Mikeyssmail Is Trying Polanight Tooth Whitening System

As I sit here… I have my plastic trays in my mouth and waiting for 45 Minutes to Pass. Due to the CreativFestival and Photography… I am under Dentist help to whitening my teeth.

I decided due to going further into the lime light and possible media attention. I needed to get my yellow teeth under control. Over time, too much tea, pop and not enough brushing have yellowed out my teeth to a degree where it’s embarrasing. Photography shows this greatly. I don’t like to smile in photographs anymore but when I do and it’s real… I am turned off of the photo instantly.

I’ve come to accept my teeth are crooked… and the costs associated to a make over in that area is too much and I am not willing to go through the pain of it. So if my teeth are whitened, I will know I have done all I could.

I didn’t want to waste my time with WHITESTRIPS of any of the major toothpaste makers. I decided to go right to the dentist to get this taken care of. Here are my cost breakdowns.

$200 CDN

  • Custom Mouth Moulding
  • My custom made moulds of plastic trays.
  • Carrying Case
  • 4 Siringes of chemical.

My teeth were partially x-rayed, cleaned and checked by a dentist prior to the fitting. The costs $175.00

So it cost me $375.00 to start this program.



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