Crochet BLOCK

It’s probably happened to you… You have seen this RED WALL before… it’s the CROCHET BLOCK… when you hit a point where you don’t know if you want to crochet anymore, what to crochet, and want to just throw in the towel but then feel someone upset and guilty by this feeling.

Let’s be totally honest here… you can’t crochet ALL THE TIME… you will get sick of it because you eventually run out of ideas on where to put things, who to give it too and the “WOW” factor tends to deplete down.
I get this every few months and you can very much tell when this happens to me… the crochet tutorials take gaps between uploading them to YOUTUBE. I don’t need another afghan in my house… so creating projects to inspire others is not always “FUN”. However, just cause I am in a LULL, doesn’t mean the majority of my viewers are.
When this happens, I redirect my creativity to something else… trust me… if I didn’t have crochet, I would have a very clean desk at home… I get so freak’n excited about crochet that I jump from one idea to the next…. sometimes the ideas are so big, I loose sleep on how to push it further into something even more “WOW”. I get the shakes, I get giggly, and all that… I am sure my enthusiasm jumps to the viewers…
BUT THEN… at times that last maybe a month or two…I settle down… take a break or a breather from it. I have to… I feel consumed in the world of Crochet at times to the point where everything else is blocked out… I feel unbalanced.
So if you are having a block… don’t stress about it… take that break… when something comes along or something that perks your interest… you will return… it’s part of your creativity.
REMEMBER THOUGH… Crochet is about creativity… redirect your creativity to something different… BUT DON’T EVER STOP being creative, because that’s when life becomes boring.

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