Frozen In Time – Missing The Creativity

Okay yes I know… I have a computer being built to do the videos in the future… but it’s not here yet and in many ways I feel like my creativity is stagnent.

I can use my old camera which most of the videos are recorded on but with the high definition camera, things are so much more clearer now… so I would hate to go backward. So yes… I can continue to film, but I think it’s probably better to wait until my new computer is completed… When that will be could be a month or so away.

The thing about YOUTUBE is constantly being on top of creativity… continually surprising everyone with new things… right now… I can’t do that and that bothers me greatly. I could continue to record videos right now, but I have no place to store them for when I am ready. It’s a catch 22.

The true fans who are always here, will know if or when I recycle a tutorial.

I have a major task at hand today anyway… I am kind of procastinating it. However, I do know this is my future… so getting on with my hobby turned micro business is a must.


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