Something To Think About – Risky Behavior

I recently received an email from a “stranger” who is local to my location telling me I am hot and to give him a call. Now usually, those kind of emails arrive but they arrive through “hook up” websites. What was surprising is that this person contacted me through Facebook.

Now being in a small town like I am… the chances of knowing another person is fairly high… or knowing something through another is pretty common too.
I seen 4 photographs and noticed we have NO COMMON FRIENDS… so I am thinking… WHY would this person email me out of the blue like this and provide a home number for me to call him? That’s pretty risky!
So it got me thinking as I was looking over the profile… Married, has kids, looks like a nice life he has… pics of him and his wife and a million of his kids…
What I think is interesting is the fact that Facebook is not a place to hook up like this… the details we have on ourselves is pretty specific. You can locate all of our friends and be pretty sneaky!
More interesting, is Diva Dan had a friend that knew this person when he went to go look at it… So Daniel could see the entire profile…
It’s not uncommon for a married guy to be prowling on the gay side of life… and usually on the dating sites, they provide pretty vague information. Probably will state they are married and having kids but you have no idea who the wife or children are.
If I were a person to be interested in this type of behavior to knowingly go after a married guy like this… isn’t it pretty risky to be contacting someone out of the blue like this… What if I actually knew the guy’s wife?
BUT EVEN MORE DISTURBINGLY and this prompted my Blog Today!
How can someone be with him intimately knowing that you have seen all the photographs of his wife and family posted for the world to see? You are getting a visual of the complete family of his and knowing if he is caught, especially with you, that everything in those photographs will be ripped apart through this risky behavior! More than likely the guy knew about this behavior before he was married or even had kids but is trying to live within society’s expectations.
In cases like this where you know the long term mess will eventually unfold itself, why not be honest and face the homosexuality desires before creating a family and a life where you are trying to live to what everyone else wants you to be! It’s harder to go this route, than it is to just simply come out and declare yourself as being different from the world.
Not everyone will ever be cool but then you don’t destroy children’s lives and cause extended grief with children growing up years dealing with something that should have been dealt with in the very beginning.
Very unfortunate… If you think I am being too harsh… I WAS MARRIED and TRIED TO LIVE A LIE and ended up wasting 11 years of my life trying to be something I wasn’t. Not to forget dragging a great women through hardship of facing off that she was married to a guy that has come out of the closet at the end!

1 Comment

  1. nickelo said,

    April 13, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Mikey you are right I don't think that you are harsh at all. It's the truth if this said guy is gay he just needs to come out be honest with everyone, or if he likes to go both ways again he needs to honest with everyone don't hide it. The more you live lie the more it will eat at you and in the end it will destroy the very peopel that you love.

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