What Happened To Ugly Betty – Pure Disappointment



Diva Dan and I have no TV Service, IE Cable or Satellite. It’s a personal choice due to the cost of having this service with rarely having the desire to watch TV. So we are out of the entertainment loop. We do have a TV and a DVD Player where we watch Movies and TV Series. Ugly Betty is one of them.

LOVED Season 1… FELL IN LOVE WITH SEASON 2… THEN SEASON 3 came and the love I had for the show started to dwindle. I loved how they let her move out of her family home and go on… but the show has been getting predictable. You want Betty to succeed and yet falls backwards due to family obligation instead of really putting her best foot forward. I was devastated when she closed her apartment door for the last time.

I started to see the commonality in the plot line. She screws up royally and yet keeps her job. Is that realistic? Sending photos to the Paparazzi with no repercussion because she fixed it seems highly unlikely.

I thought the wardrobe dept was putting BETTY FURTHER BACK outfit wise in Season 3. I was disappointed that they made her look more clown like than someone struggling to put together fashion. I think they could have tried better to have a killer shirt but the pants not matching. That’s more realistic than the entire outfit, including socks with heels being worn.

Amanda by far lost her edge in Season 3 with her quick witted personality. The writers really tamed her down for too many episodes. She was the comic relief of the show in my opinion. Marc being the 2nd.

I love Whilemena but when does so much blackmail become predictable? I loved how they gave her personality outside of the scheming. Eventually we get sick of all the scheming.

We’ve just learned that Ugly Betty Season 4 is the final. yes… several months after he national media has told everyone so. Knowing it’s ending… gives us a new perspective.

I’ve now watched 3 episodes of Season 4 and I am not going to buy the final season. Marc who is usually over the top is “over acting” the part as far as I am concerned. He’s acting like a school girl and yet he was supposed to be considered as an editor candidate. I think the writers or whomever is asking him to act the way he is jeopardizing Marc’s creditability. You can’t even take him seriously even when you are suppose to.

I’m not sure what happened to the writers of this show. I think some of the plot lines are too unrealistic. We could relate to Betty in Season 1 and 2… but then they started steering away from the personality that was built for Betty. People change and grow up… but they appeared to make her step backward instead of progressing forward.

Having just watched BLUE ON BLUE last night… Her acting and the whole scene scenario of the restaurant of Hilda interfering I think is unrealistic. I kept saying to Diva Dan… this is a scene right out of Brady Bunch! I think the scene was fine… but I think they over embellished the feelings and emotions to a degree it was not believable.

I’m saddened by the end of Ugly Betty but I think it couldn’t have continued based on the writing that was set out.



Diva Dan Is At A Doorway Of New Opportunity & Career Path

Diva Dan Returns

I am so excited to announce that Diva Dan’s Kitchen Show will be returning back to MIKEYSSMAIL and Diva Dan’s Private You Tube Channel in about 3 Weeks. Diva Dan’s Kitchen Show will be appearing through other media such as filming and magazines.

Daniel is working a temp job right now for a garden centre in our area. Pulling very long days. Due to it’s seasonal nature… it’s expected for him to be laid off or reduced in hours. So Daniel is preparing for the future.

Daniel is undergoing preliminary test filming and trials with his own creation of Diva Dan’s Kitchen Show. Daniel was discovered through Mikeyssmail. His first few shows have demonstrated knowledge, now it’s just honing his presentation skills and personality.  

This is the second opportunity to come for Daniel as we were slated to appear on Reality Television due to Daniel’s Kitchen Show 2 months ago. We turned down that opportunity due to filming location and time restraints.

Now it is up to me to learn how to edit better. Film better angles and a lot more speed. Daniel needs to work on his online personality in giving more of himself. Daniel tends to be quiet and more serious when filming by himself. We need to up his personality.

This opportunity is “Freak’n Huge”. I am more excited for him. Daniel is on the gateway of being known world wide for his cooking and kitchen knowledge. Those who know Daniel, know that Daniel’s true passion is gardening and cooking. Daniel is able to combine his gardening and knowledge of growing his own fruits and vegetables… apply it to the kitchen… then transfer for world wide via Media.

More to come in the weeks ahead!

Daniel is calm and collective… I am jumping up and down with excitment for him.