What Does This Mean?

I’m in a lot of reflection lately over the symbolism of religion and how it effects people. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the world coming to an end soon and that I should be prepared.

Part of the preparation is to give myself to God and live under his authority and do as expected. But I find myself conflicted because which religion do I choose? How do I know which one is right?
In this world, there are so many sects of religion. Some cherry pick, others are specific, and some just don’t make any sense to me. People have told me that I “Need to plug into a church” and that’s all that’s needed. But I think that is simpler said than done. I know from experience that one church of a denomination can be very different from the same denomination across town. Even to go as far as one feels they are more superior over the other, but when in fact they should be equal if they are following the same denomination.
It’s got me to thinking of why I am striving to continue to try to be successful? Maybe I should just go to work, sit in front of the TV, eat dinner on schedule, and live the same thing day after day without trying to be polite to others, trying to make a difference, and trying to teach people that they have creativity within.
I’m not depressed or feeling low. I’m just confused.
With Diva Dan leaving his church with frustration. From the feedback coming from people. People identify that there are issues that are serious at this church that need to be dealt with. But the organization and structure doesn’t allow for quick changes, if anything some of what is set up is the way and there’s no if, ands, or butts about it. What strikes me as Odd is that many people who have contacted Us have expressed serious discontentment but are not willing to stand up and say “ENOUGH”.
Which leads me to my next thought. If we are unsatisfied with a business… what do we do? We boycott it and bash it to get the point across on why you were dissatisfied. Churches have this hold on people which I don’t fully understand.
  • You volunteer to be there.
  • You (with your own free will) place an offering in the collection plate that suits you.
  • In some cases, you are told how much you need to pay to the collection plate.
  • In a known case, I know where the church has told people to give more because they are in trouble.
  • In some cases which I know of, they know they are in financial trouble and yet aren’t prepared to adjust pays or staffing to accommodate the lack of money coming in.
I guess what strikes me as odd. If you are unhappy and you volunteer to be there… WHY GO? What is it about the Church that keeps the hold on people? Are people afraid to leave because of social pressure?
I’ve been known to walk out of stores due to crappy service. I’ve been known to boycott stores. Sears is one of them. Lousy experience in the very early 90’s catching the store manager lie to my face over a faulty television set. When caught, not even an apology because instead of checking his facts, he spewed off what he thought I would believe. Head office was involved with this one but it still spoiled my image of what I thought Sears to be.
How is church and stores different? They are both businesses. They are both selling something? Lifestyle verses tangible goods. Stores tend to be less personal and nor would you tell the cashier that you are having family issues. A church I know is facing off with closing… and the pastor says GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF US… Wait just one minute… What about your own personal effort and what the congregation can do that is just more than forking over more money? It’s easy to say PRAY about something… but are the people really praying?
I’m just so conflicted… I’m being told to PLUG IN… but from what I can see… WHY? I can’t find a church with a level of integrity and honesty. Is that my fault?
I heard someone say recently… All churches are dishonest in some degree. After 60 years, they say you just have to find the one that is less. They know darn well the church down the street has a better preacher and better set up… but they refuse to leave and join there before they feel connected to ‘albeit” broken church that they won’t. Does this make any sense?
Maybe we should stop trying to find religion … maybe concentrate on being a decent human being and treating each other with respect because that’s what we hope for in return.
I seen a documentary the other day that is leaving me questions… Humans are always looking for a meaning! Maybe there is none… maybe we are just here to live our short lives and be gone as part of this planet going through it’s growth cycle. It’s interesting that most of can’t think of our lives as just merely a chain of events without having to associate it with something mystical.
I just have questions.

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