Trucking – The Nature Of The Industry Part 2

In my job, I work only Fridays to Monday. I work ON CALL during my time away from the office by carrying my work’s Crackberry Phone. Calls are unpredictable.

I received a call from a driver in distress. He had arrived at a Grocery Store Distribution Centre. He was going to be late and was about 3 hours late. He had driven nearly 3000 KM to get to this location.
The appt time of the delivery was scheduled by the Grocery Store Distribution. Though the run wasn’t illegal in timing. It didn’t allow the driver to casually drive and stop to see the sites. The driver used every legal waking hour to drive.
Without any delays… he would be on time. However… coming nearly the full way across the Northern United States hitting the nasty weather last week, he was delayed due to weather. On top of that… he was delayed at the USA Border. The Grocery Store Distribution Centre didn’t provide the right paperwork for this driver. The driver lost 5 hours of driving time waiting for all of this mess to clear up.
The driver loosing that much time would cause him to really keep on track. The driver knew he would be late, so calls were made to the Distribution Centre and they said not a problem. It’s typical for Grocery Distributions to Load and offload in the evenings. The message of him being late didn’t get passed on down the line.
In the end, 4 days of non stop driving. The Grocery Distribution Centre refuses to offload the driver because he is 3 hours late. They are pretty damn lucky he was only 3 hours considering all the driver had endured. Including wasting 5 hours at the border which was the fault of the Grocery Store Distribution Centre.
It’s now 2:30am on a Saturday Morning. I have a very upset driver on the phone. I speak to the company and they will not budge on their rules considering all the driver went through. It’s not like they were closed… RULES ARE RULES! I asked who I could speak to about over turning this rule for this driver considering the circumstances… I have to speak to HEAD OFFICE, oh by the way, they are only open between 9 – 5 pm weekdays.
My driver turned away at a place that ordered him to be there. For product that they required in the first place. Without consideration of traffic, weather, issues along the way. The company is so freak’n arrogant to do this.
The driver was sent to a nearby truck stop… and now has to wait 3 days in the parking lot there before this company will entertain offloading him.
I tell you this… because this is one of the main reasons why I got out of driving a truck. Absolute arrogance on behalf of the companies who hire trucking companies to move their stuff. This driver now must sit and run a truck for 3 days to keep warm. He must deal with the prostitutes that bang onto truck doors in the middle of the night.
There’s one major store that is north American Wide that I refuse to support. Just because their shipping is so arrogant. You can have multiples of this one store in major cities. One store is set up for midnight receiving while the other is set up for day only. So you think you can blaze through the city to deliver all of the stores, but its impossible…. Because of the hours set up and then you have to make an appt for what they have available. You are virtually powerless!
So now while this guy on the dock said no… He went home to a nice warm house with his family… my driver is sitting in a parking lot for 3 days. Away from home, in a strange neck of the woods and no options to leave the truck due to breakins that happen in parking lots, especially when loaded.
I love trucking, I love transportation, but I sure wish some of these big companies who control us would be held accountable for a situation like this….
Next time you are in a grocery store or whatever… think about how that product came to be… and don’t think for a minute that everyone that ever touched that box along its route was treated fairly.

Trucking … The Nature Of The Industry – PART 1

This blog probably won’t make me any friends because what I am about to tell you goes on behind the scenes of our every day lives and most of us have no clue.

I stopped driving truck full time when I finally had a reality check in Texas. I was at a huge Grocery Store Distribution Centre. I want to Say BROOKSHIRE Distribution.
I had driven all weekend from Friday on to get there for Monday Morning. I got there, but so did nearly up to 100 other trucks and drivers. It’s not uncommon to wait, infact, you can wait all day at a distribution centre and not even get paid a dime for that.
I got myself into the waiting room where nearly 50 drivers sat. I stood as there was no place to sit. I scanned the room. Stinky, old, young, grubby, fat, skinny, sad, sleepy, and miserable looking drivers. I looked around the room and there I am. Freshly shaved, smelling good, fit, and ready to start another beautiful Monday.
I thought to myself as I scanned the room over and over… if I stay as a driver… will I end up this way… Tired, Fat, Miserable and so forth… I felt I was looking at my own future.
Most distribution centres… its the drivers responsibility to restack skids to match the shelving of the distribution centre. It’s called LUMPING… Lumpers are available at most of them where you pay for a team of people to offload your truck and restack it. If they don’t have it… there you are doing it yourself.
So here I am… restacking boxes into small piles. They wanted it stacked in a configuration. At the end, they come check your work and ensure you did it right before releasing you.
It’s the equivalent of you ordering someone to bring you some groceries to your door… but then you invite them in and have them put it away. Even though you ordered it, you are the user from that moment it arrives, it’s the drivers responsibility to ensure it’s piled in a way that is accommodating them.
Where is the logic… where is the fairness. I have just driven nearly 3,000 KM to get them their product and now it’s my job to restack it so they can put it away in their warehouse? This is very very common in the industry and is expected. Most drivers bitch about it… but the customer trumps everything and we have to do what is required.
I thought to myself… whatever!
More to come!

