Exciting Times Lay Ahead – Advertising With Mikeyssmail

I knew Diva Dan was smart and a genius when it comes to planning events and tasks… However, I am even more amazed with the quality of graphical layouts and style he has within.

Mikeyssmail is opening up for new opportunities for advertisers to tap into the viewership. He already is partnered with two video site holders to receive a kick back on the ads shown. It’s a tiny thank you for continuing to provide free tutorials on a massive level.
Mikeyssmail has been approached by an interested advertiser and is looking to our audience for their service / products. Accepting any advertiser is the thing, we don’t want just anyone tapping in our audience. For example, having local businesses that don’t provide shipping or services outside of one little town would prove to be a dumb move.
The other thing is too… we don’t want Mikeyssmail to turn into a commercialized site where everything costs money. We need to stick providing free tutorials because that’s how it all started. As soon as we change this… we are done.
We need to get our first proposal done this week and numbers finalized. Statistically, we have the volume to prove to businesses that we should be taken seriously. It’s just a matter of finding them and providing the evidence to support it.
This is pushing me even faster to get our Studios in place and ready! Exciting Times Lay Ahead… Thank the powers that be that allowed Daniel and I to get together… I know if he wasn’t around, I wouldn’t have been this far ahead already.
🙂 Michael

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