Your Computer – Your Instant Library

The other day, I was trying to think of the Girl who started the hats that were floppy with a flower on the front of it. It’s from the 90’s Television Show which started a craze. Do you remember her name was Blossom from the Television Show Blossom? I couldn’t for the life of me remember her name but her hat was definitely clear in my mind.

I was working on a barbie doll size hat in bed and I got up to do a couple searches in Google. VOILA… her name and picture was there.

The key to the internet is SEARCHING. I can’t remember the days without a computer where literally the entire universe as we know it is searchable. I didn’t know how to create lighting using standard bulbs for my STUDIO. Someone somewhere has posted something on it. It’s just a matter of finding it.

It drives me totally up the wall when someone tells me that they can’t find something… OR they are not willing to invest the time into the searches. I think the key to understanding the INTERNET is to learn how to search. I use GOOGLE countless times a day. Even for my own stuff. The search is so powerful, that within a few words, what I am looking for is right there.

The key to searches is to use KEY WORDS… words that mean something. I couldn’t remember where the video was that I did a swirl hat. I know I used a word in front of it but I couldn’t remember. So I googled, MIKEYSSMAIL SWIRL HAT VIDEO TUTORIAL and voila Peppermint Swirl Hat videos pop up.

Even in my website. I have provided to users 2 SEARCH BOXES. 1 Only searches my stuff online which includes everything and the other is the ENTIRE INTERNET but focusing on CROCHET and LOOM KNITTING. Though they look the same as a regular search, they have been programmed by me to narrow down your search. I’m no programmer, but I did snoop to find this free technology and see the advantages to it.

Today, even businesses are working heavily into technology. You home computer is NOT JUST A FACEBOOK, TWITTER or MSN platform. Literally the entire world is there. In some cities, you can grocery shop, buy stuff, order take out, look for a book to read, find a recipe, or anything without ever having to leave your house.

Even in the trucking field I work in. We have the power to send Drivers stuff to their house through Email. Everything a driver needs to know about their trip before they get to our office to leave is available. It’s a decision whether a driver wishes it or not. Nearly half of my drivers who work with me expect a email with their complete details each Friday. It allows them to GOOGLE DIRECTIONS, Plan, and Know exactly what is expected without having to come to the office and everything being so new. It’s a fabulous way.

But we can’t force those who wish to stay in the past. Many of us invest in some nice computer equipment for the house. But many of us are just using it to chat with friends and really not diving into what the internet can really do.

It drives me bonkers when someone claims they don’t have access to something, even to something that is completely free for them to use. I’m afraid to tell you… GET ON THE DAMN BOAT, because this is the future. You can only claim ignorance for so long. I have to admit, the most frustrating thing to me is teaching someone how to turn on a computer…. In this day of age. I should be training you on programs just released… not start from the basics of what to do after the machine is on and the basic fundamental stuff of moving around the net.

OKAY OKAY OKAY… I will admit that I don’t have a cell phone, nor the desire to own one… but I’m never far from a computer… and if I am hiking, the last thing I would want to do is call someone or update my status on Facebook. I never call anyone anyways. EMAIL ME, therefore I can answer you when its convenient for me.

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