Clarity & Understanding with Heather Anne Burton

On April 26, 2010 starting at 8pm, we will have Heather Anne Burton on our show. Check out her website if you would like further information about her.

During the broadcast, we will not be taking any phone calls or viewer requests for personal information. However, if you have a question you would like to ask about being a Medium or anything on that nature, you can email me and the best ones will be chosen for the show.
Heather Anne isn’t the typical psychic as seen on famous talk shows. You will gain understanding on her website that her abilities go beyond just sitting on a stage and throwing out hit or miss predictions, forecasts, and more. She requires concentration and connection. Just because you want to know something about someone who has died or something about your future, that “being” or answer may not be available right at that moment to give you the answer you desire.
Also, she feels that the information that she is given to share has to be accurate and make sense. Throwing out false information can be detrimental to whomever is receiving it.
Why bring her on the show then if she is not going to be forecasting any predictions on our show? You will be amazed because she can explain in words you can understand what it’s like to be a medium, what she sees, how the information comes to her, and more. There is something about her that is fascinating… join us LIVE that night to hear her first hand.

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