Lost Opportunties/Jobs Due To Online Searches

A friend from our Mikeyssmail community has lost out on a job opportunity due to what is searchable online.

The questions are:

  • Does this person now try to remove what is searchable from the internet?
  • Does this person delete Facebook and any other accounts where it is searchable through online google searches.
  • Does this person keep their extra curricular activities from the view of the public?
  • Should this person be grateful that if they had a problem with her extracurricular activities that it’s a good thing she isn’t hired?

With jobs being hard to get these days, could the internet be responsible for missed job opportunities as a result of what can be searchable. I am thinking about myself right now… if I were to job hunt… what can be searched on me is enormous due to the level of internet usage, and programs I use throughout the net. My online dating profile even pops up in the search engines… It’s no mystery on how to locate me or see what I am doing online. I write enough blogs, and post so many videos that it’s hard to lie during an interview because my online presence be as strong as it is.

Our community member lost her job due to her online searchable items through video and written format. This has been confirmed. The interview happened. During the extra curricular part of the question, she answered her questions and then revealed one of her extra curricular activites that revealed her home / family life. She was told that they had watched and seen some of her materials she had posted online. She was commended for her honesty at the time… but was overskipped as the company wanted no association to her lifestyle. It’s a question why they bothered to interview her in the first place if they had already seen the stuff. They should have just skipped over her.

SO I asked her… what is she going to do if the searching of her name is a problem for getting a job?

She responds, “I am who I am. If the company I am about to work for is going to have an issue with me due to my orientation, it would probably be best I never work for them in the first place and for them to find out afterwards.”

I say… “Well isn’t that descrimination or unfair to judge your abilities to what you do in your own home and how you choose to live your life?”

She responds, “You can be the best at what you do… but the person who pays you weekly can’t see how diverse the world has become and changing, do you really want to be the person who takes the time to educate this person?”

Having been there and done that myself… I would answer NO.

It is someone else’s loss but our girl who has lost opportunity has also lost because the opinions are already formed prior to meeting her. This company also missed out on the vast contacts and relationships this women has formed throughout the years. This would have been an excellent opportunity for this company to bring on someone who had these contacts for their own marketing strategies.

It’s another example to be careful what you post… people judge based on what they read. People are watching, and yet we aren’t privy to know who they are.



Facebook Privacy Verses WonderHowTo Worlds

Protecting Yourself

I Can See You… More Than You Realize!

I was approached by WonderHowTo to create a brand new social network for Crochet world Wide. It’s known as WonderHowTo Worlds. Fabulous concept and I really liked it from the moment I seen it. The creators have contacted me directly expressing interest in the way that I am using Facebook to bring people together. They have been on my websites and peaked around… they have done this without me even knowing about it.

I loved the concept of WonderHowTo Worlds but I am thinking… WHY would anyone switch from Facebook. Many viewers are like me checking our Facebook when we get out of Bed In the Morning. Then Email and so on. Things another friend has done, pictures, videos and more are there for me to snoop at.

Where Facebook Falls down is the level of privacy settings. A user must turn off certain buttons to maintain strict privacy. Many and most viewers have stuff posted that a complete stranger like me can see. All I have to do is be friends of a friend to see what’s happening on someone else’s Facebook. I can see who the family is, who the BFF’s, how the person communicates, most time what they do for a living, phone numbers, and much much much much more.

So I got thinking… HMMM WonderhowTo Worlds doesn’t require a group membership. Anyone can be a member of http://www.wonderhowto.com with a very limited profile. You don’t need to disclose your family, phone numbers, and much more for everyone to see! You won’t be able to figure out who my spouse is or my phone number. I won’t be able to access your page without being a direct friend of yours. Hmmm seems the privacy is intact.

So I thought… how am I going to convince my following to join me on WonderHowTo Worlds.http://super-star-crochet.wonderhowto.com/ The answer is simple… It’s about your privacy! Your friends and family don’t need to get constantly updated that you have just completed an afghan, or have a thought about crochet, or just loving the craft.

Reality is this… I’m addicted to Facebook… without Facebook, I don’t think my following would be as strong as it is right now… WonderHowTo Worlds is specific to my crochet… you can be part of it, without being a member to it. You can peak into my world there, or peak into the others… Want to know more about how to cheat farmville or so… Go look at the FARMVILLE WORLD in WonderHowTo Worlds to see what people are sharing.

