Ignorant Parents At The ROM

Firstly I understand that it’s a day off for all kids until the new year. Secondly, according to museum employees, this is the busiest time for the museums and important for generating revenues.

However, putting away my nice hat… my gawd, some of these parents with children need a good hit in the head. The museum for many is an educational experience that needs to be fully absorbed. There is a great deal of reading and time reflection for the exibits that you see.

For many, including Diva Dan and I… we spent the day photographing stuff. Items behind glass are especially harder to photograph. The museum has done a wonderful job of making sure the lighting is right. To take pictures without reflections.

It’s obvious now… Dinosaurs and Stuffed Creatures (of today) are going to be popular amongst kids. It is obvious that at these two the kids are running, screaming, and carrying on. For Diva Dan and I, we quickly observed, took pictures, and moved along… no big deal.

We went to the Canadian Historical section. It’s full of priceless oil paintings, furniture and more. Clearly, to a child, all of this is boring unless they have a purpose to be there. At one point, it appeared to be 3 five year olds, running and screaming around the exihibits playing hide and go seek. The parents did nothing. How on gawd’s earth could these parents allow their children to carry on in such a place to this level. The parents just went on looking, as their children destroyed the solitude of the place, bumping into people and more on.

Going over to the egyptian area, the kids were again going astray… 10 – 20. Banging on the glass, and leaving finger prints all over it. This destroyed our opportunity to photograph as the finger prints were high and low. The parents, directly behind these children not saying a word! I guess they expect a janitor to clean it up after… but these parents not having any regard for the other guests.

At many points throughout the day, Parents of children were screaming at their kids. Threats of punishment… over and over and over… the kids are ruling the roost. But as the kids react more and more… the parents get louder than the kids themselves, then it has turned from kid annoyance to parents who are completely in disregard of their voice levels and their own behavior. Daniel and I kept saying on and off all day about how lucky we are to have no kids.

I guess it serves us right for being in a public place with that many kids… is the museum for kids? Some parts yes, other parts, they are clearly not interested in and being forced to tromp through it.

There are several signs up, especially where there was no glass to protect the artifacts. Kids were jumping on, and touching stuff with signs of a HAND with a cross through it clearly saying don’t touch. Officials would tell the parents to keep their kids in control and not to touch and the parents were not very happy with the lecture and so giving ignorant attitude to the employees over it.

So is the answer to put everything behind glass? NO… but parents should be held more accountable and maybe removed with their children if they can’t follow the guidelines of the rules. They are there to protect the history, allow an enjoyable experience for everyone.



Expect a Fundamental Change

Like anything in life… things never stay the same for long. If it does, maybe we are too comfortable living in a moment in time instead of expanding ourselves. I find myself continually reaching out of the box, but then get skiddish and pull back into the box to play it safe. Then encouraged to reach out and again and see what happens.

I’ve taken the last weeks to seriously make a website, but now that I am looking at it… It looks so commercialized that it’s sickening and lacking sincerity which is the opposite of what I am trying to do… so THAT HAS TO CHANGE!

I’ve been told already by Charlie, (My business mentor) that I need to get a website up and going. So I have done that, but thinking inside the box with remaining a fee website. It’s not been a waste because simply, I have learned many things in the past 2 weeks.

My site lacks sexiness, integrity and a few other things. That’s because the free site limits me where I can put stuff and the shapes of the items. I can’t put links to pictures and more…

So when I get back… Expect this website I have created to slowly crumble as a New Rome (My Website) will be built using a fee based website. The ad revenue from Google will cover the cost of this. Statistically, there are a lot of people going to my website on top of my Youtube… so now is the time to expand and push the damn box open!

So here I go,


On Vacation – Went To A Gay Bar

Today is day 2 of our vacation. We arrived in Toronto and are staying with a Univertsity Musician Dean or something like that. I didn’t quite get his title. We had a lovely night of homemade dinner and wine.

We decided to go for a walk. We are about 20 minutes walk away from the Gay Village, aka Toronto’s Church Street of gay central. Basically, it’s the centre of the universe for Ontario at the Gay Village. There’s not much there to be honest… bars and coffee shops galore… but you wouldn’t find just anything there.

We are staying in a very old home that has been renovated beautifully. We walked last night and could see inside some of these extremely old homes and were in awe about the decor and changes done.

Eventually, we walked into Woodies for a Drinkee… My Gawd, flashback to my single days. Woodies is a gay bar you see. A nice one, not too upscale but beautifully done. You would see guys in groups…. typically, you see one twink, you will see another 5 just like him laughing and carrying on. Then you would see many guys standing alone holding up walls, posts, and more… Just standing there drinking their drink. Pretending life is great and waiting by the side lines for someone to approach them. MY oh MY was that sad.

