Knowing When To Cut & Walk Away

We’ve all been there… at a point in our lives when we stop dead in our tracks and look around us. The problem becomes that we are so immersed in the situation that it is difficult to see beyond ourselves. See our own responsibilities and be willing to see what more can be done. We are at that decision to cut and walk away.

I know there are many Facebook profiles I have seen where people are upset about their lives and decisions they are forced to make. Some decisions that they really don’t have a choice to make and are public about their options. People rally support and offer mental assistance but we don’t feel any better about our situations. The main thought in the mind is whether you want to continue down the same path or finally jump out of the path and go off on your own.
I get that mental distress. In 2009 I was facing down the barrel of a gun with the banks and other circumstances… I just had to make 1 choice, then another good choice, and then another… I slipped along the way… but it’s a matter of trying to continually moving forward when everything appears to be coming at you.
  1. Have you done everything in your power to ensure that the path you were on wasn’t avoidable?
  2. What is your part and be honest about it?
  3. If a personality conflict in motion… is it repairable?
  4. Did you try your hardest?
  5. Do you have more excuses for your failures than solutions to why it could have been different?
  6. How honest are you being here… do you recognize people who are offering advice that appears to be counter productive though it’s probably the course of action?
I once had my own business and finally I had to come to a point on whether to continue or just cut my losses and run. It was hard decision, I see where my faults are now looking back. However, at the time, I felt like a victim of circumstances. But many of the circumstances were self created.
Time changes everything. My mind at 36 Years old is very different from 26. However, I realize that I had to go through that experience when I was 26 in order to make me who I am today. I know at 46, I will be a different person again.
So facing decisions what are you? Are you impulsive or calculative on the decisions you are making? It’s better to be in control or feel you are in control if you are realistic. Easier said than done I know.

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