Behind The Camera To Real Life

Life is really throwing some really opposite things for both Daniel and I.

I am having the time of my life, meanwhile, Diva Dan is in a period of transition and self exploration. The opportunities for me at presenting themselves with 2 years of time loss, decisions, and pushing Mikeyssmail to be what it is. Diva Dan is unsure what opportunities are waiting him because good things take time to develop.
I feel somewhat guilty that here I am. I have a great job, but this side hobby is presenting “real” opportunities that can mean an entire life change. Which eventually could mean a brand new career.
I will say this publically though, my success at this moment is strongly due to Diva Dan’s push for exploring creativity and believing in me. Little did he know a year ago when he met me, that the opportunities we now have would even be possible. A “Youtube Crochet Channel Instructor” would be sought after by media and other venues to promote themselves and seeing the benefit of having Michael part of something huge.
We are on the verge of two very big concepts that go beyond Youtube pulling us from behind our own lense. One of the concepts is a result of Diva Dan and his vision for an idea. This idea can totally alter his future and give him a whole new career path that is huge. Of course, I will go along with the ride as I have created “Diva Dan”. He was never on Camera before he met me. My audience has adopted him as my equal and love his sense of humour and fun on Camera.
The second concept brings us out from behind the camera to thousands of fans in a massive forum. I have 7 Months to get my act in gear. Get my marketing in place. Get my CD’s Created. Get backing from sponsors to give products away and sponsorship to cover my expenses. I’m now on a weight loss kick to get my body in shape for the live appearances, television interviews, and more.
Before you say I am lucky! Lucky yes… but there’s been so much work behind the scenes that my day is wrapped up on a computer… researching, creating, editing and ideas for the future.
There’s a lot going on… I just have to focus and realize where to start! I guess I chip at the edge of the ideas and keep working my way through it.

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