Mikeyssmail Available DVD – American Baby Flag Hats

This is Mikey’s First Ever DVD. Series 1. American Baby Flat Hats, Loom Knitting with one tutorial exception to Crochet.

Mikey walks the viewers through this 118 Minute Tutorial DVD with teaching 3 separate hat designs which represent the American Flag. Mike goes further with teaching how to make a cute pom-pon and a mini super star for the hats.

This DVD is $15.00 USD. That includes sales tax and shipping to Canada and USA Residents. Get off the computer and put this on your TV and sit comfortably on your favourite chair and learn along with Mikey.

This is available to ship immediately and you can purchase this safely through Pay Pal through My website. http://www.mikeyssmail.com

Toodles All,



New DVD Launch – Viewers Tutorial Request

On June 8th, 2010… ¬†Mikey is ready to launch VIEWERS TUTORIAL REQUESTS…

What’s on this DVD TUTORIAL???? You tell me?

This is the new cover of what viewers are requesting from Me. I am giving away 5 Tutorials that equal no greater than 120 Minutes on this DVD. You can decide which tutorials you want on DVD and Mikey will custom build this DVD to match your request.

Available for only $15.00 USD. This includes Sales Tax and Shipping to Canada or the USA.

Not all tutorials are available to be on DVD. So email me first at mikeyssmail@gmail.com with your request and I will get back to you as soon as possible to verify what is available.

So check out my YouTube and pick up to 5 Tutorials that you want!

ūüôā Michael

Win Mikey’s First Ever DVD – Baby American Flag Hats Tutorials

Mikey is Giving An Autographed Copy To 2 winners! This contest is OPEN TO ALL BLOGGERS ONLY. This idea has come from a viewer and we are going to give it a try. This contest is open world wide and shipping will be paid by Mikey.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Click The Link http://www.mikeyssmail.com/Contests.html to get a copy of the DVD COVER. Save the cover to your computer so you can upload it to your blog.
  2. Go To Your Blog and Write in Your Own Blog Why You Would Like This DVD from me. Tell us what you would do with your DVD.
  3. Insert the picture of the DVD Cover with your blog.
  4. Once Completed… send Mikey a personal email giving him the link where your blog entry can be found. Send emails to mikeyssmail@gmail.com
  5. The blog is void if the DVD Picture is not included

Mikey is going to post the LINK TO¬† YOUR BLOG on his website for other¬†viewers¬†to go read your blog entry. Viewers will decide whose blog entry is the best. So be creative, have fun, and don’t write a novel.

This is an opportunity for you to generate reader traffic to your online blog. So even if you don’t win the DVD, you are showing other viewers your own blog space.

This contest closes in Less than 2 Weeks, on June 21, 2010. The Winners will be announced on The Diva Dan and Mikey Show on Monday’s Live To Air Broadcast.

Get Blogging and Michael will keep updating the website with your links when you start submitting them. The picture of the DVD is on the same page as the contest entry for the Free Yarn, so you can enter that at the same time.

Good Luck!

Mikeyssmail Now Available At iTunes

It’s taken several days and a ton of research on how to Use iTunes… well really not to use it… but how to upload and create podcasting for the Mikeyssmail Network.

Mikeyssmail On iTunes

It’s been a long time coming for me to link with iTunes. I’m sorry to say that’s it’s not an easy process when you are some a iTune Virgin like me.

http://mikeyssmail.podbean.com/feed¬†is my iTunes Feed if you would like to subscribe. It’s not yet listed in the iTunes Store but I am sure they are working on it when they have an opportunity.

This is my plan… a few tutorials will be posted week by week… but then removed after a week or so. This allows Mikeyssmail iTunes people to be able to download my tutorials and take them with them wherever they go.

More complex tutorials “MAY” be uploaded once I figure this out and charge a very small fee for them such at the tutorials that are 20+ Minute or higher. Many of these tutorials have been requested on DVD format. This will save people from having to wait for a DVD in the mail and just instantly download it directly from iTunes.

I am not sure I am with the right carrier on the podcasting… I am trying a free service to test it out with very limited web space. In time I will get this sorted out.

