Making Jewelry

I’ve found a new interest which may turn more creative than my Crochet…

Last week, I invested in some beads, a simple jewelry 3 – 1 Tool and some necessities to make simple bracelets!
Today at Lens Mill Stores, their bead selection is phenominal. Finally, someone has stuff that a guy can wear but so could a girl! The prices are astonishing too! Maybe 1/2 price or less verses the big “W” and other retailers!
Diva Dan was at my side and was throwing beading suppies, beads, wire, and ect into the basket!
I went to Chapters and found a book that blew my socks off. I can do that with wire… I know it will require skill and practice but I feel compelled to try! I love jewelry yet, I wouldn’t wear a lot of it because it’s too girlie, but I can produce it with the same passion even though it’s not for me!
“WHEN” I get good at it… I’m not sure I will demonstrate my techniques on YOU TUBE, but time will tell for sure. A lot of it is so delicate, I’m not sure the camera is going to see it close enough but I can try one day!
I’ve always felt compelled to try to make jewelry, after last week, I thought it to be more difficult than it truly is… NOW the power is mine… pick the items I want, pick the clapse, design the size RIGHT FOR ME, and voila, I have a unique peice of jewelry that only I will ever have…
I’m so excited… Even Diva Dan is excited about this too!
🙂 Michael


  1. Morzinemimi said,

    April 1, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    Good for you! I discovered knitting/crochet with beads and wire last year and it adds so much to what you can do; baskets, household items, jewellery and embelishments to existing woolen projects. Enjoy!

  2. ladywolf said,

    April 3, 2010 at 2:24 am

    cool finaly somthing to get diva dan into with you thats awsome

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