Right & Left Handed Crochet

Coming within Dayz will be the first releases of Left Handed Crochet available on Mikeyssmail.

I’m naturally right handed. 9% – 16% of the world are left handed and are apparently born with Left Handed Tendencies. Neither is more correct than the other. I did notice as a child that left handed writing appears to be difficult as you are moving toward your completed work than working away from it. I guess it’s from what you know. Statistics also say that of that population, the majority of it are males.
Menus in http://www.mikeyssmail.com will be updated with have a sub menu showing you the video tutorials of Right Hand Version and Left Hand Version. Obviously written patterns don’t matter which hand you are. They are just words.
I am excited about this. I already teach crochet differently according to my viewers. I hold a hook like I am stabbing someone. Apparently I have been told it’s the harder way to learn. My mom taught me that way and it’s worked for 25 years. So why change it now.

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