BTW… not to be mean but I am not going to share how I figured it out to do it… I’ve spent so many failed attempts and research to get this far… sorry to be mean… but I think if I had to the do the ground work… so can someone else. ūüôā


You Could Always Diet… The Sales Guy Doesn’t Even Know He’s In Danger!

Diva Dan and I have been looking for shirts / vests for the Creativ Festival. We are being very specific to either a LOUD SHIRT or a SUPER FLAMBOYANT VEST… but we think it’s easier to find loud shirts than the vest.

I love Le Chateau for styling. For my worldly friends… it’s a place where fashion runs straight into your face. Styling that is incredible and fits WELL as long as you look like the manequin. I’ve gained weight… that’s no secret… you can see that through the videos…

This is no Le Chateau’s fault that I have gained weight… but many of their designs don’t sit right on a body if you have extra poundage. I really liked a couple things and willing to drop $80.00 on one shirt alone… problem is that it doesn’t fit.

I am pretty blunt with the sales people… “I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES” but I am fat so they don’t fit me as well as they should. The appeal for me is their tailored shirts… the ones that hug the body on the way down to the pants! Unfortunately… for me… If I wore that out in public… I would be in straight denial!

So I was directed to regular fit and that’s cool… but the colours aren’t as fabulous… All of a sudden I feel like I have lost out on the wonderful colour pallette. Then the sales person hit me!


  • I am happy with who I am… FINALLY AFTER YEARS of suffering from Body Dismorphic Disorder. Daniel has allowed me to feel good to be me… even if I am Chunky or mis-shaped!
  • I need to loose weight cause I know I am gaining… but I want to do it for me… NOT FOR A SHIRT!
  • I could start a diet right this very moment… but if I don’t believe it whole heartedly… the diet will be finished in a day or so!
  • I have to want a diet.

So meanwhile, while the sales rep can be pretty blunt… I’m not loosing weight for a shirt… I have to want to loose weight for me! Until I want that whole heartedly… I won’t be successful…

OH Yeah… GOTTA GO… I have to run to Tim Hortons for a sugar dosed tea and a donut! LMAO


Mikeyssmail Is Trying Polanight Tooth Whitening System

As I sit here… I have my plastic trays in my mouth and waiting for 45 Minutes to Pass. Due to the CreativFestival and Photography… I am under Dentist help to whitening my teeth.

I decided due to going further into the lime light and possible media attention. I needed to get my yellow teeth under control. Over time, too much tea, pop and not enough brushing have yellowed out my teeth to a degree where it’s embarrasing. Photography shows this greatly. I don’t like to smile in photographs anymore but when I do and it’s real… I am turned off of the photo instantly.

I’ve come to accept my teeth are crooked… and the costs associated to a make over in that area is too much and I am not willing to go through the pain of it. So if my teeth are whitened, I will know I have done all I could.

I didn’t want to waste my time with WHITESTRIPS of any of the major toothpaste makers. I decided to go right to the dentist to get this taken care of. Here are my cost breakdowns.

$200 CDN

  • Custom Mouth Moulding
  • My¬†custom made moulds of plastic trays.
  • Carrying Case
  • 4 Siringes of chemical.

My teeth were partially x-rayed, cleaned and checked by a dentist prior to the fitting. The costs $175.00

So it cost me $375.00 to start this program.



Facebook Privacy Verses WonderHowTo Worlds

Protecting Yourself

I Can See You… More Than You Realize!

I was approached by WonderHowTo to create a brand new social network for Crochet world Wide. It’s known as WonderHowTo Worlds. Fabulous concept and I really liked it from the moment I seen it. The creators have contacted me directly expressing interest in the way that I am using Facebook to bring people together. They have been on my websites and peaked around… they have done this without me even knowing about it.

I loved the concept of WonderHowTo Worlds but I am thinking… WHY would anyone switch from Facebook. Many viewers are like me checking our Facebook when we get out of Bed In the Morning. Then Email and so on. Things another friend has done, pictures, videos and more are there for me to snoop at.

Where Facebook Falls down is the level of privacy settings. A user must turn off certain buttons to maintain strict privacy. Many and most viewers have stuff posted that a complete stranger like me can see. All I have to do is be friends of a friend to see what’s happening on someone else’s Facebook. I can see who the family is, who the BFF’s, how the person communicates, most time what they do for a living, phone numbers, and much much much much more.