Got Thinking About Politics

I was at Tim Hortons this afternoon and my steeped tea was brewing so I had to sit down and wait for 5 minutes for it. Why are churches emptying out in droves for the younger generation leaving or not even starting?

Is it because of the politics? Are we less faithful? Or Are We frustrated with what we see and hear that goes on? Or is this generation of people not been trained well in politics?
I can’t help but think about people who sit on Councils. The people making the decisions for many of us.
  1. How many old people are running organizations and battling their way through Politics?
  2. Could the political games be fun for this older generation?
  3. Maybe the politics are just a way of life and the old people know how to play it?
  4. Has the younger generation not been taught to deal with it and want answers quicker than playing the game?
I was thinking that maybe the younger generation are just not critical thinkers. We don’t want to invest the time into problem solve. We want action to be immediate and quick. This generation is in a very fast paced world and waiting feels like an eternity. We just say screw it… we’ll go elsewhere instead of working through the games.
Someone around me, revealed to my Mother that I had done something on my videos to discredit her during her interview. Without allowing me to explain or for her to open her mind, a judgement is made… and still weeks later, not a word has been exchanged back and forth to her. Maybe the silence is the remedy, but maybe we are not politically trained to allow it to bounce and continue the fight? Maybe it’s the continuance of the fight is where we grow… but who has times for games when reality is that we are being taught if you face an opposition to walk away from it instead of playing.
I know darn well in Politics, I don’t have what it takes. If the truth is out there, I want it to be known. If someone is doing something inappropriately, I want them to be handled and dealt with quickly. In politics, it’s not about speed its a slow process and sometimes so slow that the person asking the question is so far buried under a mountain of people that we don’t remember what the question or issue was.
Bad publicity and bad press happens very quickly. They say that one bad experience, a person will go to tell 8 people and from that multiplies huge in the telephone chain conversations until no one cares. Think about what that could mean for an organization that you work with or volunteer for. If people dislike your company, chances are they told 8 people. If someone had a bad experience, they too are passing along your message and someone else’s too! This is re-confirming the bad experience which helps escalate it and really spread fast.
I was in the presence of a preacher in the last 2 months. The topic was how organized religion has changed. He felt that churches can do a change in order to bring the people back; however in mass, people are no longer following a set of rules that are from God but made and monitored by man. People are believing that the church is a controller of people. You bend to match the rules of the church, you are frowned upon if you deviate and you can be kicked out if you don’t adhere. Not all religions are the same, but step out of line… you will see the backbone of the church and who they are immerse and set you straight.
Churches are becoming museums that are dusty and dying. It’s been said that a lot of people don’t believe in god but maybe that is a cop out for something more fundamental. Maybe people still believe in God, they just don’t like the man made rules and presentation of it. Maybe like me, the don’t know how to play the political games or even want to.
If I joined a club or organization and realized there’s a game being played… I’m just going to leave… why bother being new in the organization and recognizing that change needs to be made. Chances are, the people sitting inside already are too comfortable sitting in the sludge of politics that they can’t even see it for themselves that a change could be positive. Why change, even though more and more organizations and clubs are becoming extinct.
I belonged to a Cub Scout Group as a kid. I was eventually pulled out. The people running it were always fighting about who was in charge and about the activities. It’s easier to leave, than it is to intervene and fix the issues.
A well respected man told me last fall. As far as church and other organizations go, there will always be politics and to come to accept the fact of it. WHY THOUGH… Why would you volunteer your time and money to an organization where the politics can overshadow the truth?
Maybe the truth is… 1 person had a bad experience told 8 others and then cross compared their own stories and now there is no trust of churches or organizations to be honest… yet it’s suppose to be the place where honesty should be an example to show us how to behave?
There’s a local church asking a community to contribute funds to rebuild the steeple. The community is saying… Why should it bother… the church has taken more from the community than given back. More so… it’s a question whether the money is being used to fix the steeple or going to other unknown projects or things that the community won’t ever know…
THATS THE PROBLEM… people have lost faith that the same organizations who promise and are looking after the people using God’s Word are NOT being trusted by the general public because too many people have had a bad experience with the church.
It’s not so much we don’t believe or lack of interest to participate, we just don’t believe the place has credibility and we would rather let it rot, then to question it for ourselves and if we see an issue, being the leader to bring the change.

