Plugged In & Hooked

I’m the generation that is plugged in.

I am unable to make decisions or do anything without checking my email or Facebook first.

I let computer programs judge what I will do next.

When I look outside, I view it through a high definition monitor.

My friends are untouchable because they are electrons on my screen.

When I don’t know something, I go right to google!

I am home a lot… planted in front of a monitor watching otherse have lives on You Tube.

When I am not at home, I am looking for photographic, video and blogging opportunities so when I do go  home… I have filled the addictive need to keep my computer system updated to what’s happening in my life for the world to see.

Cyber friends rely on me to be online as much as they are. If I am gone 1 day, I get emails asking where I have been.

My mind is busy consuming information that I may never use. I watch thousands of people farming online and asking for help to build something that is purely electronic.

My eyes hurt outside because of the constant usage of a monitor and dark lighting in my office.

The information I believe about my outside world comes from the internet.

The internet is my truth people and can easily steer me to believing something has happened when it could be fiction that was stagged, blogged, and written about for me to believe it happened.

Generations before me have fought for freedom and I believe I am more free these days than I have ever been.

I’m free alright… plugged in to the internet, addicted, and consumed by the vast amount of information that could or could not be real.

Microsoft, Google and Facebook have me right where they want me. Reliant, Persuaded, and Hooked on programs that I believe to be a “need”.


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