New DVD Launch – June 8th, 2010 – Super Star Crochet

Just a heads up that this coming Tuesday, June 8th 2010 marks the official launch date of Mikey’s 2nd DVD.

Crochet Super Stars focuses on 5 Tutorials. This DVD has 138 Minutes of Instructional Tutorials. It focuses on the following:

  1. 5 Point Super Stars – Mikey has used this for Doilies, Baby Blankets and Table Top Coverings. This pattern is fabulous as you can stop at the size star you want. Once you get beyond the basic centre and get started, the size is endless.
  2. 6 Point Super Stars – Similar to the 5 point. This starts off slightly different again giving 6 points to the star. Mikey has done baby blankets with this one as well.
  3. 10 Point Super Stars – Great for Table Tops and nice Chevron looking edges the bigger the star gets.
  4. Trinity Stitch – Used in Baby Blankets, and Much More… Simple yet great visually.
  5. Cluster Stitch – I love this one a lot. Most work always has stitched opposite to each other… I love how the clusters climbing directly over the other.

Mikey has these in stock and is ready for shipping on June 8th, 2010. Come to Mikey’s website to place your order securely through Pay Pal.

Price is $15.00 USD,  sales taxes and shipping included. This price is valid for USA and Canadian Residents Only. Other countries will need to be quoted.



Mikeyssmail Now Available At iTunes

It’s taken several days and a ton of research on how to Use iTunes… well really not to use it… but how to upload and create podcasting for the Mikeyssmail Network.

Mikeyssmail On iTunes

It’s been a long time coming for me to link with iTunes. I’m sorry to say that’s it’s not an easy process when you are some a iTune Virgin like me. is my iTunes Feed if you would like to subscribe. It’s not yet listed in the iTunes Store but I am sure they are working on it when they have an opportunity.

This is my plan… a few tutorials will be posted week by week… but then removed after a week or so. This allows Mikeyssmail iTunes people to be able to download my tutorials and take them with them wherever they go.

More complex tutorials “MAY” be uploaded once I figure this out and charge a very small fee for them such at the tutorials that are 20+ Minute or higher. Many of these tutorials have been requested on DVD format. This will save people from having to wait for a DVD in the mail and just instantly download it directly from iTunes.

I am not sure I am with the right carrier on the podcasting… I am trying a free service to test it out with very limited web space. In time I will get this sorted out.

BTW… not to be mean but I am not going to share how I figured it out to do it… I’ve spent so many failed attempts and research to get this far… sorry to be mean… but I think if I had to the do the ground work… so can someone else. 🙂


Facebook Privacy Verses WonderHowTo Worlds

Protecting Yourself

I Can See You… More Than You Realize!

I was approached by WonderHowTo to create a brand new social network for Crochet world Wide. It’s known as WonderHowTo Worlds. Fabulous concept and I really liked it from the moment I seen it. The creators have contacted me directly expressing interest in the way that I am using Facebook to bring people together. They have been on my websites and peaked around… they have done this without me even knowing about it.

I loved the concept of WonderHowTo Worlds but I am thinking… WHY would anyone switch from Facebook. Many viewers are like me checking our Facebook when we get out of Bed In the Morning. Then Email and so on. Things another friend has done, pictures, videos and more are there for me to snoop at.

Where Facebook Falls down is the level of privacy settings. A user must turn off certain buttons to maintain strict privacy. Many and most viewers have stuff posted that a complete stranger like me can see. All I have to do is be friends of a friend to see what’s happening on someone else’s Facebook. I can see who the family is, who the BFF’s, how the person communicates, most time what they do for a living, phone numbers, and much much much much more.

So I got thinking… HMMM WonderhowTo Worlds doesn’t require a group membership. Anyone can be a member of with a very limited profile. You don’t need to disclose your family, phone numbers, and much more for everyone to see! You won’t be able to figure out who my spouse is or my phone number. I won’t be able to access your page without being a direct friend of yours. Hmmm seems the privacy is intact.

So I thought… how am I going to convince my following to join me on WonderHowTo Worlds. The answer is simple… It’s about your privacy! Your friends and family don’t need to get constantly updated that you have just completed an afghan, or have a thought about crochet, or just loving the craft.

Reality is this… I’m addicted to Facebook… without Facebook, I don’t think my following would be as strong as it is right now… WonderHowTo Worlds is specific to my crochet… you can be part of it, without being a member to it. You can peak into my world there, or peak into the others… Want to know more about how to cheat farmville or so… Go look at the FARMVILLE WORLD in WonderHowTo Worlds to see what people are sharing.

