You Tube Complaints – 10 Minute Restrictions

I was needing help on the new changes with You Tube this past week. More so, just looking at what needed to be changed for myself in order to deal with the new formats!

By the time, I got this notice… You Tube has already made up it’s mind that they feel this is the better way. Getting trapped in the old way of things is very easy and why not have some change to spice things up a bit!
To my dismay, I couldn’t believe the amount of complaints I was reading about people being blocked for the 10 minute rule. I will admit, I was under the same time limit before becoming Partnered with You Tube. I had to prove myself and prove that I built up my own viewer subscribers and worthiness to You Tube to become a partner!
I’m not sure how many videos You Tube has on file but most of them are mind numbing with no real sense of interest. Personal vacations, trips through shopping malls, kids doing stunts and many people wanting to share videos!
What does 10 Minutes mean? It means you need to get to the point of your long rant and get to it fast! It means you can’t upload full movies or shows. It means you need to plan ahead on what you are about to post. I know… I had to do this. Separating Vids into sections because I struggled to get my crochet videos done quickly due to my approach. However, I proved my self worth.
For all those complaining about the 10 Minute Rule… PROVE YOURSELF to be a worthy Partner to You Tube to get past the 10 minute rule. Remember, all of that uploading has to be stored somewhere… All of that disk space of mind numbing crap takes up space… All of that costs a ridiculous amount of money!
OH and just in case you forgot! YOU TUBE IS FREE! Keep your bitchin and they may impose a monthly fee for those who want to exceed 10 minutes without proving themselves first!
If anything we should be fortunate that it is free… look how much You Tube has already changed our generation in just the short time… Don’t know how to do something… find a video to show you… We all become experts of our own area helping others… It costs money to be part of a library, but You Tube is free! GO Figure!

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  1. ladywolf said,

    April 3, 2010 at 2:21 am

    i totaly agree mikey

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