Complimenting A Straight Guy’s Body

You know… as much as Homophobia exists, I think there’s an interesting reaction when a gay man compliments a straight man. Not in a sexual sense but in a general one in reference to the straight guy’s look, body, or fashion.

I believe that a straight guy doesn’t mind when a gay guy compliments him for having “The Look” or “Being Hot”. I believe that it boosts the confidence of a guy knowing hey… “The Girls think I am hot… and damn, the gay boys do too! I must be all that!”

I think there is a line though… “Gee your hot, come and jump into my bed!” doesn’t go over too well but saying “HEY, the women must be falling all over you cause of your great eyes!”

My coworker, who is pretty easy on the eyes, gives me “The Wink” sometimes when he wants something… He mentioned to me once, just that wink of approval goes far in the dating scene. I call him out on it everytime reminding him that I’m not a chick and I don’t buy his crap! LOL But honestly, he’s probably the most funnest person I have ever worked directly with. We are like to peas in a pod, yet we never socialize outside of work because we have a professional relationship. It’s best to keep it that way!

I have been dying to compliment a particular guy’s legs for months now… and today I found the opportunity to do it. You have to wait for the right context or it appears I am hitting on someone. This gentleman is straight and by golly, he has great legs! So said in the right context, “… well I have seen your legs in shorts and they are hot!”

It was the funniest thing… His immediately reaction was a giddy school girl laugh. He’s cool with me being who I am and I wasn’t hitting on him. My gawd though, it totally boosted his day as he left my presence with a bounce in his step! HAHA I was sincere though.

I guess when it comes down to it. I wouldn’t ever say to a straight guy on the street they looked hot but I have been known on plenty of occassions to compliment a woman’s attire while holding the door for her. I think it’s obvious from my word choice of telling them they look “Fabulous” that I am clearly not hitting on them, just appreciating they took the time to get all dolled up.

Compliment someone today and see what your reaction back is! You know a compliment can really make someone’s day even better!



Seeing the Pattern Trend

I have received a lot of emails requesting the blanket that I am showing you here to be demonstrated… I guess it’s like judging the book by the cover… the picture doesn’t match but I haven’t been clear enough about this issue.

What you see here is a 7 Colour Blanket. Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Purple.
In the tutorial showing you the NEVER ENDING GRANNY SQUARE. You learn how to do this. But for simplicity, I only showed you the 3 colours. BUT THATS because I have demonstrated an ongoing trend showing you what to look for and how to build up to more colours.
So Going through that tutorial, you will learn how to do THREE, but you can use the same principles to go beyond it. Many people have requested I demonstrate this blanket using the 7 colours, but because they don’t see the rainbow blanket in that tutorial, they think it’s different. It’s actually the same… just with more colours added.
Tell me what you think?
I am unable to demonstrate any patterns and could be a month or longer before I am capable. My computer has died and I don’t want to eat Diva Dan’s Disk Space while a new machine is being constructed for me.

Cheap Day At Niagara Falls

Diva Dan and I ventured to Niagara Falls on the last week of February 2010. It was a pretty sudden decision. Daniel had to meet an event specialist who uses Daniel to perform at Weddings and more.

This person provides musicians all over Ontario Canada. Diva Dan is representive of the Kitchener Waterloo and Our Region for going with a string quartet to perform. It was just a social occassion.

OMG, I absolutely loved his wife. She totally kicked ass. She is the closest person that I have met that had the same personality as my former wife. What a riot I had.

We figured, we had gone all that way that we might as well stay over night, then trek the remaining distance to Niagara. We went online and found the WINTER MAGIC PASS giving a huge discount deal on attractions. For only $20.00 each, we had an entire day of fun. Diva Dan says in the videos he is cold, but he is kidding. IT was chilly but not uncomfortable. We were dressed appropriately.

Daniel needed a couple days away from home to get out of a slump. It would eventually turn out that final resolution to a situation that has been lingering came to be the same day that we had wen to Niagara.

I have been preaching about seeking CLOSURE and getting on with it… until Yesterday, that wasn’t possible but today he can move on. He’s a new person. If live were simple, what’s the point… though Diva Dan has a huge challenge ahead of him… this is his growing period to redirect his life to something he wants… he may have to sacrifice at first, but that’s what life is about.