People are complaining there is no friends list that has joined Super Star Crochet World there… but maybe that’s not such a bad thing… If you want people to know you are there… interact with the conversations and postings… if you don’t… stay quiet and peak around. I believe WonderHowTo is seeing a trend of people wanting to belong to a social network but maintain their privacy!

Now I will say.. WonderHowTo Worlds has not instructed me to say any of this… this is my own thoughts! I do see a few things I would like to be changed… I think the graphics are a bit big which can cause excessive scrolling due to the interactions…

What’s your thoughts on this… have you seen our world there… what do you think… You should know as well! They are watching our World to see how people are interacting with each other… We are part of a BETA Project and this is fabulous!


Mikeyssmail Added To WonderHowTo Worlds

Have you heard of WonderHowTo Worlds? I would be shocked if you have. The creators of WonderHowTo Worlds has contacted me personally about taking responsibility of creating the world of Crochet under their company umbrella.

WonderHowTo Worlds is merely weeks old and is a brand new platform. I need to get used to it myself. It’s very much like Facebook but this allows us to play like Facebook but without giving our entire identity away of personal friendships and family members!

Most of you know WonderHowTo videos. I subscribe to them as well and have many viewers who post my videos to WonderHowTo in order to show others they have found tutorials that have been helpful.

I have called our NEW WonderHowTo World – SUPER STAR CROCHET. Appropriately that we are all super stars and really express our creativity through Crochet!

There is only 19 worlds right now! and we are one of them… BE FIRST and Join me in our new WORLD!

It’s really pretty here! So come in, create a sign in name, post a picture of yourself. There is a really quick bio you can fill out… and begin to share pics, videos, stories, and much more!

So whose gunna join me??? It’s lonely in my world right now! JUST me…


Mikeyssmail & Teresa – Why We Are Duplicating Each Other

Mikeyssmail Facebook Fan Page

I have finally figured out why Teresa and I are duplicating each other. I realized it’s not a miracle we are thinking the same thing at the same time. I was getting upset by it because we don’t need to duplicate each other. There are millions of patterns and a gazillion ideas.

I was asked by a few viewers yesterday and today about doing something through a private email and again yesterday on the Open Wall of Mikeyssmail. It turns out, the viewer posted the same request on both of our Facebooks. Viewers know Teresa and I are busy and will double up on a request. They are double posting stuff on both sites, in YOUTUBE, EMAIL or FACEBOOK FAN PAGE WALL. I responded and so did Teresa with the exact same thing today.
I had the video already done and I just gave them the link to the video. However, Teresa has also done the same thing on the same day. It’s not a fluke, it’s because we are both trying to keep up with our fan mail at the same time. Simple requests are quick to film and we are filling in a niche.
I get the impatient nature of a viewer who is in the middle of the project that wants a fast answer.  I understand because one of us may not have time to respond, however, when we do both have time, it appears we are copying each other then other viewers are writing me telling me to stop copying her and I am getting viewers telling me she is copying me.
As far as I see it now, it’s not Teresa or I’s fault of duplication. We are merely responding to the same questions that are being posted on each site.
I owe Teresa an apology for being upset as I couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Today, I just seen evidence to why this is happening and it makes complete sense without being her or I at fault. She is not to blame, she is merely doing responding to viewers with what they are asking for, the same viewers who have asked me the same question at the same time. We both want the same thing… we want people to learn and grow.
How do we stop this? I’m not sure. We need to be different as having two identical channels don’t work.
We are going to have duplication as fundamental stitches are the same. It’s when we are launching the same tutorials and demonstrations at the same time is when it looks like there’s a war going on when there’s not. We are occassionally going to have the same pattern being demonstrated as open source patterns allow that to be possible.

Clearing The Air – Teresa Verses Mikey

Being Different

I’ve been hearing and receiving comments about me facing off with Teresa from You Tube. I would like to set the record straight on several things here.

When I created this venture, it wasn’t her that made me decide to start doing filming. I was bored and wanted to express my own creativity. I had seen some videos there were very poorly done and I thought I could do better. They were not hers that I had seen. The women’s camera angle was bad and she had no personality.

I learned pretty quickly through some feedback that I have no hope in hell of competing with Teresa and not to try. I had to Google Teresa to find out who this woman was. Again, the purpose in the beginning was to express creativity. Through continuous trial and errors, my viewership picked up due to one video that really grabbed international attention. This then turned into a mission and a really fabulous way to reach out to people through creativity. Mikeyssmail as you know it today, was created.