Diva Dan and I sat arm in arm… he’s my man and very proud to be at his side. It was a hardcored reminder why Diva Dan is at my side last night. All that pretentiousness in the air and faking kiss kiss as people come and go… It reminds me so much that Daniel is not one of them… not a person to eager to please, but not whimpy enough to allow things to negative things to happen.

IT was a lovely evening, we did go to a place Called Zippers where a drag queen was signing show tunes… 2 songs was enough before we made the journey home… In less than hour from now, we are heading back out and to ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). I am taking my camera! Can’t wait!


Mikeyssmail & Marketing Advisors

The door is open now… and now it’s just a matter of looking around to see possibilities.

Mikeyssmail is perceived like any other business. You have an idea. The idea takes years to develop, implement, and then be accepted. Michael has a very business oriented mind and the internet is the window to this cyber world knows as Mikeyssmail.
The name Mikeyssmail was just a simple login name for YOUTUBE, little did Michael know that it would become an internet identity. The uphill battle is launching something that works. The wonderful thing about the channel is the timeless tutorials that will grab someone’s attention. A tutorial created two years ago just seen for the first time by a newbie viewer is just as valuable now. The teaching technique remains the same, though the project one day may become outdated.
Mikeyssmail has hit volume proportions that are unbelievable. If you would have told me two years ago that millions of viewers would have tuned in. I would have thought you were smokn crack… but I always dreamed it was possible. It’s that continuous dream which propels me forward.
This past year, with the meeting of Diva Dan and my friend Charlie, it has been an entirely different outcome than expected. Both of these two, along with myself, have a marketing spirit that makes us continually think outside the box. It’s nearly 3 months ago, Diva Dan says I need to create my own webpage… I attempted but got so exhausted because I didn’t know what I wanted to say or do… It was a boring space. Charlie came along and says the same thing… get your website going… and with these two… the website was born.
The website has been a huge hit just within weeks of conception. I spent my entire christmas break on looking at sites… changing, setting up things and much more. I’ve learned how embedding and HTML works. I’ve learned how PAYPAL operates and all of that jazz.
Charlie challenged me before the Christmas Break… GET YOUR ONLINE STORE GOING… and I was saying, I don’t have time to be making stuff and selling it. He says you need an online store. He says… Where can he buy a CD Collection of yours instead of being in front of a computer? I said that request for CD’s is actually been huge… He says.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR THEN?
My biggest beef is that I don’t want to be appear as a money hungry internet pig… and Charlie changed that and said… you are providing a valuable service where people have the option to watch for free or own the CD… you are merely giving a choice.
With that said… I am looking heavily into the CD Process as I have the software to generate DVD’s with menu options and etc.
Marketing is fun and is exciting on finding what works. But what I must not do… is lose focus on how I got to where I am, continue that service and strive to be better at the same time.

Out Of Touch At 36 Years Of Age

I hate to admit it… but I am out of the loop on some technology that you would have imagined I would be at the top of the game. I have figured out the secrets and stuff for a successful video tutorial series… but cell phones, mac books, and portable devices I am completely out on left field.

I had some friends over yesterday where I know these two are on the top of their game for technology. I used to think it was an unhealthy addiction to have the latest gadget. It always seems I am reading on Facebook that they have purchased the new up and coming technology, when they have had the old technology for less than a year. I guess if you have the money to burn, why not… No worse that someone collecting something or an addiction to drugs… the money will always be found. I’m no saint… I have my weaknesses too!

I came to realize, that my addiction and hobby is crochet and loom knitting. More so the power of the computer to keep it all function able, but their hobby is collecting and being first on the scene when something new comes along. They are essentially, the programmers guinea pigs and the first to know when something is a miss.

