Almost On Reality Television – But I’m Still Happy

A select few knew that we were gearing on being on Reality Television. Filming would be commencing shortly. We knew up front as well that our home location being in the boonies with a town of 5,000 people could be an issue. However, they found us to audition so we started gearing up to getting some minor repairs in the home done.

We worked hard on the application process and really had some fun with it. Our Youtube Videos really played an important role as it was the reason why they found us.
After further review… we have decided to withdraw our application to appear. Again, it came down to our physical home location.
We were still invited to go through final auditions and finally the gist of the show was revealed, including any financial kick backs… we decided that it would be best interest to withdraw our application.
As it stands right now… we could still go through it, but we would have to find a “Friend’s House” in Toronto where this reality show could be filmed. This friend would not be invited into the camera or the action… and basically for a good portion of one week during filming, they would need to absent… we’ve decided that there’s no way we could ask any of Diva Dan’s Friends to make such a sacrifice. All of the decor for our theme would need to be brought to the home and basically re arrange everything when it’s already set up in our current home.
There was no major financial kick back and more so… I really wanted my crochet decor to be in the background shots of the filming to self promote myself with Mikeyssmail… I was looking at this whole process as a media building opportunity.
However… I’m not disappointed… the fact that we were located through YOUTUBE is testament in itself to whose paying attention and the building up of what I am trying to achieve. This show as about creativity in creating something from nothing…
We still have that huge show in the fall to look forward to going to. That show is going to be incredible. We are already working on several aspects to get that off the ground…
HAVING SAID THAT… I can’t wait for my FLOWER POWER WRISTBANDS TO BE MADE… I think they are a fabulous OVER THE TOP ACCESSORY! (See you can tell, I’m not upset… I’m looking further ahead to exciting things coming).
🙂 Michael

1 Comment

  1. Harold2 said,

    March 19, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    You may not be disappointed, but I am, kind of. I ws looking forward to seeing you and Diva Dan. Your positive attitude though is to be commendable. your attitude is contagious!!! 😉 Good luck at the "big show". I wish all the luck in the world!!!!!!

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