With crochet, there are limitless ideas on creativity but many of the stitches are fundamentally the same. The internet has changed society especially in the world of crafts. Before the internet, you needed a friend to tell you about an idea they seen. With the invention of blogging and webspace. Many people create and share their ideas for free. People like me see ideas and have people constantly emailing ideas for me to film. They see me as a marketing tool for themselves. They know if I film their pattern, they will get the recognition and the appropriate links in the videos to visit their blog. I win with great tutorial ideas, but they win as well for traffic and awareness of their creativity.

With the invention of the internet, people are paying attention to filming dates. If Teresa has filmed something where I am doing a similar tutorial on after she has, some people are associating it with her having the copyrights to the pattern. VICE VERSA, if she films the same thing after me, it appears she has copyrighted from me.

A great example of this is the Catherine Wheel Stitch. Neither her or I invented this stitch. This is a fundamental stitch of crochet. The maker of it is unknown and has been around since we have known crochet. This makes it an open source non copyright issue.

Many people request patterns. If I place how to do the CATHERINE WHEEL STITCH IN WRITTEN FORMAT. It is open source and in my own words on how to do it. Just because I have placed it on my website, doesn’t make it mine. It’s merely a courtesy posting for those who prefer to read it and sit quietly with it instead of front of a monitor.

For the record, I rarely go onto her channel. WHY? It’s not cause I hate her or anything on that level. CREATIVITY IS ROBBED WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE ELSE DO SOMETHING… YOUR MIND CLOSES TO OTHER POSSIBILITIES!

We are going to overlap on certain tutorials. Another great example is I had posted the BABY CHUCK TAYLORS Tutorial and Teresa came out with a similar tutorial after I had done it. The pattern was OPEN SOURCE, she has that right just like I had the right to film it in the first place. On a business level, it makes complete sense for her to do that.

Teresa sets the bar for me on the level of expectation it takes to teach people. The majority of my followers also follow Teresa. There’s nothing wrong with that and is to be expected. Another person that viewers follow is Beth. Another superb person to learn something new with.

Teresa and I have two very different ideas on teaching people. I find her videos are pretty thorough when describing materials and hooks before the project. She gets to the point and doesn’t leave the camera on longer than needed. She also uses correct terminology where I tend to create nicknames or memory hooks. I go beyond just showing my hands and exposing my real life for the world to see. I tend to teach and crochet slower. I’ve tried speeding up but I tend to do one outtake after another as my brain doesn’t work that fast.

In life, there will always be a Teresa Verses Mikey. You see it in everything. Whether it’s a competing grocery store in town or a major talk show scrambling for ratings. Nothing is ever identical 100% but you will expect to see ROYALE TOILET TISSUE on both shelves of a grocery store, though one store’s layout and service will be much different.

As Beth puts it, we are colleagues to some degree. We have similar missions and ideas, but we come at it from different angles and personalities.

Last week, I released 4 video tutorials where I am being flooded with emails about copyrighting Teresa on the fundamental stitching patterns I am doing. One person told me I have incorrectly labelled one of the videos as Teresa’s video is showing the same pattern but under a different stitching pattern. Which leads me to wonder… if I was truly copyrighting, don’t you think I would have called it the same name to come up in the search engines?

The other truth that needs to be realized here as well. THE WORLD DOESN’T need another TERESA nor another MIKEY… It would be so easy for me to stick to her channel and follow along releasing my own versions of her tutorials each time she releases one. OMG, my life would be so much easier! But that’s not the way I operate. I am not Teresa and nor intend to be her. I know for a fact she receives hate mail like I do over the most mundane comments.

You will never see a newly released video of mine directly uploaded within a very small time frame of days or months after Teresa releasing her videos of the similar thing. I don’t watch her channel for reasons I have already explained.

So here’s my quote,

I am not copying Teresa. We are not fighting or at odds with each other. The last time I talked to Teresa was in January 2010 giving her a heads up that I was changing my direction a bit. The time before that was in March 2009 when she was giving me some encouragement on dealing with negative comments.

Thank you for your understanding,


Criticism and Creativity

What's The Message Critics Are Trying To Say?

Diva Dan and I have been talking lately about Criticism in having to deal with it. As a professional musician, it’s not uncommon for him to have his supporters and haters. Some people recent him for his abilities or willingness to explore beyond the norm of music and performance presentations, while others are just cozy in the traditional play what’s been played and don’t expand from it.

I recently had someone criticize me for my colour choices, yarn selections, ideas, patterns and more. Someone, to me, that should have been supportive and encouraging. I felt as if they urinated all over my work and ideas.

