Employees & The New Generation

I work in an area where Employee Demand and Intellect is compromised. Though, the company isn’t looking for dummies to drive truck. The perception is that anyone can do the job.

With the peak of the recession over. Employees are at a disadvantage because they know damn well there are people waiting in the side lines without a job willing to work, even if the conditions are less than favorable. So employees sacrifice their lives to benefit a company because they have to. However, in trucking, the market place is usually an EMPLOYEES FEAST… with usually not enough drivers going around. Employees know that they can screw up or act inappropriately knowing a company will only start progressive disciplining if absolutely necessary.
Right now, some employees haven’t grasped the knowledge that they are easily replaceable. Playing the same games as before, then shocked when the game is instantly called off by the employer. Shock these employees are because they are so used to being able to act that way.
In trucking, we have an old generation of people (prominently men) who have worked around the clock. No legal hours to conform to and all of that. I hear in my workplace stories (even from executive) is that what we did to make it work. With new laws, driver’s have to conform legally… BUT I QUESTION the following… Has Trucking companies adjusted to the new marketplace or are they still working on the philosophy that ALL drivers have momentum like they did in the past.
Here’s the truth as I see it. Trucking companies are seeing a strong decline in work ethic amongst ALL employees. Drivers are trying to compensate for laws but expected to push hard. This generation that I am in are prime examples of people who don’t want to push hard or see the need for it.
I used to work 2 weeks a month solid, then take 2 weeks off. My company didn’t mind but then they had to find another driver to drive my truck for two weeks while I wasn’t driving to make money. It worked for several years until the recession hit.
Here’s my point. On a two week schedule. I grossed $40,000 per year and was completely content. I could have grossed nearly $70,000 if I would have worked full time. BUT WHY? I had no debt and a zest for trying to enjoy my life.
I believe trucking companies, amongst many other companies haven’t adjusted to the new generation who doesn’t want to work to the levels that the old folk has endured. What the problem with this adjustment is that you need MORE EMPLOYEES to compensate for what the older generation has taken care of. You need to spend more on fuel because a driver may need 1 run removed per week from a schedule.
Drivers gross on average between $1200 – $2,700 per two week periods. They are worth this amount of money but maybe a company needs to spread the work more so that a few people aren’t benefiting with such high pays, while others struggle to get the job done because they are worked really hard…
I believe, that I would rather work less, take home less money, and be happy… then to make a lot of money, work all the time, and be stressed out.
In your opinion… has company’s adapted to the new generation of people?

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