Addicted To Crochet

I'm Under A Mountain Of Balls

I was saying to Diva Dan last night. I am so loving being surrounded by all this creative energy (as I was looking at the Fan Book Fan Page).

I wondered to myself, how many of these people were posting pictures of their crafts to this degree before I came along? Have they just posted it elsewhere and adding me to the postings list, or is this something that has been inspired by having a dedicated space on the net for fun, positive, and spirit lifting feedback?

I’m so exhausted lately… mind has been turning and thinking about all that needs to be done. I’m not stuck in my mind of what has to be done, but I am inching closer to what has to be completed for the Creativ Festival in October.

With the help of a neighbour who has lent me their newborn baby clothes, I can see first hand if things are fitting or not. I see that some of the tutorial I have produced are not right. More so, the sizes of other people’s patterns, materials, and crochet hooks for certain stitches doesn’t jive. I can see massive recordings of my stuff being redone as as a result and maybe this is a good thing.

Feedback depends on a person’s skill level because their tension would be different from a newbie crocheter… so for some, it works, and others the hat is the size for an Apple! So this I will need to fix.

I created three hats yesterday from 3:30pm – 11:30pm last night. 2 were on a Round Loom… I consider this R & D and the time goes flying on by. I think I have mastered the round loom for the correct size of a Newborn now… Now I am totally excited about Looming Again! I also tweaked my regular baby hats. I created a fabulous Crochet Hat with a sun protector brim that fits a 3 month – 6 Month baby.

People tell me that many new mom’s don’t bother with the homemade stuff right off the bat. Due to baby showers, many new mom’s are overwhelmed with clothing. I’ve been told countless times to be designing for Baby over the age of 3 months for this fact alone. HOWEVER, everyone loves the most soft interesting baby hat when they leave the hospital!

So as much as I am tired… my mind is spinning with concepts and the only way to release the concepts is to sit and design… I will say though, this R & D isn’t so bad… gets me away from a computer for many hours so I can focus!



  1. April 18, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Mikey – about newborn stuff.. I will say from personal experience – when I had my twin boys I was too busy to MAKE anything.. but loved getting it from others.. and now that my boys are *sniff* almost 5 I can make stuff for others – which I have been doing a lot of. I wish there was more newborn patterns floating around.. love all that you do!!

  2. Gabriela Lopez said,

    April 18, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    No Mikey you are inspiring people to post the picture of the crafts just because they want to show their teacher what you making do …tqm

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