So I got thinking… HMMM WonderhowTo Worlds doesn’t require a group membership. Anyone can be a member of http://www.wonderhowto.com with a very limited profile. You don’t need to disclose your family, phone numbers, and much more for everyone to see! You won’t be able to figure out who my spouse is or my phone number. I won’t be able to access your page without being a direct friend of yours. Hmmm seems the privacy is intact.

So I thought… how am I going to convince my following to join me on WonderHowTo Worlds.http://super-star-crochet.wonderhowto.com/ The answer is simple… It’s about your privacy! Your friends and family don’t need to get constantly updated that you have just completed an afghan, or have a thought about crochet, or just loving the craft.

Reality is this… I’m addicted to Facebook… without Facebook, I don’t think my following would be as strong as it is right now… WonderHowTo Worlds is specific to my crochet… you can be part of it, without being a member to it. You can peak into my world there, or peak into the others… Want to know more about how to cheat farmville or so… Go look at the FARMVILLE WORLD in WonderHowTo Worlds to see what people are sharing.

People are complaining there is no friends list that has joined Super Star Crochet World there… but maybe that’s not such a bad thing… If you want people to know you are there… interact with the conversations and postings… if you don’t… stay quiet and peak around. I believe WonderHowTo is seeing a trend of people wanting to belong to a social network but maintain their privacy!

Now I will say.. WonderHowTo Worlds has not instructed me to say any of this… this is my own thoughts! I do see a few things I would like to be changed… I think the graphics are a bit big which can cause excessive scrolling due to the interactions…

What’s your thoughts on this… have you seen our world there… what do you think… You should know as well! They are watching our World to see how people are interacting with each other… We are part of a BETA Project and this is fabulous!


Email Hell… I’m Drowning In It and It’s My Own Fault

Swamped By Email

I’m on a crochet and crafting break right now. Like many viewers, they don’t craft all the time. They need to step away from the hook to recharge and refocus. That’s where I am right now.

I have a saying that I love...

“Without Traction, There’s No Reaction!”

What this means to me is that if I sit back… cry the blues how bad my life sucks, put minimal effort into anything. Only apply a certain portion of effort and then throw my hands up and say “screw it”, than I haven’t done my traction part to expect reaction.

In other words… if I never email friends, never phone friends, never volunteer anywhere, but just sit on my couch and watch day time television all day… then I can’t expect anything positive to happen. Nor should I expect my phone or email to be busy.

Your effort and trying is the traction… and from those specific actions… REACTION comes from your effort. Many people who volunteer get that even though they may have never thought of it.

So how does this relate to EMAIL and ME… When Mikeyssmail was created I was getting a mental excitement on seeing the following:


  • Some one subscribes to me… YOU TUBE SEND THAT RIGHT NOW as an EMAIL to let me know.
  • Someone makes a comment… YOU TUBE SEND THAT RIGHT NOW.
  • Someone wants to be a friend… YOU TUBE SEND THAT RIGHT NOW.


  • Wanna be my friend… EMAILS ME.
  • Comments… EMAILS ME
  • Pictures… EMAILS ME
  • Videos… EMAILS ME
  • Application and Games

Facebook Fan Page

I kept my Facebook out of the MIKEYSSMAIL realm for a long time until I realized how to make a Fan Page… from that… viewers started joining and that was great. A few viewers each week, like to extend beyond the Facebook Fan Page and become a personal friend of mine. What viewers don’t realize is that I barely use my Private Facebook… there’s nothing there that is of interest, nor updated photos or anything. I am using Facebook for the Fan Page Site.

What I never thought of is how many viewers use Farmeville or many other games. I was waking up to Farmville Hell… people wanting to do something with their cow… planting, building, and so forth. My email inbox was being pounded down with all these application invitations and status updates. I did get so tired of it, because bogging my email down with that makes for sorting the good from the bad and I spend more time deleting and moving around then I do answering. I learned how to block applications and be more selective on what I get.

I deleted over 8000+ emails last week. This week was another 1400 emails.


