Ricky Martin Is Gay… Does It Really Matter?

I have a viewer that is going through a difficult time because she decided to post a comment about Supporting Ricky Martin’s choice for coming out of the closet.

I find this fascinating as this viewer found herself defending herself against some religious statements that were made to her about supporting this and telling her to Repent or she is going to burn in hell.
This viewer is not a lesbian or some activist that has gone out of her way to make her view known. I think she was just merely stating that Ricky is finally being honest with the public and commending him on it.
As much as being gay is heavy in the ARTS / ACTORS field whether it be the actor themselves, or the countless backstage people that are involved, the truth is that being gay in a leading role is still very much a hard thing to do… the public doesn’t accept it well.
WHY Doesn’t the public accept it… For all those girls who thought Ricky was a heart Throb… their fantasies of being with him are finished knowing he is gay. He may pick up the gay guys interest, but clearly homosexuality is a very low minority of people in the world. It’s social suicide.
I commend this viewer for being outspoken. Clearly, she understands that though people are different, there’s still room for them in this world. Not all religious people are this way, but I know this also exists within my family where the bible takes president over my lifestyle. It’s their personal choice.
I love how people are throwing this lady the damnation quotes at her for supporting Ricky… Maybe people should worry about their own relationship with God instead of worrying about what everyone else’s situation is.
So what do I think??? Who Cares Ricky Is Gay! I don’t know Ricky, I’ve never seen him in person and the chances of him being a personal friend are slim next to nil. So how does his sexuality affect me??? It doesn’t! He is who he is… his decisions don’t effect me in the slightest.
I think people should worry more about their own responsibilities and actions instead of concentrating on everyone else’s faults and belief systems.


  1. May 14, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    BRAVO!! As a mother with two gay sons I applaud your friend and I applaud you for saying something I've told my sons for years. Being gay shouldn't be what makes you, you. It should be a ribbon in your rainbow but not the whole rainbow! LOL !

  2. Cassi said,

    May 16, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Whilst him "coming out" means he is saying he is interested in men, it doesn't mean women have to stop fantasising about him sexually! Sure, there is no longer any delusion that he may also be interested in return, but was there any real chance of the average fan ever having her way with him in the first place? NO! So it is all fantasy, why not continue with that? I have a 9 year old son and always tell him when he grows up he might love a man or a woman and as long as he is happy that is all that matters. His father is horrified that I say this but to me you don't love someone just for their gender (you may be more attracted to someone of the same or opposite gender) but ultimately you love the person they are, not their genitalia. PS God is supposed to be an entity of unconditional love. So therefore he loves us no matter who we love, who we support or what we chose to do in our lives. Your friend did the right thing showing support and might consider who she keeps close to her if she is going to have such negative comments directed towards her.

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