Diva Dan On A Job Hunt

Well… it’s been a week of quietness from Facebook… Diva Dan resigned his position as Director of Music Ministry at the church he worked for. There’s two very different sides to this problem.

On one side is the choir itself, the beautiful compassionate people…. Who faithfully attend every Thursday Evenings to be challenged with new music and ideas to present on Sundays. The music is studied for weeks before it goes to live presentation in front of the congregation. From my balcony seat, I seen people grow. The white music paper is brought to life with these people.
On the other side is church politics. Many of us have experienced these politics at one point or another. My parents ripped us out of a church when I was a teenager over similar issues. It’s about the offering plate and who is the giver to make decisions. It’s about the person who the congregation respects because they know one aspect of the person, but behind closed doors lies a completely different personality.
Due to confidentiality, I can’t say much more than that.
Diva Dan had to make a choice… fight the dirty politics… dealing with high levels of stress and emotional breakdowns over something as simple as producing music for a church….
Walk away and let it all go in the pursuit of happiness.
I voted for Happiness for him. Music is a passion… you can see in videos his passion for music and creativity is demonstrated as it comes from his hands, to the instrument, to the ears of whomever is witness to hearing him play.
Happiness is so under rated… I have a job that I Love… I am excited to get there and try to make a difference. I work with great people. We laugh often throughout the day. I’m not worried about someone planting a trap or some sarcastic email praising me in one sentence and beating me up in another… Then hide that beating up comments behind a story from an old book that many question to be real or not. At my work, we are all accountable for our actions and face the consequences of decisions that we knew to be wrong.
So Diva Dan now needs to come back to earth… He’s breathing again… I am waiting for the emotional breakdown so he can set himself truly free. In the meantime… we are in a long term relationship where the highs and lows go in waves…
I know leaving the church was the best thing he could have done for himself… Yes the money is important, but not at the expense of feeling what he was going through. The church (workplace) will continue and replace him, everyone is replaceable. In time, Daniel will be a name on a list that held office in the church. Time will distort the church and add sugar to sweeten it up.
If you are unhappy… you can’t expect everyone else to change… YOU HAVE TO CHANGE… whether it’s your attitude or your thought process… IN SOME CASES… LIKE THIS ONE… the history of the past, dictates the future… the only solution for change is to take the exit door and say you are worth the short struggle ahead of you in order to exit from something you feel is too much for you to handle.
I’m proud of Diva Dan… I am so excited for his future… He’s been talking about a new future for a long time… so now here it is… without any safety net… great times lay ahead… until then… we will slowly jump over the stepping stones across the river, we may fall from time to time as we cross, but we are definitely going to make it.

Pulling Off Facebook Personal Page Activity

I like Facebook… I like the concept that people of like mindedness can belong to something or friends with someone who they feel connected with. Facebook is fabulous but has some serious draw backs.

Recently, I did a major purge of my personal facebook profile by deleting everyone from it. In real life, I have virtually a hand full of friends, but not nearly what is projected on my Facebook Personal Site… It’s merely an illusion.
If I were to die tomorrow, reality of just a few people showing up would be the case. I would expect my workplace to show up because I directly know and interact with these people constantly.
So instead of deleting who I know to be a YOUTUBE or MIKEYSSMAIL FAN verses a friend that I know in person… I deleted everyone.
One friend has been verbal about the crochet chat and all of that. It appears on their HOME PAGE as Michael Sellick says “I love Crochet”… They are frankly tired of it. It was a education lesson of getting my FAN PAGE to properly interact with my personal site. I had it set and not sure how it worked, but when I updated MIKEYSSMAIL, it updated my own personal facebook profile too! That’s been changed.
My facebook page is virtually inactive. I make comments to pictures, but it doesn’t say what the comment was.. just that I did… There’s no more uploading of pictures or anything.
I was on a kick of deleting people who I know to be putting information onto to someone else that matters. Merely, an acquaintance makes me a friend to observe without interaction… so that kind of person needs to be deleted. There’s no purpose for them to be in the know without the interaction.
I know people are trying to make me friends but truth is… there is nothing to see on my page… virtually anything I do on Facebook is in relation to Mikeyssmail… That’s my playground on Facebook.
Thanks for making me a friend, but there’s nothign to see. I barely use it… Mikeyssmail is the place to be.