The biggest concern about moving forward is finding a job that doesn’t align with my ackward schedule. It impacted my last relationship… but along with other factors… it makes me unavailable to pick up and go at a moment’s notice when the rest of the world is eager to play.

That’s it for now… It’s been a great week!


Has Wal-Mart Buyers Considered???

Wal-Mart is accessible to nearly most of my viewership. I heard a rumour that the Fabrics section was going to be removed out of the stores. I was told… it comes down to dollars per square foot. There’s not enough sales to justify the floor space. They can put something in the same space that sells a lot faster and with less effort.

My local store (is not a super centre) and it sometimes drives me right up the wall. AND THIS STORE IS NOT ALONE BASED ON WHAT I SEE. It appears that whomever is planning the store layouts. The Yarn areas are near where the stores doors to sales floor are. At my local store… it’s a hit or miss if the Yarn aisle is accessible. Yesterday for example, I went to the store and half of the aisle has received skids from the truck lined up without space between the shelf and pushed tightly together.

It was a good day there to be honest… because a lot of the time, the entire row has skids put in front of the aisle.

In speaking to a store associate yesterday. She says it’s a common problem. Finding people trying to climb over the skids to get to the shelf items. Though they are happy to move them, the question is where? The space is limited.

I relayed the fact that WAL-MART’s Success, in my opinion, is based on impulsive sales. Stuff we don’t need, displayed before our eyes and suddenly we decide to add it to the cart. So if this shelf is buried behind skids, there goes that impulsive nature. Finding an associate is not hard, but for a $5.00 product, its not worth getting them to move them. What happens if you have them move it and realize they are sold out of what you wanted. What a waste of time for everyone involved.

So has anyone considered that maybe the store sales per section is DOWN because of the location? Or the practices to continually use the aisle as a storage arriving skids from the trucks is impacting the store sales. I would be almost willing to bet that when a store executive shows up, this aisle is clear so it’s not a problem.

Many of my viewers state this is a common issue in their locations. I know it’s a problem where I am and in a few surrounding stores close to me.


Should I Re-Post A Follow Up Video?

I have a handful of videos which receive the most ignorant comments you will ever see on my channel. More so… me working in the trucking industry creates a lot of backlash because I break the mould of the type of person who can drive a transport for a living.
During my trucking years, I was in Arkansas at a Wal-Mart doing a delivery. A young man who was a stock worker was pretty verbal. My Canadian Accent gave me away for not being American… which prompted some conversation.
He told me that it must be horrible not to be an American Citizen and from the United States. (I left that off the video). I asked him why he would think that. Strictly based on the assumption that the USA is the best country in the world. As I would normally say to anyone who asked me that… I wouldn’t be American if I had a choice. The amount of Poverty I see across the great nation astounds me. I am happy with where I am from.
This video here is about Meeting a Kid (About 21 Years Of Age) who had a hate on for Quebecors. (people who are French and living in Quebec). The information he knew about Quebecors were based on news broadcasts. He admitted to have never met any people from Quebec… so his hate on was strictly based on news media.
Up until the point he met me, he had never met a Canadian.
He asked me my view point. I acknowledged that there are differences in culture. But really there is no difference from jumping State to State in the United States. Everyone has their ways of living and belief systems.
The conversation eventually jumped to his hate on for Mexicans. You can see in the comments of the video… my defending the mexican’s doesn’t go very well. More so… and my point is… YOU CANT JUDGE EVERYONE AS BEING ILLEGAL. One genius in the last week stated that 99% OF THE MEXICAN CULTURE POPULATION IS ILLEGAL and stealing jobs. But you can’t mistreat people based on an assumption and it’s stupid to request from a cashier at a store to see her USA CITIZENSHIP so she is treated better.
During my years of trucking and going back and forth to the USA to the southern states all the time. It’s tainted my perception of the United States in some degrees. Some States scare the absolute crap out of me for the amount of low tolerance to other cultures and is cleary obvious when you have gone to an area where you are standing alone and feeling unsafe. BUT MORE SO… who is responsible for giving me this perception is the LOCAL NEWS CASTS. Many times, we would be in a quiet little town parked behind a Home Depot or Lowes store. Our TV in our truck would catch the local airwaves. The local news casts glorify the Stabbings, shootings, and is a one hour show of real violence and etc. Suddenly, the quiet little town you think you are in is a place where you feel unsafe and now scared to sleep at night. Media really controls the fear and really sheds light on the fear by always being over the top.
They say nearly 2 Million less visitors are going to the states from Canada each month. The no passport rules have done this justice, but the scare of security of the United States really puts fear in people. The customs agents have the right to ruin a holiday and that adds to the mounting fears. More so… if a 911 Attack were to happen again, would we be trapped in the states with closure of borders and airflight.
If anything, the lack of trust and the treatment at the border really has clouded some holiday goers. Statistically, more Canadians are now travelling everywhere but the united states. What does that say. Well according to my viewers who are leaving those comments, they don’t want someone like me in their country anyway…
I just wonder where is the line.