Realistically, I can afford the toys and gadgets of these two friends. But I lack the desire to own a cell phone. There is a known fact about myself. IF I HAD A HANDHELD COMPUTER AT MY SIDE ALL THE TIME… I would be looking for the opportunities to post a comment when I am walking around, shopping, driving, visiting people and more. I am truly addicted to the computer. However, the more time I spend on it… I see the results finally bouncing back in the way of advertising revenues from Google. So there’s a payback, albeit a small one in comparison to the time and resources I have put into this.
Why I don’t have a cell phone is clearly obvious. I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE… I HATE CALLING PEOPLE… I have always felt that when I am calling someone that I am bothering them. If I call you, you will hear me ask a simple question… Is Now a good time to speak? Most people don’t consider when they call someone, that I could be in the middle of something and don’t wish to get into a lengthy conversation. Having said that… No one ever calls me… Email me is a better way… I am in control of when I read the information and when I choose to respond.
I’ve had some driver asking me at work about their new cell phones they bought. They assume that I know how to operate every brand. The biggest craze at the moment is the Blackberry Phone. There are some techno language which I don’t understand. I’ve not invested any time to understand what Blue Tooth means. I think it’s a brand of software but I’ve heard it being used in context in which that doesn’t make much sense either. I guess it’s like the word “GOOGL’ing”… to me it means searching… but to an amateur computer person, they think I am talking about a company.
So I am admitting that I am the modern day 80 Year Old who doesn’t understand computers or the technology that is currently available. With new technology comes a price associated with it. My former partner had a cell phone that was astronomical in monthly costs. The cost of our cellular, with home phone, and TV nearly topped 50-65% of the cost of our mortgage payment. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE to be spending that much money with nothing to show for it at the end of the month?
Diva Dan and I have no cell phones. Our home phone and internet usage hovers between $70 – $90 per month. I think that is a hell of a great deal in comparison.
Maybe one day I will feel compelled to have a cell phone and a computer at my side every waking moment… but for now… I know I can’t handle it due to my addiction… so why add fire to the pot.

Twitchy Fingers & Mikeyssmail – The Common Thread Between Us

Twitchy Fingers has a real name. It is SALVINA CAPOLONGO-CIARLEGLIO.

She has many websites. http://www.twitchyfingers.net/ .

Salvina found me in early 2009. She lives in a town in which I grew up. She was trying to entice me to be of a huge project of being part of her E-Magazine. Mikeyssmail has been featured in three national USA Magazines. At that time, I was overwhelmed with Emails and personal stress.
Her disposition has always been so incredible. She’s a wonderful teacher and she came to be my Loom Knitting Mentor. She kept insisting I participate in her E-Magazine and finally one day I decided… SURE WHAT THE HELL! LOL
I finally took some time to go through it and she is the queen of Loom Knitting… NOT ONLY THE QUEEN OF IT… but she has fantastic resources to steer you to buying them… what to look for and so forth.
I bought my first loom set in July 2009. It was a Clearance Deal at Walmart. 4 Looms for $14.99. OMG I was hooked… I started pumping out child’s hats and then eventually my own hat that ended up being a signature hat. I’ve been addicted ever since!
Salvina sends me messages from time to time about being her Crochet Mentor… meanwhile she’s my Loom Knitting Mentor. Together we thrive.
I love Salvina for many things… She is a clothes designer. She has a child and loving Husband. If you ever seen her do her LIVE LOOM KNITTING SCHOOL on the livestream. http://www.livestream.com/twitchyfingers you will know that she is so sincere.
Salvina dabbles in other areas, but you can check that out on her website.

Christmas Eve 2009

Today will be an interesting day. I have chosen to attend Diva Dan’s Church for an actual service. 2 Services actually. The children are performing this afternoon and there is a Candle Light Service Tonight starting at 10pm.

I have always gone down to the Rehearsal Nights on Thursdays with Daniel. I proudly sit in the balcony and watch the choir start a song, and week’s later perfecting it. I never get to the see the final performances of their music.
The choir was surprised I am coming down today. Immediately, they ask where I am going to sit. I didn’t really have an answer for that. The people I know at the Church are all music based people, so Sundays they would be in the big seats in the front. I don’t really know the spouses of these fantastic people. A few people who I admire have spouses that never attend the church. I find that topic interesting in itself. (for another time of course)
My struggle today is going to be my actions. The church is so big and poorly attended that sitting off on my own will be so obvious. However, I am attending church and want to project a positive being within myself. I have to decide should I conform to fit in by praying when asked, singing hymns when told and listen attentively.
I struggle with this because I think it projects a poor true self nature of who I am. They want me to sing Hymns using words like “I exalt him”, “I Worship Him” and so forth. I think that is pretty hypocritical of myself to ‘pretend’ that I am honouring those statements coming from my mouth. Or Should I just sing them and say “Oh they are just words!”… that’s kind of cruel in itself.
Now don’t get me wrong. The people of Trinity are fabulous. Their religious views are their own. They haven’t ever forced me to conform. They allow me to be me. I just would want rumour coming from someone that I have changed or finally I am seeing the light.
I do believe that people sing hymns without truly understanding what they are saying. Besides, who knows what the true tune is to a hymn when I have never heard the majority of them. That would be grossly embarrassing!

