Train Tracks Leading To Hope – January 2010

Joy and hope are so underestimated on the impact of what they really mean.

If you ever sat with me and talked about my goals, you would hear me talk about the train tracks that I continually lay down. My train tracks are simply metaphoric ideas that I have and future goals. In the very first publication of these newsletters, there was a saying that I cherish. “Without Traction, There’s No Reaction”. Simply stated, without effort, you can’t expect things to come to you.

I learned from a business mentor that a light must always be burning bright in the long tunnel. That light is a goal or mile stone in your life. Without goals, living day to day feels endless because it can be so routine. The key is to make goals, pursue the steps it takes to achieve it, and when you finally reach that goal (light), you have a sense of feeling so great that you have succeeded in the push for something you wanted or believed in. This feeling, makes you want more and lay down more ideas (tracks) to follow.

What propels us to that light are the JOYS and HOPES within us. You need that to keep yourself motivated and focused. Too many people, expect others to create those moments for us. For many, they rarely experience it… SIMPLY PUT… they wait or haven’t put forth the traction to expect the reaction.

When is the last time you received a letter from a pen pal across the seas? Probably never. Moreover, when is the last time you thought to be that person to reach out first to write that letter?

Reach out, hope for more, so you may feel the joy. The Joys and Hopes work hand in hand. Happy New Year.



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