Video Editing Software Killed My Computer

In the excitment of building my personal library of video tutorials on Youtube and pushing limits with the presentations of my videos using a number of editing software, I have actually sentenced my computer to death without really realizing it.

My computer is a Dell Inspirion and I love my computer. It’s Fast and Fabulous. A great investment but was never designed for what I would eventually need it for.

My computer is from Walmart and was a Fabulous super deal that came with a 22″ Monitor and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I needed my computer to basically talk to friends on Facebook, MSN, save pictures and do a bit of work stuff from home. Over all, for what I have bought it for… it’s been a dream.

Over time, I got myself into video making using my home computer. What I never realized is that my computer is not designed to handle it. Essentially, right from Day 1 of starting to do editing on my machine, I have sentenced it to dealth. In 2 Years, my computer was run into the ground.

I have never paid attention to the DISC Speed need for the Mega Hertz to run the computer. I just seen Window’s Vista and said to myself…. it can handle it.

I knew something was wrong as it was getting slower and slower. The videos right from day 1 of editing have been lagging. For example, the sound is much further ahead then the picture. In a long video… You may have seen the first 1 Minute of video in broken apart still images, but you will have listened to STOPPING AND STARTING SOUND… It’s been hell to edit as I can’t really see my finished video until it’s done. It can take nearly 7 hours to RENDER a video… meaning create it to it’s final process…

After having my computer looked at… I’m guilty of abusing my computer and using it for purposes that it was never intended… Even if I buy another computer… I will still have the same problems. I can buy a Manufactured PC suited for video editing, but then looking at enormous costs… Instead… I am going to start building a computer from scratch with all the problem gadgets and gizmos it needs to survive what I want it for.

I am not sure about costs associated with building a new computer… but it may be some time before I am back up and running on video tutorials. There’s no point using Diva Dan’s computer as his was less capable of editing then mine was.

I’m hoping by a rebuilt one. Editing is merely minutes instead of hours. The length of editing time was killing my passion but I am hoping this will be changed.

So this is it… Here comes a new custom made computer eventually. My current machine is being fixed with a new hardrive and reformating the entire system. I’ve not lost any data I don’t think… but will be about 1 week before my old machine is available… and could be several weeks or months before my video editing computer is built… It’s all about the dollars invested and I may have to buy the parts I can afford it instead of all at one time.

🙂 Michael

Computer Crashed

Oh yeah… Crashed Big Time!

I have a wonderful Dell Computer Inspirion and I love it to be honest. I bought it at Wal-Mart and it has been excellent.

When I bought the computer… I didn’t need bells and whistles. Just get me online and so forth. It wasn’t until I got into the videos that is has become a bit troublesome.

The computer just can’t handle the amount of “Rendering” it takes to crunch a video. It can slow down and really drive it hard when doing so.

A few months back. I ran out of space on my computer for the 2nd time. Instead of doing a massive delete of videos. I invested in a TERABYTE Drive. It’s basically 1 Hard Drive with 1,000 GIGABYTES of space. I had transferred mostly everything there as a back up.

My computer did a system failure and is unable to restart. I was able to get it started temporarily in order to move the remaining personal photographs, documents and some other key elements over to the Terabyte Drive. it’s a separate storage unit outside of my computer.


So I am at a cross roads… do I take this as an opportunity to do some upgrading? It’s only 2 years old but I know the computer can’t handle the video software that I use. Should I look for a secondary UNIT, fix this and network a second system together?

I can bet… someone is going to tell me I should have invested in a MAC… I don’t want to hear it. HAHA

So for now… I remain unplugged until I get my machine to a service person… I can log in through Daniel’s Computer at home, but I know I am can monopolize a computer very easily.

