The Secret & What’s Coming Ahead

Ahead is going to be one of my finest achievements that has been planned now for a month. I believe in “The Secret” and it’s my philosophy in life. For those who don’t know what it is… it’s kind of complex to describe but the principle is so simple.

Simply ask the universe for what you need or want… if you are meant to have it and it’s the correct timing… it will manifest itself. Be grateful for everything, including the bad experiences, because without them you don’t grow and learn.
I am a couple weeks away from my launching of my new concept and idea. It’s driving me crazy not to speak about it. Hopefully, people in the end aren’t going to go “THATS IT!” LOL
The time devoted in this new concept has been overwhelming. Primarily, I didn’t want to announce my new plan and start releasing tutorials one by one… I want to have several that will be uploaded and ready for the launch date. This idea is going to open the world of crochet to many people and really reach out to touch people’s hearts.
Well that’s it for now… I’m tired… going to bed! MKL

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