Sweaters For All Sizes – The Problem


Pattern Making

If I had a nickel for every email that came in requesting the Baby Imagination Sweater be changed to match an Age of a person, or size of someone I would be a rich man today! “Can I retire now?” haha

The problem with the imagination sweater is that someone has taken the time to create it. As you will see in my links, I didn’t create it… I only filmed it. But someone took the time to do the Math, testing and trials to make it work. So it’s a great pattern but people want it bigger? WHY? The answer is simplicity! It’s easy to Follow and quick to make!

So why haven’t I made bigger patterns? It’s because the possibilities are endless. The only people I have to fit this with is Diva Dan or Me. Both of us are not shaped like “Hot Models”, nor are we average! So what fits me, isn’t going to fit many people. Arm lengths are different. Circumference of the necks, arms, and waist lines would be different. So if I created a pattern, there would be have to be a million of me.

I want to create an adult version, problem is that by the time we get to adulthood. Some of us stay skinny, people like get rounded at the edges, and other people are obese. It’s difficult to make one size for all… Babies are predictable. Having said that… someone emailing me saying they have a 6 year old and want a sweater isn’t fair… Have you seen the schools today, many kids are not a standard size anymore. Like me, many are hooked on sugar and larger than they should be at their age. Standard isn’t standard anymore.

So I guess if I were to create a pattern, you would need to decide neck size to start… then work to shoulders… arm diameter and then make the body of the sweater…. then follow it by the sleeves. I am wondering if there is a simple way to do that… Maybe I have to think in terms of INCHES instead of STITCHES!

Any thoughts on this?