People are complaining there is no friends list that has joined Super Star Crochet World there… but maybe that’s not such a bad thing… If you want people to know you are there… interact with the conversations and postings… if you don’t… stay quiet and peak around. I believe WonderHowTo is seeing a trend of people wanting to belong to a social network but maintain their privacy!

Now I will say.. WonderHowTo Worlds has not instructed me to say any of this… this is my own thoughts! I do see a few things I would like to be changed… I think the graphics are a bit big which can cause excessive scrolling due to the interactions…

What’s your thoughts on this… have you seen our world there… what do you think… You should know as well! They are watching our World to see how people are interacting with each other… We are part of a BETA Project and this is fabulous!


Mikeyssmail Added To WonderHowTo Worlds

Have you heard of WonderHowTo Worlds? I would be shocked if you have. The creators of WonderHowTo Worlds has contacted me personally about taking responsibility of creating the world of Crochet under their company umbrella.

WonderHowTo Worlds is merely weeks old and is a brand new platform. I need to get used to it myself. It’s very much like Facebook but this allows us to play like Facebook but without giving our entire identity away of personal friendships and family members!

Most of you know WonderHowTo videos. I subscribe to them as well and have many viewers who post my videos to WonderHowTo in order to show others they have found tutorials that have been helpful.

I have called our NEW WonderHowTo World – SUPER STAR CROCHET. Appropriately that we are all super stars and really express our creativity through Crochet!

There is only 19 worlds right now! and we are one of them… BE FIRST and Join me in our new WORLD!


It’s really pretty here! So come in, create a sign in name, post a picture of yourself. There is a really quick bio you can fill out… and begin to share pics, videos, stories, and much more!

So whose gunna join me??? It’s lonely in my world right now! JUST me…


Volunteers Helping To Answer Mail

Volunteering For Mikeyssmail

Last Summer, I created “A Board Of Directors” who were charged with power to be able to see all communications and stuff inside Mikeyssmail. It was a terrific idea and it’s amazing how people who are passionate about Crochet really can make an even further difference.

In the fall of 2009, there was a problem discovered in Facebook Fan Page… It seemed when I gave someone moderator status, it changes their name to my own and uses my picture. So people could think it would be me if I was responding. As much I appreciated the help, I would prefer a moderator not loose their identity. The big names who constantly contribute would dissappear and appear under my name. You wouldn’t know that “Clare” from Australia was still with us because she appears to be me. So I demoted everyone back to regular status.
However, we still kept the YOU TUBE Mikeyssmail to have moderators. All the moderators could see the incoming comments and mail. With specific directions, mail was shifted in subfolders where someone who is trying to relay a story to me for personal reasons or wanted a person response. My moderators would slide the mail into a folder where I had to respond personally. Pattern requests and ect could be handled by the moderators without a problem.
So it was working great until it suddenly collapsed without me knowing about it. Actually a couple months went by and it was just me answering emails again. I just figured everyone had lives… none of the moderators said nothing about it… however, I think in retrospect, they probably thought I removed them off the receiving list.
You Tube did a fundamental change where the email you have when you create the account is the email it has to go to. I had it set up to go to another email where all of us could see it. I figured if 2 months went by and no one said anything… just let it be.
With the help of Clare from Australia, we were able to get the ball back up and rolling yesterday. All those who had access to it before can see it again. We had to do some computer lingo and batta boom batta bing, we had it all set up!
The moderator’s role is to assist in the responding and helping of emails. However, we don’t respond to everything. IE, we won’t put into someone’s YOU TUBE box “Thanks for subscribing”! I think that is redundant and unneccessary. Mikeyssmail builds by double digits each day for subscribership, it would be a great deal of work to do that.
The Facebook Fan Page site has changed the face of MIKEYSSMAIL, allowing everyone to post their pictures, videos, and comments. It’s countless how many times another viewer has assisted another. It has cut down the email greatly as a result of having this going. The way to quickly get my attention is to post stuff there.
So as I know right now, Clare from Australia is again answering EMAIL and requests along with me. If you have time or would like to participate, let me know… we can get you set up to see… I won’t just accept anyone for this role. I want positive energenic people who have been with me for a while. Someone who inspires and really enjoys helping others. It’s reasonable that you won’t answer emails every day and/or may need a break from time to time. Let me know… I don’t want any moderator on board that is trying to push a side business or trying to sell my viewers anything.
🙂 Michael