Mikey Makes A Loom Knitting Mistake

Well I never said I was perfect… but I have made a serious error in a group of tutorials that will need to be re-labelled.

WHY DID I MAKE THE MISTAKE? I have no child and I relied on my own instinct to what size a baby’s head is… turns out I was wrong based on my new “Baby Michael” model.
The hats labelled Baby Loom Hats, need to be changed to PREEMIES. I have no Baby Loom Tutorials at this time that match a regular size head. I was getting complaints that the hats were too small and for dolls. But everyone crochets slightly different.
I will be correcting this error shortly and re-labeling my hat… ALSO, turns out my Vintage Preemie Hat isn’t so preemie! it’s actually for a regular Baby’s Head… Again I will need to re-label this change as well!
I’m sorry for my error and for those who wasted their times creating stuff that wasn’t usable.

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