Should I Re-Post A Follow Up Video?

I have a handful of videos which receive the most ignorant comments you will ever see on my channel. More so… me working in the trucking industry creates a lot of backlash because I break the mould of the type of person who can drive a transport for a living.
During my trucking years, I was in Arkansas at a Wal-Mart doing a delivery. A young man who was a stock worker was pretty verbal. My Canadian Accent gave me away for not being American… which prompted some conversation.
He told me that it must be horrible not to be an American Citizen and from the United States. (I left that off the video). I asked him why he would think that. Strictly based on the assumption that the USA is the best country in the world. As I would normally say to anyone who asked me that… I wouldn’t be American if I had a choice. The amount of Poverty I see across the great nation astounds me. I am happy with where I am from.
This video here is about Meeting a Kid (About 21 Years Of Age) who had a hate on for Quebecors. (people who are French and living in Quebec). The information he knew about Quebecors were based on news broadcasts. He admitted to have never met any people from Quebec… so his hate on was strictly based on news media.
Up until the point he met me, he had never met a Canadian.
He asked me my view point. I acknowledged that there are differences in culture. But really there is no difference from jumping State to State in the United States. Everyone has their ways of living and belief systems.
The conversation eventually jumped to his hate on for Mexicans. You can see in the comments of the video… my defending the mexican’s doesn’t go very well. More so… and my point is… YOU CANT JUDGE EVERYONE AS BEING ILLEGAL. One genius in the last week stated that 99% OF THE MEXICAN CULTURE POPULATION IS ILLEGAL and stealing jobs. But you can’t mistreat people based on an assumption and it’s stupid to request from a cashier at a store to see her USA CITIZENSHIP so she is treated better.
During my years of trucking and going back and forth to the USA to the southern states all the time. It’s tainted my perception of the United States in some degrees. Some States scare the absolute crap out of me for the amount of low tolerance to other cultures and is cleary obvious when you have gone to an area where you are standing alone and feeling unsafe. BUT MORE SO… who is responsible for giving me this perception is the LOCAL NEWS CASTS. Many times, we would be in a quiet little town parked behind a Home Depot or Lowes store. Our TV in our truck would catch the local airwaves. The local news casts glorify the Stabbings, shootings, and is a one hour show of real violence and etc. Suddenly, the quiet little town you think you are in is a place where you feel unsafe and now scared to sleep at night. Media really controls the fear and really sheds light on the fear by always being over the top.
They say nearly 2 Million less visitors are going to the states from Canada each month. The no passport rules have done this justice, but the scare of security of the United States really puts fear in people. The customs agents have the right to ruin a holiday and that adds to the mounting fears. More so… if a 911 Attack were to happen again, would we be trapped in the states with closure of borders and airflight.
If anything, the lack of trust and the treatment at the border really has clouded some holiday goers. Statistically, more Canadians are now travelling everywhere but the united states. What does that say. Well according to my viewers who are leaving those comments, they don’t want someone like me in their country anyway…
I just wonder where is the line.

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