New Live Phone In Show – PHONE IN SHOW

Starting Next Week… Diva Dan and I will reopen our LIVE TO AIR BROADCAST that usually aired on Monday Nights Live. is where you can join us.
We are spinning this in a new direction. We are opening up our home phone where the viewers can talk live to us over the phone. Our phone number will be broadcasted the night of AIR.
If a second call is placed to us while we are on the phone, it goes right to VOICEMAIL… so it’s best to call in when you see we are available.
The long distances charges are up to the VIEWER.
The date and time of this live to air will be released over the weekend. We know not everyone will be available.
We are giving the viewer the maximum of 5 Minutes to be able to get as many people through to us. The entire world will be able to hear you and interact live with us. Be aware there is a 10 second delay between real time and the time you see it happening on your internet.
SO JOIN US… LIVE and TALK TO US! Others can type in comments as the normal way to interact as well!
Talk to you soon!

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