3 Million Viewers

As predicted, Mikeyssmail turned over 3 Million viewers Yesterday. The numbers are consistant on a daily basis to be able to predict it with some degree of accuracy. In 66.5 Days, Mikeyssmail is projected to Turn 4 Million Viewers. That’s by the end of February 2010.

The only thing that could change that is adding more and more value to the website I have. I have to keep listening to the ton of email that I get. More so… as I grow bigger, people are struggling to find something. I had to use this past week to really think how I can overcome this. The answer is pretty simple, though the implementation took hours.
I created a subdirectory of my entire collection. Provided the LINK to the actual starting video of each series. I have yet to get back into this and really simplify the names better. Right now, the exact file name in the YOUTUBE is the link name. I need to simplify it better.
I am adding more features. I have been busy writing patterns. Many tutorials are myself creating a pattern as I go. I understand, even going back into my own videos to find exactly what I have done. For many writing a pattern is better than a step by step tutorial. But there’s a larger number of people who prefer to follow along. I have to pay attention to both of these markets.
This has turned beyond a hobby. It’s turned into a mini enterprise. The amount of hours this has taken is beyond comprehension. The more ideas I come up with, Diva Dan is like… “Oh I will see you in the summer time!” haha
Where this leads? Is unknown, that’s the beauty about this whole exciting crusade.

Are We Conscious?

I had a fascinating talk with my business Mentor yesterday. He was reading through my blog and said he had posted a comment, but it wasn’t there. He re-iterated what he was talking about.

He read the blog about Creative Design Verses Evolution Progress. His thought is… DOES IT REALLY MATTER?
Many of us, including me, are looking for the reasons why we exist. When did we start. Do you really think that this is natural, or is this a learned behavior. I can’t help but stare at my kitty kat and wonder what she is thinking. Does she believe in something greater? I think “Oh what an easy life this cat has?” but does she think that too?
My mentor relayed the fact that I need to stop worrying about things that are bigger than me. I need to focus on the here an now instead of looking behind me to figure out who I am. We talked about when humans became conscious? The truth is… we think we are… but are we really?
He described being conscious as fulfilling a life’s dream or more importantly. What are you passionate about?
Many would think Diva Dan’s passion is music but it’s not. It’s his skill and professional choice of work. Gardening and Home Design are his passion. That man can burn hours standing in the basement still thinking about possibilities… When is the last time you could do that? I couldn’t do it, but I can sit hours in front of a computer trying to push my website and crochet ideas further to a point where it’s a mini business. That’s my passion. My passion isn’t so much the crochet element. It’s the reaching out and connecting people of commonality together. Using myself as a hub to do it.
So having said that… My mentor is spiritual and a practicing Christian. He must be conscious in order to identify that we can each live a life and be unique. Especially when it comes to being like a sheep and following the crowd.

Sometimes It Just Sucks

I’m a documentarian. I know it’s not a real word but I am one to record EVERYTHING… Don’t be surprised. My entire relationship with Diva Dan is in video format. Even the stuff that never makes it to Youtube is there.

Sometimes… I feel like it sucks the big one. People know this about me and will intentionally tell me something where it’s me that makes “higher powers” informed of a situation that is on going. Sometimes I hate the responsibility of it. Some weekends, I feel like a real snitch. Other weekends, I feel like I have done the company a great honourable service. Either way, some of my colleagues use me as a leaping board before proceeding higher.
For me it would suck that if my boss was side bombed with an issue which I knew was happening. I think that’s what makes me loyal but it also makes me a dangerous person. My boss sometimes tells me a situation where I am already clearly informed. Shocked they are when I add more to it that they didn’t know about. People seemed to turn to me to talk to. I think it’s because I don’t pose any immediately managerial threat. I will say though that some issues I know about will never see the light of day… because coming from my mouth serves no purpose. Or sometimes the situation is so big that it shouldn’t be me to educate someone else about it.
Some people like to tell me and then have me do ALL THE INNER work to get them resolution. However, they bail on themselves when push comes to shove. They bitch about things, but then don’t follow through with their stories or threats.
I had a situation where a person wants me to talk to the higher power, but even though I will make them informed that a conversation is required between 2 people needs to occur, that same person needs to approach that person at some point to initiate conversation.
Other people like to use me to get me to speak to another about a situation. However, I identify that what they are telling me is intentional so that a threat is coming from my mouth instead of theirs. In that case, I keep my mouth shut! If it’s important enough to them, they will find another way to do it or just plain do it themselves.

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