Twitchy Fingers & Mikeyssmail – The Common Thread Between Us

Twitchy Fingers has a real name. It is SALVINA CAPOLONGO-CIARLEGLIO.

She has many websites. .

Salvina found me in early 2009. She lives in a town in which I grew up. She was trying to entice me to be of a huge project of being part of her E-Magazine. Mikeyssmail has been featured in three national USA Magazines. At that time, I was overwhelmed with Emails and personal stress.
Her disposition has always been so incredible. She’s a wonderful teacher and she came to be my Loom Knitting Mentor. She kept insisting I participate in her E-Magazine and finally one day I decided… SURE WHAT THE HELL! LOL
I finally took some time to go through it and she is the queen of Loom Knitting… NOT ONLY THE QUEEN OF IT… but she has fantastic resources to steer you to buying them… what to look for and so forth.
I bought my first loom set in July 2009. It was a Clearance Deal at Walmart. 4 Looms for $14.99. OMG I was hooked… I started pumping out child’s hats and then eventually my own hat that ended up being a signature hat. I’ve been addicted ever since!
Salvina sends me messages from time to time about being her Crochet Mentor… meanwhile she’s my Loom Knitting Mentor. Together we thrive.
I love Salvina for many things… She is a clothes designer. She has a child and loving Husband. If you ever seen her do her LIVE LOOM KNITTING SCHOOL on the livestream. you will know that she is so sincere.
Salvina dabbles in other areas, but you can check that out on her website.


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