Computer Crashed

Oh yeah… Crashed Big Time!

I have a wonderful Dell Computer Inspirion and I love it to be honest. I bought it at Wal-Mart and it has been excellent.

When I bought the computer… I didn’t need bells and whistles. Just get me online and so forth. It wasn’t until I got into the videos that is has become a bit troublesome.

The computer just can’t handle the amount of “Rendering” it takes to crunch a video. It can slow down and really drive it hard when doing so.

A few months back. I ran out of space on my computer for the 2nd time. Instead of doing a massive delete of videos. I invested in a TERABYTE Drive. It’s basically 1 Hard Drive with 1,000 GIGABYTES of space. I had transferred mostly everything there as a back up.

My computer did a system failure and is unable to restart. I was able to get it started temporarily in order to move the remaining personal photographs, documents and some other key elements over to the Terabyte Drive. it’s a separate storage unit outside of my computer.


So I am at a cross roads… do I take this as an opportunity to do some upgrading? It’s only 2 years old but I know the computer can’t handle the video software that I use. Should I look for a secondary UNIT, fix this and network a second system together?

I can bet… someone is going to tell me I should have invested in a MAC… I don’t want to hear it. HAHA

So for now… I remain unplugged until I get my machine to a service person… I can log in through Daniel’s Computer at home, but I know I am can monopolize a computer very easily.

I will say… 6 years ago… my computer crashed and I was without a computer for 4 weeks. It was probably the best 4 weeks ever… I was so productive in my personal life. I got out more… I was a lot more social… so maybe this is a good thing… TEMPORARILY!

That’s it for now!


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