If Tampons Can Upgrade… So Can I

In a matter of days… Mikeyssmail will be again upgraded. Less than 1 month ago, there was a software upgrade that has completely changed my video presentations.

My business mentor strongly recommended I get a website up and going. Little did I know I would have 10,000 people tromp through it over the 2 months it’s been active. Obviously what I am offering is important enough for a visit. I know people have been appreciating a place to find the patterns I demonstrate and more.
In a matter of days. I am purchasing the most expensive software to date to again enhance the quality of presentations of what he shows. Diva Dan has been pushing to buy 1 of them for a while because he can use it to enhance his musical performances. ME? I think it would be great to take something boring and using software enhance it to something interesting.
I don’t want my website to look cheap, produced CHEAP yes, but not appear it. I mean business here sincerely! I keep refraining from saying I want a Sex Appeal Website… Not pornographic or anything along that nature… BUT SEXY to the eyes. Visually eye Candy with smooth graphics, easy to read, simple, and yet an experience that will be shared by the mass millions passing through my Youtube.
The current Mikeyssmail .COM is being made with a free trial version of Web Studio 5. Easy to use and has wonderful features. The product that Diva Dan wanted is made by a well known manufacturer that produces a website development software…. so I am aiming to purchase both of these using my Holiday Pay.
This is another huge leap to the creation of MIKEYSSTUDIO that will be coming up in the Summer 2010. I want to have a full fledged, professional studio in place and ready for Business. I know I wll get there… this is my goal and vision.

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