This Weekend Was The Worst Day Ever

I think I am out of the swing of things as I have felt this Christmas Holiday to be extremely long. I got a lot accomplished on a personal level in the direction of Mikeyssmail. I just have to watch this Internet Addiction doesn’t take over my life.

I reported back to work as usual. I work for a fabulous company whereas I am the Weekend and On Call person for the duration of the weekend. Saturday was pretty good, but then I started getting calls after I had left the office that were non important. There is nothing more frustrating that people using an Emergency After Hours lines for non urgent matters. In some cases, pure stupidity on behalf of the caller. Sometimes I feel like the smart dog of the office on Weekends.
I got a call just before Midnight on Saturday Night. IT WAS important for me to answer. I jumped through Hoops. I can’t say much more than that due to confidentiality. I was up until 2:30am. At one point I had to leave home and go to the office to help someone. That’s my job… just act. I finally got to bed and then the calls starting coming in again at 4am with another situation… I and Diva Dan were up nearly most of the night. Himself being a performer, lack of sleep doesn’t help for his concentration.
I was trumped all day with problems one after another. By lunch time… I was buried in my own lack of sleep and misery. The hoops I had jumped through “were not a waste” but the level of service provided on my behalf came to a grinding halt. I wish I could talk more about this issue but I don’t really know who reads these blogs.
The nasty winter weather compounded a bad situation that had nothing to do with Weather to the level of total exhaustion. I finally thought I was in the clear and another call came in just before I left. Emergency Mode again solving problems.
My job is to solve problems. I document EVERYTHING so that people know how a decision came to be, how I felt during the situation, and anything unusual that I sensed during any part of my shift. It sounds anal, but the next person who takes over my role needs to know HOW and WHY things happened.
During all of this… the cat video which I released still makes me laugh uncontrollably. It is probably the best unplanned video I own.
I came home at 3pm and went right to bed… so now I am up really late due to my sleep earlier. My mind is busy and I can’t sleep.

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