Day 3 Trial – Polanight Teeth Whitening System

After last night… I have to give my gums and teeth a rest after the 2nd application of Polonight Teeth Whitening System. DOES IT WORK? Absolutely… is it painful… Absolutely… is it worth it? Absolutely!

I typed my last blog about the painful feeling of my process during last night’s 2nd application. My teeth felt like they were hurting… What is interesting is that the pain can’t be isolated to just the teeth… it can extend up until the gums. I tried to keep myself busy while I was waiting my 45 minutes but I was glad to remove it after the 45 minute mark. Again, very very happy with the results.

I seen my gums between my front teeth… there appears to be white gelly like texture to the gums… I figured it was SPIT… the chemical was eating at my gums causing the gum to turn white and separate exposing a new sore… I wasn’t happy. Brushing my teeth after it was extremely painful.

After an hour… the white filming bubbling look to my gums has disappeared and my gums appeared to have settled back into place. My gums are a bit sore today but not noticeable if I don’t think about it… Again the pain is worth it.

The difference between the before and after is already incredible!

The gels only last 2 applications… so in a pack of 4… there is only 8 uses. IT’s cheaper to buy the refills online than it is at my dentist. That includes shipping.

I am going to keep at it… I am happy and you can’t expect a transformation without a bit of suffering!

I am going to take a break and not do day 3 in  row… they suggested not to also… no point ruining my gums… work at this step by step and get the results.

🙂 Michael


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