Mikeyssmail Available DVD – American Baby Flag Hats

This is Mikey’s First Ever DVD. Series 1. American Baby Flat Hats, Loom Knitting with one tutorial exception to Crochet.

Mikey walks the viewers through this 118 Minute Tutorial DVD with teaching 3 separate hat designs which represent the American Flag. Mike goes further with teaching how to make a cute pom-pon and a mini super star for the hats.

This DVD is $15.00 USD. That includes sales tax and shipping to Canada and USA Residents. Get off the computer and put this on your TV and sit comfortably on your favourite chair and learn along with Mikey.

This is available to ship immediately and you can purchase this safely through Pay Pal through My website. http://www.mikeyssmail.com

Toodles All,



Mikeyssmail Now Available At iTunes

It’s taken several days and a ton of research on how to Use iTunes… well really not to use it… but how to upload and create podcasting for the Mikeyssmail Network.

Mikeyssmail On iTunes

It’s been a long time coming for me to link with iTunes. I’m sorry to say that’s it’s not an easy process when you are some a iTune Virgin like me.

http://mikeyssmail.podbean.com/feed is my iTunes Feed if you would like to subscribe. It’s not yet listed in the iTunes Store but I am sure they are working on it when they have an opportunity.

This is my plan… a few tutorials will be posted week by week… but then removed after a week or so. This allows Mikeyssmail iTunes people to be able to download my tutorials and take them with them wherever they go.

More complex tutorials “MAY” be uploaded once I figure this out and charge a very small fee for them such at the tutorials that are 20+ Minute or higher. Many of these tutorials have been requested on DVD format. This will save people from having to wait for a DVD in the mail and just instantly download it directly from iTunes.

I am not sure I am with the right carrier on the podcasting… I am trying a free service to test it out with very limited web space. In time I will get this sorted out.

BTW… not to be mean but I am not going to share how I figured it out to do it… I’ve spent so many failed attempts and research to get this far… sorry to be mean… but I think if I had to the do the ground work… so can someone else. 🙂


Mikeyssmail Added To WonderHowTo Worlds

Have you heard of WonderHowTo Worlds? I would be shocked if you have. The creators of WonderHowTo Worlds has contacted me personally about taking responsibility of creating the world of Crochet under their company umbrella.

WonderHowTo Worlds is merely weeks old and is a brand new platform. I need to get used to it myself. It’s very much like Facebook but this allows us to play like Facebook but without giving our entire identity away of personal friendships and family members!

Most of you know WonderHowTo videos. I subscribe to them as well and have many viewers who post my videos to WonderHowTo in order to show others they have found tutorials that have been helpful.

I have called our NEW WonderHowTo World – SUPER STAR CROCHET. Appropriately that we are all super stars and really express our creativity through Crochet!

There is only 19 worlds right now! and we are one of them… BE FIRST and Join me in our new WORLD!


It’s really pretty here! So come in, create a sign in name, post a picture of yourself. There is a really quick bio you can fill out… and begin to share pics, videos, stories, and much more!

So whose gunna join me??? It’s lonely in my world right now! JUST me…


Criticism and Creativity

What's The Message Critics Are Trying To Say?

Diva Dan and I have been talking lately about Criticism in having to deal with it. As a professional musician, it’s not uncommon for him to have his supporters and haters. Some people recent him for his abilities or willingness to explore beyond the norm of music and performance presentations, while others are just cozy in the traditional play what’s been played and don’t expand from it.

I recently had someone criticize me for my colour choices, yarn selections, ideas, patterns and more. Someone, to me, that should have been supportive and encouraging. I felt as if they urinated all over my work and ideas.

In society, we criticize others constantly. Some of it constructive but it’s so easier to destroy people with negative criticism. I’ve been taught in the world of business… “Don’t Criticize Without A Solution At The End Of It!” But many people love to feel better about themselves by taking down another person. I mentally visualize a pile of humans. With a person criticizing, making another fall onto the pile… so that person may climb higher… what people don’t realize is that’s it’s pretty lonely at the top of the pile if you have stomped on all the people along the way.

Some of the greatest artists and writers in history were viewed as crazy thinkers and people hated their work. But history would come to view these people as inventive and modern thinkers of their time. Even though at the time, they were the outcasts of society.

The criticism I received really winded me and really stole a shining light within me. I am actually upset with myself I let this person get to me the way they did. I am suddenly feeling unworthy of being at the Creativ Festival and such. I know this will pass but I know what I have to do to fix this… I have to end all communications with this person. WHY? Because the criticism was not constructive. Turning up their nose at my stuff and bitching about it after I had spent hours creating something unique… SO WHAT IF THE COLOURS DID GO WITH THEIR PERSONAL COLOUR PALLET? Be creative and look at the design. Colours and yarn choices are subjective to each individual. This criticism was tied to resentment and possibly jealousy making it resentful and ugly.

I was reading a blog this morning where someone defended themselves against people who like to criticize. This person’s blog is within the yarn world. I felt so much better reading that… why? Because I am not alone… the more popular you get, the more supporters but the more haters build too… Though supporters out number of the haters big time… it’s just the time people spend to hate.

Just remember in creativity, there is no right or wrong answers! Use your mind, push your limits, and express yourself!


Addicted To Crochet

I'm Under A Mountain Of Balls

I was saying to Diva Dan last night. I am so loving being surrounded by all this creative energy (as I was looking at the Fan Book Fan Page).

I wondered to myself, how many of these people were posting pictures of their crafts to this degree before I came along? Have they just posted it elsewhere and adding me to the postings list, or is this something that has been inspired by having a dedicated space on the net for fun, positive, and spirit lifting feedback?

I’m so exhausted lately… mind has been turning and thinking about all that needs to be done. I’m not stuck in my mind of what has to be done, but I am inching closer to what has to be completed for the Creativ Festival in October.

With the help of a neighbour who has lent me their newborn baby clothes, I can see first hand if things are fitting or not. I see that some of the tutorial I have produced are not right. More so, the sizes of other people’s patterns, materials, and crochet hooks for certain stitches doesn’t jive. I can see massive recordings of my stuff being redone as as a result and maybe this is a good thing.

Feedback depends on a person’s skill level because their tension would be different from a newbie crocheter… so for some, it works, and others the hat is the size for an Apple! So this I will need to fix.

I created three hats yesterday from 3:30pm – 11:30pm last night. 2 were on a Round Loom… I consider this R & D and the time goes flying on by. I think I have mastered the round loom for the correct size of a Newborn now… Now I am totally excited about Looming Again! I also tweaked my regular baby hats. I created a fabulous Crochet Hat with a sun protector brim that fits a 3 month – 6 Month baby.

People tell me that many new mom’s don’t bother with the homemade stuff right off the bat. Due to baby showers, many new mom’s are overwhelmed with clothing. I’ve been told countless times to be designing for Baby over the age of 3 months for this fact alone. HOWEVER, everyone loves the most soft interesting baby hat when they leave the hospital!

So as much as I am tired… my mind is spinning with concepts and the only way to release the concepts is to sit and design… I will say though, this R & D isn’t so bad… gets me away from a computer for many hours so I can focus!

Viewers Telling Me To Switch to WordPress

I usually blog everything on Blogger.com… people are telling me that wordpress doesn’t a better job of integrating the blog into a real website. I’m not sure as I don’t see any bells and fancy buttons with this… However, though it has no fancy buttons or stuff that is eye catching… it’s probably better as it can be more better to look at! Who Knows… Well I am going to give this a try and see what happens! Mikey from Mikeyssmail