Complimenting A Straight Guy’s Body

You know… as much as Homophobia exists, I think there’s an interesting reaction when a gay man compliments a straight man. Not in a sexual sense but in a general one in reference to the straight guy’s look, body, or fashion.

I believe that a straight guy doesn’t mind when a gay guy compliments him for having “The Look” or “Being Hot”. I believe that it boosts the confidence of a guy knowing hey… “The Girls think I am hot… and damn, the gay boys do too! I must be all that!”

I think there is a line though… “Gee your hot, come and jump into my bed!” doesn’t go over too well but saying “HEY, the women must be falling all over you cause of your great eyes!”

My coworker, who is pretty easy on the eyes, gives me “The Wink” sometimes when he wants something… He mentioned to me once, just that wink of approval goes far in the dating scene. I call him out on it everytime reminding him that I’m not a chick and I don’t buy his crap! LOL But honestly, he’s probably the most funnest person I have ever worked directly with. We are like to peas in a pod, yet we never socialize outside of work because we have a professional relationship. It’s best to keep it that way!

I have been dying to compliment a particular guy’s legs for months now… and today I found the opportunity to do it. You have to wait for the right context or it appears I am hitting on someone. This gentleman is straight and by golly, he has great legs! So said in the right context, “… well I have seen your legs in shorts and they are hot!”

It was the funniest thing… His immediately reaction was a giddy school girl laugh. He’s cool with me being who I am and I wasn’t hitting on him. My gawd though, it totally boosted his day as he left my presence with a bounce in his step! HAHA I was sincere though.

I guess when it comes down to it. I wouldn’t ever say to a straight guy on the street they looked hot but I have been known on plenty of occassions to compliment a woman’s attire while holding the door for her. I think it’s obvious from my word choice of telling them they look “Fabulous” that I am clearly not hitting on them, just appreciating they took the time to get all dolled up.

Compliment someone today and see what your reaction back is! You know a compliment can really make someone’s day even better!


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