I will say… 6 years ago… my computer crashed and I was without a computer for 4 weeks. It was probably the best 4 weeks ever… I was so productive in my personal life. I got out more… I was a lot more social… so maybe this is a good thing… TEMPORARILY!

That’s it for now!


Niagara Falls – Visiting There Next Week

Next week we are going to Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. We are totally excited as we have arranged a day to do three things.

There is a Winter Magic Pass to allow you to do three things. Daniel’s dream here at home is to create an exotic butterfly conservatory. He wants to go to this which started this whole vacation idea.
I’ve really never been to Niagara in the dead of winter. When it’s frozen over. I am interested to see that… and there’s one more attraction.
We have to go to this region of the Province for business reasons for Daniel anyway. So we are going to make the day of it.
We are excited.

A Visit To In Line Family Chiropractic In Walkerton Ontario Canada

In the summer of 2009, I was suffering from a numb left arm. I went through a series of testing but everything was coming up negative. It’s a good thing but didn’t solve my issue. No pain, just no feeling at times. I was struggling to walk long distances. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

It was interfering with my time with Diva Dan. We enjoy hiking and kayaking. Both require my limbs to be in full gear.

A colleague of mine recommended a Chiropractor to take a look. So I booked an appointment with In Line Family Chiropractic in my home town of Walkerton Ontario. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before.
Within a couple weeks, a summer filled with complications was over. I started Yoga to stretch muscles and used the Chiropractor to realign my back and etc. I was so impressed and amazed how the body reacts to each muscle and bone alignment.
Due to personal issues. I had to stop, I impulsively invested in a new camera and studio equipment which left me short of funds. So essentially, I put material goods in front of my own personal health.
Over the past month, My right arm has been a problem. I haven’t been able to push and/or pull anything. I think my homemade loom I made caused a problem. It’s heavy wood and it’s consent turning. I think the twisting of it caused it. The next day after, my arm was hurting… so I figured I over worked it…
But the pain didn’t go away and it appears to be sprained or something.
Well it’s been a month and the pain hasn’t got worse, nor has it got better. I’ve learned through my last experience with the chiropractor that it can be something out of alignment to cause issues. Instead of calling the doctor this time around, I decided to book an appointment.
I could only describe my arm as being sprained but simple tasks have been a problem, but I have gotten use to my left arm as being dominant. I noticed when I walked, that it wouldn’t swing freely…
So today, I went to the Chiropractor and explained my issue. I know it will be hard to believe, but after a month of pain… it’s gone! He is not a miracle guy, but he knows the body well enough to know where to look and how the body reacts. He used his tool to click my bones. The initial click hurt, but on my way out… I couldn’t believe the difference. My wrist bones were out of alignment all this time. So I figured it was muscles but it was just the bones.
I was never a believer in Chiropractic Practices, more so, because I knew nothing much about it. I am just so surprised with the crazy fabulous results.
Even now, 6 hours later. The pain is gone. Seems crazy to have waited a month… but I did figure it would go away. I’m amazed really! It was so worth the money to go…
I was getting concerned about the summer coming. I was told that it was carpal tunnel syndrome… and I thinking… OMG if this is carpal tunnel. I am in big trouble! I came home to Diva Dan and said “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!” he was like “HOLY CRAP! SHUT UP!” and I am like “YEAH I KNOW!”
Totally amazing!

New Live Phone In Show – PHONE IN SHOW

Starting Next Week… Diva Dan and I will reopen our LIVE TO AIR BROADCAST that usually aired on Monday Nights Live. is where you can join us.
We are spinning this in a new direction. We are opening up our home phone where the viewers can talk live to us over the phone. Our phone number will be broadcasted the night of AIR.
If a second call is placed to us while we are on the phone, it goes right to VOICEMAIL… so it’s best to call in when you see we are available.
The long distances charges are up to the VIEWER.
The date and time of this live to air will be released over the weekend. We know not everyone will be available.
We are giving the viewer the maximum of 5 Minutes to be able to get as many people through to us. The entire world will be able to hear you and interact live with us. Be aware there is a 10 second delay between real time and the time you see it happening on your internet.
SO JOIN US… LIVE and TALK TO US! Others can type in comments as the normal way to interact as well!
Talk to you soon!

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