So in the beginning… I was getting just ¬†a few email maybe 20 per day and loving it…

Now I get about 1400 emails per week, about 200 emails per day. Most of which is non useful information that I could get rid of.

This morning I woke up to 254 Emails… Where do I start… top to bottom like usual.

I learned how to simply my notifications from YOU TUBE. I turned off most of the notications such as adding friendships, subscription updates and many more. I am on YOU TUBE everyday and always looking at account information that I naturally catch the friendship requests and more.

I find YOU TUBE EMAIL INBOX the most unfriendly beast ever. When viewers email me… when I go to answer… it doesn’t carry forward the email that was sent that I am answering… ¬†So if a viewer emails me back saying “I don’t get it… can you explain more!” I have no idea what people are talking about because it doesn’t show me what I said or what has been said throughout the email interactions. So usually the 2nd email from a viewer gets unanswered because I have no idea what I have said to give more clarity. I’m not that gifted to have a photographic memory.

To make matters worse and this is where my fault is… I have 5 email addresses I am maintain. They are linked to one email source that I use to see everything. This includes the emails that my volunteers and I see. Last week… we started the volunteers back up again and I am in email freak’n hell! Some reason… my programming is messed up…

My emails are coming to me in triplicate! So if a viewer comments to a video… I am getting the same email three times… Facebook same comment times 3. Regular email … Times 3.

Somewhere and I think I know where the problem is… Because of shared email¬†privileges¬†and accesses… I have programmed myself to get all my emails 3 times. My own oversight has caused a week from email hell to come about.

To make matters worse for myself. All entries for the Knitting Kit that I am giving away come in by the way of EMAIL… Each and everyone of them… Those are triplicating themselves… The 500+ entries so far have tripled in my email to 1500! However, where they are going is right… but I have some setting down so that it’s coming to my MASSIVE EMAIL CENTRE SPOT three times.

I feel extremely bad that I am so bad with emails… I tend not to be… but I’ve got help now. My volunteers and I are sorting through. Items that don’t require a comment in return are deleted. Some that require my personal attention are left in a special spot for me and where my volunteers can answer, they are doing it.

I’m hopefully going to solve this issue fast! I know I need to… I feel like I am drowning!


Dentist Wanted To Saw My Skull Open

Holds Open Your Skull

I just hate going to the dentist. I decided to have some quotes done when I was 31 about getting Braces. It would turn out the Dentist wanted to saw open my skull to make it happen.

Holy Cow! Saw open my skull… forget that! Look at what they were going to place in my mouth!
It turned out that my jaw structure is so bad, that I couldn’t get braces without having to saw my skull open. The part of the skull above your upper jaw is divided in the middle, so as Children getting braces, they don’t need to worry about that. But as an adult, time has progressed and that division between the two have sealed and solid bone has formed. In order to get braces, my upper jaw had to be expanded to compensate to slip properly over the lower jaw. At this time… the narrowness of my upper jaw, makes my upper jaw fold inward.
The procedure would have costed nearly $8,000 with a hospital operation room, and a several year plan for braces thereafter. I couldn’t see myself where what you see in that picture for up to a year. They place that in your mouth after they cut your skull in half (over your upper jaw) to hold open your jaw. They expand and hold your skull open using your teeth to hold open your skull… and over time… the bones will seal themselves together again!
I then tried going the route of just having veeners done over my upper jaw… but it would turn out I can’t afford to do it. The cost her veener is really high and I have no way of making that kind of money. Nor do I want to borrow to have it done.
Next week I am going back to the dentist to have some stuff done. Knowing I am heading into main stream media in the near future… it’s time to take my dental seriously. No… I am not planning dentures, braces, or mouth reconstruction…
My dentist is making me two plates that I will wear in my mouth for 2 hours every other day with liquid whitener that will be inside the plates… so for two hours per day, I will be unable to speak! WOOO HOO for Diva Dan! My teeth have severly yellowed primarily from drinking tea. It is clearly obvious and a major distressor to me… and I am going to see about getting them back to a liveable colour that I am not embarrased by…
My teeth are out of alignment and I know it… but OH WELL… I am who I am!
Diva Dan has taught me that it’s okay to be me! I’ve never laughed so much because I know I have faults of this and that… but we were never meant to be perfect…
I’m trying to get Diva Dan to do the same thing at my expense. I know that our future is Together… that together we will accompany each other to the opportunities ahead. I am doing this for the CreativFestival coming up.

