Car Was Hit Yesterday

Well well well… looks like my car goes into the body shop in a couple weeks. My car was unfortunately a victim of an out of control “driverless pick up truck”.

I work with great people and I have a really good relationship which involves a lot of banter and joking. Someone came into my office yesterday and was joking about my car being hit by them. They were laughing so I figured yeah yeah yeah… I can see my car but it’s far enough away I can’t see minor stuff.

So I figured the guy wants me to slip on my boots and go out in the below freezing weather… Just for me to come inside and be the butt end of a joke.

He was joking with me that it could be buffed out and whatever.

From the window… the front bumper looked like it had an added reflection but I figured it was dirt… Eventually I thought… “MAN OH MAN” if he is serious… I may have to do something about this on the spot.

So I put on my boots and coat and went out. Sure enough… he had hit my car. I was surprised! His laughing and joking about things really kind of struck a chord with me. Guess he is trying to make light of it.

BUFF IT OUT… WHATEVER… The plastic is peeled back slightly and paint is entirely missing in nearly 1.5 feet of it.

It would turn out… The guy jumped out of his truck… forgot to pull the brakes… came inside to chat… Another employee seen it moving. (which that employee never came to get me but walked past me in a panic to find the guy). The truck had rolled back across the entire parking lot… and where we park there’s an a steep drop off of 15 feet into the next business. Luckily it hitting my car, stopped his truck from going backwards over the edge.

Apparently, I was a real bitch when I came into the office! Even the owner of the company thought I was going to jump on the guy. So initially I felt bad when I was being told my reaction back to me, including voice and body language… BUT THEN I FELT PROUD THINKING>>> HEY I STOOD UP FOR MYSELF and it’s been dealt with already.

Thank GOD I work with great people… I dashed it over to the collision place to get a quote… Well over $1000 bucks to get new bumper. He is fortunate he never cracked the grill or did further damages. The guy paid for the damages within an hour so that I could schedule it to be fixed.

Life always has some twists and turns!


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