What Am I Famous For?

When you think of MIKEYSSMAIL, what projects am I known for?

Michael has been asked to present Crochet and Set Up A Display Area at Canada’s Top Festival for Creativity. “Creative Festival” it’s called.

Thousands of people will be pass through the Convention Centre. Michael has been asked to hold seminars, set up a display area and meet the fans of Mikeyssmail at this weekend long event held in the Fall of 2010.

I have to get my marketing strategy in place and sponsors backing me as I need some stuff in order to make this happen. Permission from YOUTUBE and GOOGLE to use their name. I need to get my own line of DVD’s to market and possibly other stuff which I am still unsure of.

What kind of promotional item whether it be a card or something useful should I focus on giving away so people remember MIKEYSSMAIL when they get home?

For my display? Which projects am I known for and which projects should be displayed for the world to see?

I really could use a hand on knowing what projects entice people the most in capturing interest… I’m hoping many of you can comment so I can take notes so I know where to focus.



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