Diva Dan Was Late Coming Home Today

I went to bed at 3pm due to my stress level and exhaustion from this Weekend’s On Call Work. I was expecting Diva Dan home at 4pm. Though, we have our own freedom, we are still religious on making sure our schedules jive.

I woke up and it was still light out… so I didn’t think much of it and went back to sleep. Woke up again and it was dark approaching 6pm. I was worried. Diva Dan was 2 hours late.
In dealing with compromising winter weather, I feared that maybe he’s in a ditch somewhere. We both vow never to own a cell phone, even for emergencies. Trust is not an issue here… he’s the most connected I have ever been with someone.
My mind was circling that what if Diva Dan was front rammed by a transport and dead. What if that officer came to the door to tell me he is gone… What would my reaction be?
Never before has a relationship for me been so well documented by videos and pictures. The true essence of our relationship is caught on camera. The cat loosing control is a prime example of our laughter and love for shared experiences. What would I do without Diva Dan? He’s like My Ying and I am his Yang. Together the creativity is extremely strong. Could Mikeyssmail exist without his creativity influence and push? So much rides on his passion and enthusiasm for wacked out ideas. I love that sincerely.
My mind was racing a bit because this is the best relationship of any of mine that I have been in. A year strong into this and it still feels new and refreshing… The sex is fabulous, the connection is strong, and the love is clearly there.
I think I would have trouble reviewing 2009 videos… I’m just saying I am a very lucky man to have someone who is equally interested in my dreams as I am. We are two separate people, but found commonality in what counts the most.

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