Got Thinking About Politics

I was at Tim Hortons this afternoon and my steeped tea was brewing so I had to sit down and wait for 5 minutes for it. Why are churches emptying out in droves for the younger generation leaving or not even starting?

Is it because of the politics? Are we less faithful? Or Are We frustrated with what we see and hear that goes on? Or is this generation of people not been trained well in politics?
I can’t help but think about people who sit on Councils. The people making the decisions for many of us.
  1. How many old people are running organizations and battling their way through Politics?
  2. Could the political games be fun for this older generation?
  3. Maybe the politics are just a way of life and the old people know how to play it?
  4. Has the younger generation not been taught to deal with it and want answers quicker than playing the game?
I was thinking that maybe the younger generation are just not critical thinkers. We don’t want to invest the time into problem solve. We want action to be immediate and quick. This generation is in a very fast paced world and waiting feels like an eternity. We just say screw it… we’ll go elsewhere instead of working through the games.
Someone around me, revealed to my Mother that I had done something on my videos to discredit her during her interview. Without allowing me to explain or for her to open her mind, a judgement is made… and still weeks later, not a word has been exchanged back and forth to her. Maybe the silence is the remedy, but maybe we are not politically trained to allow it to bounce and continue the fight? Maybe it’s the continuance of the fight is where we grow… but who has times for games when reality is that we are being taught if you face an opposition to walk away from it instead of playing.
I know darn well in Politics, I don’t have what it takes. If the truth is out there, I want it to be known. If someone is doing something inappropriately, I want them to be handled and dealt with quickly. In politics, it’s not about speed its a slow process and sometimes so slow that the person asking the question is so far buried under a mountain of people that we don’t remember what the question or issue was.
Bad publicity and bad press happens very quickly. They say that one bad experience, a person will go to tell 8 people and from that multiplies huge in the telephone chain conversations until no one cares. Think about what that could mean for an organization that you work with or volunteer for. If people dislike your company, chances are they told 8 people. If someone had a bad experience, they too are passing along your message and someone else’s too! This is re-confirming the bad experience which helps escalate it and really spread fast.
I was in the presence of a preacher in the last 2 months. The topic was how organized religion has changed. He felt that churches can do a change in order to bring the people back; however in mass, people are no longer following a set of rules that are from God but made and monitored by man. People are believing that the church is a controller of people. You bend to match the rules of the church, you are frowned upon if you deviate and you can be kicked out if you don’t adhere. Not all religions are the same, but step out of line… you will see the backbone of the church and who they are immerse and set you straight.
Churches are becoming museums that are dusty and dying. It’s been said that a lot of people don’t believe in god but maybe that is a cop out for something more fundamental. Maybe people still believe in God, they just don’t like the man made rules and presentation of it. Maybe like me, the don’t know how to play the political games or even want to.
If I joined a club or organization and realized there’s a game being played… I’m just going to leave… why bother being new in the organization and recognizing that change needs to be made. Chances are, the people sitting inside already are too comfortable sitting in the sludge of politics that they can’t even see it for themselves that a change could be positive. Why change, even though more and more organizations and clubs are becoming extinct.
I belonged to a Cub Scout Group as a kid. I was eventually pulled out. The people running it were always fighting about who was in charge and about the activities. It’s easier to leave, than it is to intervene and fix the issues.
A well respected man told me last fall. As far as church and other organizations go, there will always be politics and to come to accept the fact of it. WHY THOUGH… Why would you volunteer your time and money to an organization where the politics can overshadow the truth?
Maybe the truth is… 1 person had a bad experience told 8 others and then cross compared their own stories and now there is no trust of churches or organizations to be honest… yet it’s suppose to be the place where honesty should be an example to show us how to behave?
There’s a local church asking a community to contribute funds to rebuild the steeple. The community is saying… Why should it bother… the church has taken more from the community than given back. More so… it’s a question whether the money is being used to fix the steeple or going to other unknown projects or things that the community won’t ever know…
THATS THE PROBLEM… people have lost faith that the same organizations who promise and are looking after the people using God’s Word are NOT being trusted by the general public because too many people have had a bad experience with the church.
It’s not so much we don’t believe or lack of interest to participate, we just don’t believe the place has credibility and we would rather let it rot, then to question it for ourselves and if we see an issue, being the leader to bring the change.

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