I Feel Scared

In just a matter of days… I have the world wide launch of my Child Outreach Program… WOW I can’t even believe I am the person who came up with the idea and turning to others to rally support and assistance in getting a message out.

I will tell you… I have never given to NEEDY or any organization until this past year. Daniel has changed my perception on being grateful and helping others. I gave hundreds of dollars to a local food agency in 2009 and I felt so good.

I found myself looking at my Hook and wondering… How can I turn my hands into joy… other than the tutorials that are well received.

I am so pumped over my idea… and I can’t help but think of Rosa Parks and it was her to stand up and create a message. Now… I can’t compare what I am doing to her level of courage… but all it takes is one person to have momentum.

I describe my followers as my tribe. We are a tribe of like minded individuals who have the power in our hands to create art and things to allow people to feel good.

I have been nervous to do the promotion video and been putting it off. I decided this morning… TODAY is the day… What I didn’t expect, nor did I ask… Diva Dan played in the background of my video. It made me feel with unmistakable joy… and I felt I am the right place at the right time in my life.

Even if only a few people like the idea… I know that I inspired a concept.

It all started over a 9 Year Old Boy who named my Hunnie Pot Hat pattern. I was delighted that I child put thought. I was telling Diva Dan… isn’t it nice of children to not be limited in their imaginations. As adults we become stuck in our thinking.

A co-worker got a papercut and was complaining that it was the worst pain ever… but then this nine year old boy flashed in front of my eyes… thinking about how children deal with long stays in a hospital. Mom and Dad can’t always be there.

Thus the idea was created… Diva Dan and I were together when this idea came to be and from this idea… a plan was put into motion.

I can’t wait to show you… but I am scared of the rejection and negative feedback. Just know… that a month of my time has been devoted to this and if this fails… it’s not for a lack of trying.

🙂 Tuesday quickly approaches. I have several tutorials yet to film and write up and post the patterns to my website.

man oh man… time is slipping away.

Respecting Boundaries of Copyright & Privacy

I’m a little cranky over a situation I recently faced… Respecting privacy and copyright issues. Most of you know that I filmed a version of my Mom and her interview. It was a beautiful 4 part interview but in spite of what she has been told that I had produced, it was forced off the airways. It was in relation to the cat videos that it was believed I humiliated the cat (A family Member) that I must have done the same to my mother.

I have been thinking a lot about that lately… I have a huge world wide project coming up… and I know how many videos are posted of Diva Dan and I laughing out of control about the stupidity of what we face. I am sure we are humiliating ourselves on a frequent basis, does that count as a Cat Video? Am I humiliating my mother at the same time by humiliating myself? AHHHH maybe I am thinking too deep into this…
I recently found myself deleting an entire account of videos that I had posted. It all comes down to Copyrights & Boundaries. I respect the idea that things that should be free ought to stay free. However, I think there needs to be boundaries or a change of the way we think about things. I will put this in an example of Diva Dan. Daniel can perform songs, but he can’t perform a song on a photocopied piece of paper… he must have purchased it or own the original. Same as filming, we can film the rehearsal as the rehearsal is not the final production, but we can’t film the entirety as a finished piece.
Does this song ridiculous… let me change it again for your mind. What if your friend’s job was to write crochet patterns, write music, video broadcast and etc and that is how they generated their income? Would you be so cheap not to pay $1.00 to $5.00 for the pattern when that is their only method of income?
What I am trying to say here… is that I have a full time job… for me to create patterns for the most part… I provide them for free because I am not relying on it for an income. However, someone like me can severely impact someone who is trying to make a living by selling books, or trying to get people to purchase their patterns. What is so wrong with our society when we believe it’s wrong for another person to be properly paid for their work. I will tell you though… If I came up with a huge pattern that literally took me a week to solve and create… I would had no trouble asking for 1.00 to $5.00 for it.
I deleted this account because of copyright & privacy associations to it. I had run into people who are disgruntled about being on camera, but eventually okay with it. Without written permission… I am dead in the water should a lawsuit be developed. Verbal in today’s society means nothing. It’s not good enough to announce that we are filming and to get out of the way of the camera… what if you were in the washroom or not present when this was announced? Is it so hard to believe that people who belong to certain groups may not want to be publically known for attending the same events. I feel in my heart that though verbal permission is okay, I know that if I was facing down the barrel of a lawsuit, the same people who gave me the okay would be jumping into the ditches allowing me to face it alone.
The world has changed, the copyright rules are important and need to be respected. Privacy needs to be respected to. I can publically humiliate myself as my own expense. If family members or friends decide to disassociate themselves from me as a result… I don’t expect them to come floundering back in numbers if ever I become something of myself. Or for them to say… I ALWAYS KNEW he would do great, when they were the ones to bail in the first place…
Just a rant of how I feel I suppose!

