Your Online Personality…

Admit it… we don’t really know you and you don’t really know me. In person, I could be a completely different person which my online personality doesn’t show. Would you like me if you knew me in person… who knows… but there’s a reason why I have no close friends in my real life, I’m not a social person. My online personality says opposite.

Sure… I can turn on the social attitude when I need to, but I am not a person to call up someone and say LETS DO SOMETHING… So essentially, what you know of me is my ONLINE AVATAR SELF.
Somewhere in the past year or so… my mind has switched to marketing strategies. I watch Benny Hinn on the internet… I am listening to his messages but I am more watching what is happening around him on stage. Are the guys in suits catching people believing what is happening? Or are they being paid to watch the signals of Benny about push someone back by their throat. Notice how the music is instinctively timed and gets louder as the audience starts to react to the stories. The choir is perfectly timed. I’m not discounting the religious aspect of what is being portrayed, but there is a lot going on so seamlessly that if you are not watching for it, you would never know it’s happening.
Benny is giving us his STAGE AVATAR? I do struggle to think if he really believes what he is doing… or whether that is his job and a way to generate income.
So if someone like me is watching marketing strategies… what are people watching on my page? I had to “flip a switch” last year… to keep the negative crap off Facebook. I deleted 100’s of photographs… Life is rarely perfect. We are products of our own choices? If I go to Wal-Mart and buy something and use up my last dollars on something that was completely impulsive… and I am left without grocery money? Who’s fault is that? It’s my own… but I probably could find other things to blame other than my own responsibility. Yet many of us, including me will be free to post whatever we are feeling… but what are other people really thinking?
There’s a particular person who is driving me crazy on Facebook. Is quick to complain to me about things I do, but the things they are complaining to me about… they are doing it too. Isn’t it interesting that what others find to complain about, is in themselves because they can’t see it in the same context.
It’s a hard lesson to realize not everyone is going to like me and it’s more interesting how ONLINE people feel freer to tell you that you are disliked… even going to extreme of sickening profanity.
With the online community probably be stronger than real life community… what people think about you is based on what you post and how you say it.

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