In society, we criticize others constantly. Some of it constructive but it’s so easier to destroy people with negative criticism. I’ve been taught in the world of business… “Don’t Criticize Without A Solution At The End Of It!” But many people love to feel better about themselves by taking down another person. I mentally visualize a pile of humans. With a person criticizing, making another fall onto the pile… so that person may climb higher… what people don’t realize is that’s it’s pretty lonely at the top of the pile if you have stomped on all the people along the way.

Some of the greatest artists and writers in history were viewed as crazy thinkers and people hated their work. But history would come to view these people as inventive and modern thinkers of their time. Even though at the time, they were the outcasts of society.

The criticism I received really winded me and really stole a shining light within me. I am actually upset with myself I let this person get to me the way they did. I am suddenly feeling unworthy of being at the Creativ Festival and such. I know this will pass but I know what I have to do to fix this… I have to end all communications with this person. WHY? Because the criticism was not constructive. Turning up their nose at my stuff and bitching about it after I had spent hours creating something unique… SO WHAT IF THE COLOURS DID GO WITH THEIR PERSONAL COLOUR PALLET? Be creative and look at the design. Colours and yarn choices are subjective to each individual. This criticism was tied to resentment and possibly jealousy making it resentful and ugly.

I was reading a blog this morning where someone defended themselves against people who like to criticize. This person’s blog is within the yarn world. I felt so much better reading that… why? Because I am not alone… the more popular you get, the more supporters but the more haters build too… Though supporters out number of the haters big time… it’s just the time people spend to hate.

Just remember in creativity, there is no right or wrong answers! Use your mind, push your limits, and express yourself!


Addicted To Crochet

I'm Under A Mountain Of Balls

I was saying to Diva Dan last night. I am so loving being surrounded by all this creative energy (as I was looking at the Fan Book Fan Page).

I wondered to myself, how many of these people were posting pictures of their crafts to this degree before I came along? Have they just posted it elsewhere and adding me to the postings list, or is this something that has been inspired by having a dedicated space on the net for fun, positive, and spirit lifting feedback?

I’m so exhausted lately… mind has been turning and thinking about all that needs to be done. I’m not stuck in my mind of what has to be done, but I am inching closer to what has to be completed for the Creativ Festival in October.

With the help of a neighbour who has lent me their newborn baby clothes, I can see first hand if things are fitting or not. I see that some of the tutorial I have produced are not right. More so, the sizes of other people’s patterns, materials, and crochet hooks for certain stitches doesn’t jive. I can see massive recordings of my stuff being redone as as a result and maybe this is a good thing.

Feedback depends on a person’s skill level because their tension would be different from a newbie crocheter… so for some, it works, and others the hat is the size for an Apple! So this I will need to fix.

I created three hats yesterday from 3:30pm – 11:30pm last night. 2 were on a Round Loom… I consider this R & D and the time goes flying on by. I think I have mastered the round loom for the correct size of a Newborn now… Now I am totally excited about Looming Again! I also tweaked my regular baby hats. I created a fabulous Crochet Hat with a sun protector brim that fits a 3 month – 6 Month baby.

People tell me that many new mom’s don’t bother with the homemade stuff right off the bat. Due to baby showers, many new mom’s are overwhelmed with clothing. I’ve been told countless times to be designing for Baby over the age of 3 months for this fact alone. HOWEVER, everyone loves the most soft interesting baby hat when they leave the hospital!

So as much as I am tired… my mind is spinning with concepts and the only way to release the concepts is to sit and design… I will say though, this R & D isn’t so bad… gets me away from a computer for many hours so I can focus!

Viewers Telling Me To Switch to WordPress

I usually blog everything on… people are telling me that wordpress doesn’t a better job of integrating the blog into a real website. I’m not sure as I don’t see any bells and fancy buttons with this… However, though it has no fancy buttons or stuff that is eye catching… it’s probably better as it can be more better to look at! Who Knows… Well I am going to give this a try and see what happens! Mikey from Mikeyssmail

Mikey So Tired…

Tired Behind The Scenes

Usually I have a drive that is beyond the regular person. Pushing out ideas and forever dying to get a crochet hook into my hands and create something.

I don’t know what’s happened to me but in the last two days. I am so exhausted…

Could this be weather or what? I am not sure… something strange is definitely in the air this year. Our house is being over taken by the common house fly… they are in large numbers and have no problems overtaking a kitchen. I finally broke down after too many of them decided to use my glasses as a perch! I invested in fly paper traps. I can’t believe how many are stuck to the traps…

I feel like I want to sleep when I get home but I get this guilt feeling of trying to continually produce!

I’m crazy I know!