it’s so easier to destroy people with negative criticism. I’ve been taught in the world of business… “Don’t Criticize Without A Solution At The End Of It!” But many people love to feel better about themselves by taking down another person. I mentally visualize a pile of humans. With a person criticizing, making another fall onto the pile… so that person may climb higher… what people don’t realize is that’s it’s pretty lonely at the top of the pile if you have stomped on all the people along the way.

Some of the greatest artists and writers in history were viewed as crazy thinkers and people hated their work. But history would come to view these people as inventive and modern thinkers of their time. Even though at the time, they were the outcasts of society.

The criticism I received really winded me and really stole a shining light within me. I am actually upset with myself I let this person get to me the way they did. I am suddenly feeling unworthy of being at the Creativ Festival and such. I know this will pass but I know what I have to do to fix this… I have to end all communications with this person. WHY? Because the criticism was not constructive. Turning up their nose at my stuff and bitching about it after I had spent hours creating something unique… SO WHAT IF THE COLOURS DID GO WITH THEIR PERSONAL COLOUR PALLET? Be creative and look at the design. Colours and yarn choices are subjective to each individual. This criticism was tied to resentment and possibly jealousy making it resentful and ugly.

I was reading a blog this morning where someone defended themselves against people who like to criticize. This person’s blog is within the yarn world. I felt so much better reading that… why? Because I am not alone… the more popular you get, the more supporters but the more haters build too… Though supporters out number of the haters big time… it’s just the time people spend to hate.

Just remember in creativity, there is no right or wrong answers! Use your mind, push your limits, and express yourself!


When Do You Give Up?

Whose Controlling Who

Many of us try to live to expectations to what others want us to be. Like me, we are striving to achieve balance and wanting equal opportunities in a world where the balance point is questionable.

I’m not sure it’s age, but I think I hit the point where if “You don’t like it, lump it!” Not saying I am perfect or the queen of anything. I just know myself well enough to what makes me happy. I believe other people are so into the stereotypical ideas on what relationships, friendships, and how we should live our lives. Last time I checked, life is a dice roll. You want to take a chance here, then you accept the consequences there.

Maybe I am a little cynical, but how does anyone truly know what makes me happy when they don’t live in my skin or see what I see. My future is up to me. Who I socialize is my choice. Just like I have the power to have a crappy life through bad decisions, I also have the power to have a terrific life by good decisions and excluding the things or people that make me sad.

Have a great day today! After all, if you don’t have a great day… how could you have avoided that?


A Lady Friend Depressed Due Employment Change

Communicating Within The Office

I have a lady friend who is struggling with depressive states of mind due to an employment change. She used to be a woman of power for a company, but now due to economical changes, she has moved into a retail floor settting. Essentially, she has moved from a position of control to a position where her opinion means nothing. The level of respect has gone from top notch, to she can be replaced in a second should she say “NO”.


So what’s the advice you would give to a person in her situation?

Essentially, she has to continue to raise her children and pay the bills. She is too proud and doesn’t want to rely on public assistance because she feels that even working for McDonalds is better for exposure to new opportunities than it is to sit at home and wait. I am motivated by her stamina; however, there’s a personal price to pay here…

“How Much Is Dignity Worth To You?”

You can’t encourage someone like her to quit? Quitting means failure. The other day, she was being screamed at by her boss over the most little detail. In an office setting, it is unncessary for a boss to come at you screaming at the top of their lungs. In an office setting, you more than likely will have your share of the conversation to give feedback. In this case, she was screamed at and the boss walked away not letting her explain her position. She seen an opportunity for time savings and acted upon it. Time savings which benefits the owner, but the owner is set in their ways that the way it’s always been done is the right way.

Since that moment, any hope she had at this employer has been shattered. Her eyes glued onto the job banks when she gets home. She’s not going to quit unless she finds something else… but life is tough and jobs are hard to come by.

The upside is that she can work and meet people and keep passing the word. She’s a power house lady and people know her for that… when they see her stocking shelves, they are going to be wondering why and allowing conversation to flow. My guess is that she won’t be there long and to use that as an opportunity to be in the public eye. Next time the boss yells at her… she is unable to respond because the way the company is run, but she will have the satisfaction knowing that she will eventually give her notice as she doesn’t see long term in this kind of treatment.

She heard the place was a revolving door of employees, now she knows why… and it may even second guess herself from shopping there in the future.




What Humans Can Learn From House Flies!

House Flies... Team Workers or Loners?