Knowing When To Cut & Walk Away

We’ve all been there… at a point in our lives when we stop dead in our tracks and look around us. The problem becomes that we are so immersed in the situation that it is difficult to see beyond ourselves. See our own responsibilities and be willing to see what more can be done. We are at that decision to cut and walk away.

I know there are many Facebook profiles I have seen where people are upset about their lives and decisions they are forced to make. Some decisions that they really don’t have a choice to make and are public about their options. People rally support and offer mental assistance but we don’t feel any better about our situations. The main thought in the mind is whether you want to continue down the same path or finally jump out of the path and go off on your own.
I get that mental distress. In 2009 I was facing down the barrel of a gun with the banks and other circumstances… I just had to make 1 choice, then another good choice, and then another… I slipped along the way… but it’s a matter of trying to continually moving forward when everything appears to be coming at you.
  1. Have you done everything in your power to ensure that the path you were on wasn’t avoidable?
  2. What is your part and be honest about it?
  3. If a personality conflict in motion… is it repairable?
  4. Did you try your hardest?
  5. Do you have more excuses for your failures than solutions to why it could have been different?
  6. How honest are you being here… do you recognize people who are offering advice that appears to be counter productive though it’s probably the course of action?
I once had my own business and finally I had to come to a point on whether to continue or just cut my losses and run. It was hard decision, I see where my faults are now looking back. However, at the time, I felt like a victim of circumstances. But many of the circumstances were self created.
Time changes everything. My mind at 36 Years old is very different from 26. However, I realize that I had to go through that experience when I was 26 in order to make me who I am today. I know at 46, I will be a different person again.
So facing decisions what are you? Are you impulsive or calculative on the decisions you are making? It’s better to be in control or feel you are in control if you are realistic. Easier said than done I know.

Mikey Makes A Loom Knitting Mistake

Well I never said I was perfect… but I have made a serious error in a group of tutorials that will need to be re-labelled.

WHY DID I MAKE THE MISTAKE? I have no child and I relied on my own instinct to what size a baby’s head is… turns out I was wrong based on my new “Baby Michael” model.
The hats labelled Baby Loom Hats, need to be changed to PREEMIES. I have no Baby Loom Tutorials at this time that match a regular size head. I was getting complaints that the hats were too small and for dolls. But everyone crochets slightly different.
I will be correcting this error shortly and re-labeling my hat… ALSO, turns out my Vintage Preemie Hat isn’t so preemie! it’s actually for a regular Baby’s Head… Again I will need to re-label this change as well!
I’m sorry for my error and for those who wasted their times creating stuff that wasn’t usable.

The Secret & What’s Coming Ahead

Ahead is going to be one of my finest achievements that has been planned now for a month. I believe in “The Secret” and it’s my philosophy in life. For those who don’t know what it is… it’s kind of complex to describe but the principle is so simple.

Simply ask the universe for what you need or want… if you are meant to have it and it’s the correct timing… it will manifest itself. Be grateful for everything, including the bad experiences, because without them you don’t grow and learn.
I am a couple weeks away from my launching of my new concept and idea. It’s driving me crazy not to speak about it. Hopefully, people in the end aren’t going to go “THATS IT!” LOL
The time devoted in this new concept has been overwhelming. Primarily, I didn’t want to announce my new plan and start releasing tutorials one by one… I want to have several that will be uploaded and ready for the launch date. This idea is going to open the world of crochet to many people and really reach out to touch people’s hearts.
Well that’s it for now… I’m tired… going to bed! MKL

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