Coming Ahead – 2 Contests Winners Revealed

Coming Up This Monday Night on our live broadcast.

Starting at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time… we will be back LIVE on our Livestream Network.

The burger express, sponsored by Diva Dan’s Kitchen Show will have a winner! We will draw live on Camera using a website to randomly select a number. The first entries for this draw will start at 1 the last will be the final number of the draw. So far over 300 entries have been submitted for this prize.
Also… we will be drawing a name out of glitter top hat to reveal the winner of the Baby Blue Super Star Afghan. Entry for this contest is $5.00 or 3 for $10.00. The money for this is going directly to the purchase of the new computer system that it takes to run Mikeyssmail.
Technology is constantly changing, including the software and cameras… unfortunately, Michael’s current system is now outtdated and cannot Render large videos with the new technology he has. A complete computer system is being custom built for Mikeys specifically targeting video editing and photography software. Total cost of the new system is $1200 for the CPU, $200 for the monitor, and $350.00 for updated software to run the system. Mikeyssmail is completely free to all users but it takes a lot to keep the general public happy, even though it’s a free thing they have access to.
DVD’s will be shortly to follow once the new system is built and going. Viewers will be able to order tutorials on CD.
So lots happening ahead!

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