Computer Has Arrived…

I am about one week away from FLYING online with my new computer system.

I had a computer technician working with me for the last 2 months on designing a brand new computer for MIKEYSSMAIL.
The hardware required to run the videos, and software in a standard machine that you can buy at the stores isn’t sufficient. Not enough memory, not enough storage space, and not fast enough to edit videos. I really never paid attention to this fact but the reality is that I killed my computer (which has been repaired with new hardware) died as a result of exhaustion of trying to edit and handle the videos.
Technology with Periferalls has changed IE CAMERAS, & VIDEOS has changed really fast. I wasn’t paying attention to the speeds and system requirements when I bought it… it’s not the new camera’s fault, it’s just the current technology had outdated technology from merely over 2 years ago with my last system.
All my components arrived in their own boxes. My new computer system cost me just over $1800.00, I paid cash for it but it was months of saving in order to make it happen. I knew I was in trouble in the Fall 2009 as evidence of editing issues were becoming apparent. Videos were being uploaded that were pixilating into huge boxes making it hard. I was so frustrated.
Not only does my new computer up my quality of videos, but it now brings MIKEYSSMAIL to life and MIKEYSSTUDIO. I should have filmed how bad the editing was to manage but literally a simple video of 3 minutes would taken nearly 2 – 3 hours to edit due to all the burping of the old machine.
A raffle was held to give away a baby blue afghan for a donation. $260.00 was raised. Also, general donations from January of $400.00 was raised. = $660.00. Trust me, without this support, having my computer assembled this quickly wouldn’t have been possible. I sincerely appreciate the donations that came in to help me. You have no idea how much easier this made it for me and removed some stress.
So I hope to be using my Powerful Computer Software and Camera by the end of the week! 🙂 The new computer is a DUAL monitor both being 22″ Wide Screens.

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