This spring the house flies have been out in vast numbers at my house. At first, I was trying to ignore them; however, then they started to land on my eye glasses. My home office has bright heated lights and the heat from my computers were giving my office an ideal place for the flies to be.

I settled on a can of Raid and it certainly did the trick the first time but then I ran out. Went to the store and got a more eco friendly Raid and suddenly the flies are loving it. They are getting a cheapy high out of it and buzzing around me afterwards.

I broke down and settled on Sticky Fly Paper and I strategically placed them in two spots. I sat and waited for the first fly to land on it. It didn’t take long and I seen the first one hit and stick. Voila… problem solved. I knew I was going to sleep easy that night and walked away.

I came back an hour later and there were about 20 flies now stuck with plenty more still flying around. I figured, great, leave it up and catch them all. By morning, there were just a couple buzzing around and the paper had snagged most of them.

I got thinking about the flies and I figured there was poison on the paper because none of them are moving. I touched the first one to ever land and to my surprise, it was still alive. What appears to be dead flies are not. They are all still alive. I guess they will die of dehydration.

I found myself staring at it and wondered, “Why would the flies who are stuck not communicate with the rest of the flies to stay away?” Looking more into this, I notice the flies are randomly spread throughout the paper. It would appear that the flies aren’t helping each other at all. It appears a fly can’t pull themselves off but they are able to get 1 or 2 legs unstuck but then another part of their body will stick because it’s impossible for them to fly away without the kick off momentum. However, it doesn’t appear to be that sticky that another fly can come along and help it off, as long as they didn’t touch the paper.

This is a real life example of what non communication is like. The stuck flies should have screamed, “Stay away!” but somehow they can’t or they won’t. The flies aren’t looking after each other because if they realized working as a team would get each other off, they would do it.

In relationship to human terms. If we don’t communicate, how are the others to know about it? If we don’t help each other, we are all going to get stuck!  Even if we are the lucky one to made it over night, eventually we will all be caught.

Working as a team has its advantages. We are all professional colleagues who are working toward the common goal. Lets keep working together!


Addicted To Crochet

I'm Under A Mountain Of Balls

I was saying to Diva Dan last night. I am so loving being surrounded by all this creative energy (as I was looking at the Fan Book Fan Page).

I wondered to myself, how many of these people were posting pictures of their crafts to this degree before I came along? Have they just posted it elsewhere and adding me to the postings list, or is this something that has been inspired by having a dedicated space on the net for fun, positive, and spirit lifting feedback?

I’m so exhausted lately… mind has been turning and thinking about all that needs to be done. I’m not stuck in my mind of what has to be done, but I am inching closer to what has to be completed for the Creativ Festival in October.

With the help of a neighbour who has lent me their newborn baby clothes, I can see first hand if things are fitting or not. I see that some of the tutorial I have produced are not right. More so, the sizes of other people’s patterns, materials, and crochet hooks for certain stitches doesn’t jive. I can see massive recordings of my stuff being redone as as a result and maybe this is a good thing.

Feedback depends on a person’s skill level because their tension would be different from a newbie crocheter… so for some, it works, and others the hat is the size for an Apple! So this I will need to fix.

I created three hats yesterday from 3:30pm – 11:30pm last night. 2 were on a Round Loom… I consider this R & D and the time goes flying on by. I think I have mastered the round loom for the correct size of a Newborn now… Now I am totally excited about Looming Again! I also tweaked my regular baby hats. I created a fabulous Crochet Hat with a sun protector brim that fits a 3 month – 6 Month baby.

People tell me that many new mom’s don’t bother with the homemade stuff right off the bat. Due to baby showers, many new mom’s are overwhelmed with clothing. I’ve been told countless times to be designing for Baby over the age of 3 months for this fact alone. HOWEVER, everyone loves the most soft interesting baby hat when they leave the hospital!

So as much as I am tired… my mind is spinning with concepts and the only way to release the concepts is to sit and design… I will say though, this R & D isn’t so bad… gets me away from a computer for many hours so I can focus!

Viewers Telling Me To Switch to WordPress

I usually blog everything on Blogger.com… people are telling me that wordpress doesn’t a better job of integrating the blog into a real website. I’m not sure as I don’t see any bells and fancy buttons with this… However, though it has no fancy buttons or stuff that is eye catching… it’s probably better as it can be more better to look at! Who Knows… Well I am going to give this a try and see what happens! Mikey from Mikeyssmail

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