In Just 3 Weeks, New Look, New Concept, New Direction

In about 3 weeks, a whole new concept is coming to Mikeyssmail. Mikey is considered Number 1 Male Across the world for Crochet Tutorials. It’s now time to take a different fork in the road.

To be number 1, you have to be on the outside of the box. You have to provide something new. Whether it’s an award winning personality, camera angle, types of projects and more. You have to be thinking as a viewer. Be objective about your level of work. You also need a good friend to watch over and be honestly brutal when you need them to be.
I will never be able to compete with my lovely competitor Teresa on the YouTube Network. Her level of commitment to the viewers is stunning. Making tutorials, editing and uploading take several hours even though it may appear fairly simple. Many people get into it, then realize after a few tutorials the amount of work it takes to keep the balling rolling.
I am keeping a dark shade over my idea for 3 weeks. I am designing, making, writing the patterns, and quietly uploading tutorials onto Youtube for a grand opening. It is going to challenge my viewers. It is going to inspire and it is going to make many people thrilled with the possibilities of what I am offering.
I am going to still offer the patterns I invent for free, along with my copyright stamp. Follow along and create your own stuff, use your own colours and yarn, but don’t claim my pattern as your own.
This new idea is challenging me at the same time. I have never crocheted anything like I am making now. It’s a whole new dimension to crochet. I’m not sure at this moment about the filming of these projects, it’s going to require delicate camera angles and more.
If you are up for a challenge, want to stun the hell out of your friends… stay with me because in 3 weeks, you will have the power to blow minds, receive praise, and touch other people’s hearts with my new creations.
I have already created the new Design Label for the projects. I can’t tell you what it is right now, because it will give away the entire operation.

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