Michael Moore – Capitalism – Canadian Perspective

I subscribe to Michael Moore’s Fan Page site… it’s one of the few that I do follow. I am interested in Politics and it’s interesting to watch what happens in the USA because eventually the same corruption or policies will sneak into our political system here in Canada.

Firstly, I think it takes a lot of guts to produce the films he does. In one corner you have full throttle supporters while in the other corner you get the people who need the silence to do what they do. Wouldn’t it be fascinating if Michael Moore was assinated one day… all because he is undercovering the political garbage going on. Of course, I don’t wish that upon Michael, but people do have a way of¬†snuffing out¬†others.

This film, like many of his others, make me question on the control of what we are under. He portrayed the majority of workplaces as a dictatorship because as employees we have no say in the financial¬†decisions and more. I guess, like me, I put trust in my employer to be honest and truthful. I’ve been burned by believing this in another place and totally regret ever working for this other place… lesson learned.

I receive a lot of email of hardship with fellow viewers through¬†Mikeyssmail.¬†Many viewers have been very verbal about their ordeals with banks, was eventually evicted with no place to¬†go.¬†I have been in the USA a lot more than people realize.¬†I spent nearly 3¬†years travelling throughout the USA in a transport. My GAWD, I have never seen such dispair in certain parts of the USA. Houses practically falling down with people still living inside… but proudly fly the American Flag in their front yard. Like many, wishing & hoping for change I suppose. In talking with citizens, they believe Canada is the same way and that Canadian Culture is Corrupted. Many people I talked to don’t believe that a multi-cultural society can be peaceful. In all the years of trucking, while the Iraq thing happened, I would question people on their view… In three years I only talked to one person who believed the USA was right… which led me to question… WHO IN THE HELL HAS VOTED?

Being in Canada, this type of thing can happen here… our day time television has American Channels and you see nothing but Education Commercials, followed by Lawyers telling you to look around you and sue someone, and then followed by Re-Mortgage and Consolidate Debt. However, this practice is seen as beneficial, so Canadian Companies are starting to follow suit. They seen the financial kick back from these practices. To Canadians, Americans are stereotyped as “People who sue over everything!”. I don’t think it’s natural but when advertising is forever in your face, you are just following along with what you have been told to do and see financial reward for doing it.

With several thousand people following me on You Tube… we have people from all walks of life. Some people have been fortunate and others are in the middle of despair. I don’t know what class I am in actually. I don’t have a house, nor any assets that have any value. I live comfortably through good personal choices. My Credit Card is not a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD… I use it, pay it and then use it again. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have that same situation happen. Payday is still 5 days away and you are broke, there are no other choices… I was like this last Spring when my last partner took off… I was so broke… I would pay for my half of stuff on a credit card and then use my Paycheck to pay off the balance at payday.

I have been quoted saying… “WELL these people who faced eviction or despair, how much of it is bad judgement and how much is it corporate screwing over the little guy!” After this movie… I can see it more clearly to what is happening… It doesn’t make me more afraid but it does question my trust in banking institutions.

I get why I am faced with so many people telling me to do things, some bossing me around on what I need to do my tutorials on… and to do it for free… I am teaching¬†something that can be done with miminal investment. People don’t have the money. and Don’t get me started on COMMUNICATION COMPANIES… MICHAEL MOORE SHOULD TARGET THOSE! Your communication, TV, Internet, Cell Phone and etc shouldn’t equal the cost of your monthly mortgage each month!

I just wonder… if there is really anyone can do about all these people loosing their homes or job loss… I do wonder… if someone high up is benefiting from stomping all over these people. I think that scares me more than anything. Who is really in control? We can know about what is wrong… but what can we do about it.

I know myself, I have boycotted certain businesses because of what they have done… but big businesses tend to own little ones too without you knowing about it. I guess it’s up to me how informed I want to be and then act upon it.


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